Friday, May 24, 2013

A Two-Fer!

I missed a day's post, so today you get a two-fer!

I had decided earlier last week that I really, REALLY needed a break. I needed to be somewhere that I couldn't possibly work on outside projects, plant gardens (mine aren't planted yet), fill in ruts, mulch, dig or ANYTHING. 

So, I had contacted Jake and Carla and asked if I could visit. They said, "Sure." I checked with work and they said, "Fine."

I spent Wednesday morning packing, checking on security concerns and talked with my neighbor. I asked him to watch the house for me. I was reassured not only knowing that he has his .357 magnum and is crazy enough to use it, but to learn that the infrared security cameras he has on his house corners cover most of my yard as well.

I left for the airport, got my tickets and then went through security. The was a slight misunderstanding on my part and I went through the wrong scanner. So, they sent me back through the right scanner and then patted me down for good measure. Geesh!

The trip to Charlotte was uneventful and I thought I had  enough time for some lunch (I hadn't eaten my breakfast). So, I went to a sports bar in the airport and ordered a mushroom and Swiss burger. But, by the time it got there, I had to go! So, I choked down half of a very expensive, very overcooked burger and ran for the terminal. I was the second to the last person to board. The last person was in a wheelchair!

Jake and Carla picked my up at the airport and we stopped to eat. I had a lunch special which consisted of half of a warm club sandwich and some she-crab soup (think crab bisque, with a Southern twist). It was just enough to complete my abridged lunch.

We visited, I unpacked, played with the dog and so on. Mostly I just sat on my butt. The weather was about like Michigan, without the high humidity.

Later on, I had a gyro and fries from a nearby restaurant for dinner. I was bushed from traveling and went to bed early.

Today I woke up early. I watched some TV with Carla and then we left for some lunch. I had an Oyster Po Boy with something called "raw fries" (I mistakenly asked the waitress for "naked fries") Raw fries are like thicker potato chips, but not fried until crisp. The Oyster Po Boy was fantastic and the raw fries were better than they sounded (or I am describing).

It was a repeat of yesterday with a lot of butt sitting. Carla's brother stopped by to say hello.
Jake grilled hotdogs for dinner and we made them into chili dogs with chips and a pickle.

I went to bed early again.

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