Wednesday, December 19, 2012


It was windy and cold on Tuesday (how’s that for a change?). After I got ready for work, I finished the peppermint bark candy. I peeled off the tinfoil and laid the slab of chocolate on a half sheet pan. I trimmed the edges off using the Shun and then cut it into about 2-inch chunks. I put the pieces into a large baggie to take to work.

Problem: about five or six of them separated the white chocolate from the dark. I am guessing I let the white cool down a little too much before putting it on the cold dark chocolate (or maybe this just happens). I taste-tested one of the bad ones and it was a pretty damn tasty test!

Anyway, I took them into work and arranged them on a plastic plate. Everyone who tried them said they were delicious (my boss even asked for the recipe because she said she loves peppermint bark candy). So, my efforts were not in vain.

My clothing store was having a great sale and I needed some new shirts. The ones I have are over a year old (although they did get a three month rest while I was laid up) and starting to show it. But, the store is in the Laurel Park Place Mall and Christmas is one week away. I figured going at noon was just stupid. So, I told my boss I was taking an early lunch at 11:30 AM, instead.

I still had to park about a half mile from the entrance, (okay, a slight exaggeration, here) but I got in and out in less than half an hour. But, by that time, the mall was starting to fill up with people and, in spite of how far away I parked, there were two cars waiting for my spot!

I drove across the street to the Big Boy and had their veal Parmesan with a Caesar salad for lunch and still got back to work before my hour was up.

There was only about 1/3 of the candy I had brought in left by 5:00 PM, so I just left it there.

When I got home, I was working on the computer and tried to print something. But, the warning light started to flash, indicating low toner. So, I took out the toner cartridge and shook it, like they do at work. It didn’t work at home, though. In fact, all I did was  to get toner dust on my hands and shirt!

I cleaned up the mess and threw my shirt, along with some kitchen towels and underwear, into the washer and did a medium load. I checked out my shirt thoroughly before I put it into the dryer (not wanting to set any ink stains), but the toner had come off.

And then the doorbell rang…

Now, Jake had told me to always answer the door or at least turn the porch light on. As I may have mentioned before I have a friend that, if you don’t call and let him know you are coming, he simply will NOT answer the doorbell. That can lead to tragic mistakes, because thieves know with caller id, calling your house and you not answering the phone is no indication on whether you are home or not.

So, they canvas the neighborhood, usually around 10:00 AM or 2:00 PM (when you’re probably at work and not home for lunch), and if you answer, they ask if you want you gutters cleaned or driveway sealed, etc. They may have fake business card or handbills with them as well. You say no and they go to the neighbor’s house.

But, if you don’t answer, they break in. So, if you don’t feel safe opening the door, at least let them know you are home by speaking through the door or turning on the outside lights, even in the daytime.

And, if you see somebody canvassing the neighborhood, you can always call 911 and ask them to check out the person. If they’re legit, no harm, no foul. Note: Don’t bother to call if you live in Detroit, they won’t come.

[Getting down from his soapbox, the Captain continues…]

It was a very cute little lady from AT&T wanting to tell me about all the upgrades they have made to the lines and infrastructure in Redford and would I like to switch from my cable company to U-Verse. I told her no, I was happy with what I have. She said I could save at least $20.00 a month for the first year. [Sidebar: Have you ever noticed they never tell you what happens after that first year is up?] I declined even filling out her informational form and bid her goodnight.

I made a BLT for dinner and it tasted so good, I made another. Obviously, it was before I let my stomach have enough time to tell my brain I was full, because I spent the rest of the night feeling stuffed and burping.

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