Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunday Morning, Comin’ Down…

I woke up Sunday morning at 5:30 AM. Apparently, I am back on Michigan time (or that nap and my night’s sleep was all I needed).

I had some oatmeal for breakfast (I don’t have any eggs or milk in the house) and refilled my pill box.

I was easing into the day, drinking coffee, writing the Blog entry and so on. I eventually went downstairs and dealt with all the kitty litter, getting the old stuff into bags (the garbage man is gonna love me… NOT!) and washing the trays, etc. I decided to leave the large waterer up until I can wash and sanitize their aluminum water bowls in the dishwasher. Since I haven’t been here and did the dishes just before I left, this could be a while.

I took out a container of frozen chili I made 11 November to thaw, since I have no fresh food, either. I had the Sunday morning news shows on and, when something sounded interesting, I would go in and watch it.

Weather-wise, it was snowing slightly here. According to the local news, there’s no significant snow coming, but its supposed to get even colder later on this week, with highs only in the upper teens! I miss South Carolina already, LOL!

I have also been thinking about that clock Melissa and Dave sent. I think it would be cool to have it hanging on a pot rack, as if it was just a skillet, but was really a clock. So, I checked out some pot racks online, but they all stick out too much. So, I have been kicking around ideas to make a pot rack. Stay tuned for that one…

I took my suitcase and (finally) my old brace up into the attic, still wearing my bathrobe. I damn near froze my… knees off!

I checked the chili when I got back downstairs. It was still frozen rock-hard. So, I scrounged around the fridge and got an idea. I had three flour tortillas, some pepperoni (left over from that “Ultimate” grilled cheese sandwich experiment) and my usual mild pepper rings. I checked the pantry and found a small jar of pizza sauce, so I combined everything and made a mini pizza. I topped the first one with shredded mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I popped it in the microwave for a minute and shut it off when the cheese started to melt (about 40 seconds).

It tasted good, but was very messy to eat as everything kept sliding off. So, I made the next one but topped it with the last tortilla. That kept it somewhat together and I had a nice little lunch.

I finally shaved and took my shower about 1:00 PM.

I got dressed, put my boots on and headed to Home Depot for a four-foot 1x4 and some hand-cut cinder block nails. I got an idea!!!

Back home and with my boots still on, I went out back and refilled the squirrel feeder and bird feeder. I took in some peanuts in for a “people” snack later on.

Melissa called. They had been to Savannah and had quite similar stories to my Charleston visit (Spanish moss, haunted mansions, tour and so on). They actually were planning on stopping in Charleston on the way back, but it was raining. So, we swapped stories for a bit.

I told her the outline of my plan for her present and she said it sounded like way too much effort for the clock and I should think about re-gifting it. Apparently, it was a gag gift. But, hell no! I got me a project, here!

She was taking down her Christmas decorations and that reminded me: I still have to do that (although I don’t have that much to worry about).

After we hung up. I undid all the remaining long sleeve shirts and put them in the washer. Yes, I have decided to keep them (if only to confuse people at work who think I only wear short sleeve shirts, LOL).

I put the chili in a pot and turned the flame on low. I covered the pot and stirred it every now and then when I walked by.

I made a bucket of hot water and Pine Sol and washed the wall with my grout sponge, which has a very rough side.  While I got a lot of soot off it, it didn’t even touch the outline around the old picture (see photos). WTF? How did it get this bad without me noticing?

Note to self: When did I, Jake and Carla redo the kitchen? It seems like just yesterday, but I guess its been a while.

I completely gave up on my new Fall jacket and put it in the wash with some bath towels. When it dried, I hung it up in the front closet and got out my very old (heavy) leather jacket and hung that on my kitchen chair, along with the scarf I got as a Christmas present from Carla’s brother’s family. I am now prepared for winter. If it gets worse, I will pull out my down-filled jacket (but that makes me sweat like a mother-fncker).

Around 6:00 PM, I filled up a bowl with chili and topped it with leftover shredded cheddar cheese. I wished I had some green onions to top it with but, oh well. It was excellent, (if  I do say so, myself).

I spent the rest of the night watching DIY shows that had taped while I was gone. About 10:00 PM, I ate the rest of the chili and then slowly faded off to sleep.

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