Thursday, December 27, 2012


I woke up on December 26 about 7:00 AM. It's going to be hard to get back into that whole "work" thingie...

Today I have nothing to do...

I rode with Jake to the store to pick up some things he needed for a project he's doing while Carla went off to run some errands.

Then I laid on the couch, drinking coffee, and read while Jake worked on his project. I did finally remember that walking after every couple of hours was not just a work-related requirement for my spine. So, I went out in their backyard and walked around with the dog, to avoid backaches later on.

Carla eventually returned from her errands, one of which was grocery shopping.

Everybody was just chilling for the rest of the afternoon.

Then it was close to dinner time, and I got to be sous chef for Carla's dish: Jambalaya.

So, I fine-diced an onion, while she diced a red pepper and some celery. Next, I peeled a bag of fresh shrimp (they had already been deveined,  so I skipped that step). Carla was frying chicken thighs while I split Andouille sausage in half and then sliced them into quarter-inch half moons.

She sauteed the celery, pepper and onions in with the chicken and when they were ready, added in chicken stock, clam juice and a small can of diced tomatoes. When that got happy, she added in rice. When the rice was done, she took out the chicken and added in the shrimp.

She shredded the chicken and put that back in the pot when the shrimp was pink, along with some fresh flat leaf parsley. As I am typing this now, I realize just how little I actually did, LOL.

Then we feasted!

It was fantastic and I have to admit I did something I rarely do: went back for second.

After resting a bit, we played a card game while listenting to songs we would each pick.

It was a nice relaxing day and we finally went to bed around 11:00 PM.

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