Thursday, May 31, 2012

My planting pizza party

Well, the weather man was right. It was considerably cooler on Wednesday. I went to Home Depot at lunch and bought one more bag of garden soil, one more bag of potting soil, some squirrel repellent, some outdoor bleach that’s supposed to be safe to use on siding and two peony rings.

Then I stopped at CVS to get my prescription refills and give them $90.00 US (and that’s with insurance)! Finally I went home and ate two brats for lunch. When I pulled out of the garage to go back to work, I saw my neighbor, standing up on top my roof, blowing the maple leaves out of my gutters. I waved at him and he waved back and then I drove away.

My supervisor gave his notice today, so most of the afternoon was spent by speculating on who our new boss might be.

I got stopped by a train on Inkster going home after work. There were two locomotives and 103 cars (I counted them, having nothing better to do). Luckily, I was only about four cars back from the tracks, as the line of stopped cars stretched back at least a mile by the time the train had finally passed.

So, I missed a call from Jake, who had called at 5:20 PM. I tried calling back, but just got his voicemail. I left a message I was going outside, so we didn’t end up playing phone tag.

I dumped the garden soil and half the potting soil in the wheel barrow at my car trunk and mixed it together. Just as I was turning the wheel barrow around, the front wheel came off! I have GOT to put that wagon together!!

So, I carefully tipped the wheel barrow back on its handles (spilling just a little of the dirt), got a hammer and some tools and put the wheel back on (at least for now).

I went to the back garden and dug two deep and wide holes. I kept hitting broken concrete from the two times the wall had been knocked down by trucks in years past. I put that dirt in the compost heap and piled more of last year’s leaves on top of it. I also had to keep pulling out the runners from that damn Virginia creeper (kudzu) I stupidly planted on the back wall as well.

Then I carried two full buckets (one at a time) and dumped one bucket in each hole. I used the pots to gauge how much dirt I’d need to get the plants at the right height and filled them back up to that depth (this will allow the roots to grow in good dirt). I took the peonies out of the pots and set them in the middle of the wide holes. The peony to the north is called a Karl Rosenfield Double Peony (deep red) and the south one is a Cora Stubs Peony (white and pink). Then I filled in the outsides with the good dirt for the roots, too.

I used the last bag I had of mulch to cover the dirt and then took two more buckets in back to water the dirt I’d filled in the holes with. Finally, I set the plant rings in.

It was too cloudy and getting dark by the time I finished, so I couldn’t take any photos for you yet. I did take my little Buddha out and set him in his spot. When I was getting him, I noticed the turtle that was always in the old herb garden so I set him in the raised bed planter, after I picked out all the maple seeds, lol. I’ll have to deal with the ones left in the other gardens, the reflecting pool, both patios and the garage apron, I suppose. But, at least they aren’t up on the roof and gutters!

I put away all the tools and made myself a cup of coffee. I responded to my Brother Carl’s Blog comment with some pictures and then filled in the Blog entry to date.

I was hungry, but really didn’t feel like more brats. So, I dug out a Red Baron pan pizza (it was on sale and this is the first time I’ll try it) from the chest freezer and made that for my dinner. I had one more tomato left that was heading south, so I sliced that and put it on top. Then I added more mozzarella cheese. The “pan” it comes in and cooks in is cardboard, BTW.

As you may remember, I am not a big fan of thick crust on my pizza. I like them thin and crispy. But, while the crust was thick, the bottom was crispy and this pizza tasted pretty good! I ate three pieces to prove it!

I watched some TV and then the evening news until the weather came on. After that, I turned off the TV and went to bed.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This is how my window box self waterer works. Indicator shows you when to refill.
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Carl, self watering pot inserts with indicator. Item #34-507
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Carl, self watering hanging pots without the indicator (but you do get to water them from the bottom, which is nice). Item #34-368
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Back to work work!

I woke up to the alarm clock on Tuesday morning. After the long weekend’s labors, it was a pleasure to go to work, sit in a chair and just have to think!

It was supposed to be a little cooler, with a high of only 82 degrees.

One of the many landscape features I loved about the St. Clair house were the huge white peonies. I had to buy rings to keep them from falling over when they were in bloom.

Well, when I checked at Home Depot, they said they hadn’t gotten any in this year, but they didn’t know why.

So, about 10:00 AM, I called Randazzo’s and asked if they had any. They did! And, since it was Tuesday, it meant that they had bean with ham soup at the Newburgh Grille!

So, I did a two-fer! I had a bowl of bean with ham soup and then looked at the Randazzo’s peonies. I couldn’t find any pure white ones, so I bought one red and one that’s supposed to have white and pink flowers. I asked for two plastic bags so I wouldn’t get dirt on the car’s carpets.

Back at work, I opened the sun roof and cracked the windows a tad so they wouldn’t overheat during the afternoon.

When I got home at 5:20 PM, I watered each of them and set them on the chest freezer in the garage (I’m not ready to plant them tonight, you see). Then I took out the garbage (mostly a lot of cardboard boxes) to the road. I cleaned out the cat box and put the heavy kitty litter in a trash bag on top the cardboard so it wouldn’t blow away overnight.

The automatic water level indicator was low in the window box, so I filled that back up with water. I love that thing, BTW. I saw (but too late for this year) they also have them for hanging baskets. I may replace the one I bought from Home Depot this year (that I have to constantly water) with one of them next year.

Then I went inside for the evening, as it was still over 80 degrees outside. But, a cold front is supposed to move in and the temps will be back in the high 60’s for the rest of the week. Weird weather!

I played around with the Orion papers on top of the picture frame glass. When I got it close to what I wanted, I climbed on a kitchen chair (dumb, I know) and took a picture. That way when I take it all apart, I can put the relics in the right places (hopefully) on the mat. Of course, I had to leave some papers out, but I think I got the best ones. I sent the photo to my work email as I no longer have a color printer at the house. I’ll print it on regular paper and use it as a guide when I assemble the actual picture.

By that time, it was close to 8:00 PM, so I warmed up a bratwurst and ate it with the last of the potato salad. I watched some TV and then went to bed before 10:30 PM.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

I woke up at 6:30 AM on Monday, Memorial Day. I took a quick physical inventory after I tried several times to get out of bed.

Both my knees were shot and the small of my back (not my spine) was killing me (I assume that’s from shoveling all the dirt).

It’s supposed to be hot and steamy today, with a slight chance of thunderstorms so the revised plan is to go out early and transplant the herbs. Maybe apply the herbicide on the patio, Jake’s patio, the sidewalk and the remaining vegetation in the driveway.

Then, I’ll clean up the garage so I can get the car in. After that, I’ll rest and relax and, if I’m bored, work on indoor projects. That’s the plan, anyway. We’ll see...

Since I just showered last night, I skipped it and shaving until later when I’m dirty. I got dressed in shorts and a tee shirt and went out to move herbs.

I deliberately dug out more than just where I’d put them, in case any new roots had grown out during their short vegetable garden stay. So now, starting from the south end, the raised bed planter has dill, flat-leaf parsley, sage, basil, rosemary and, finally, thyme.

Then I turned my attention to the now torn up vegetable garden. I moved the eggplants (or is it eggplant plants?) forward to give them more room. I took the dirt (two bags of garden soil and one of potting soil) left over from the herb planter project, mixed it together and used it as top dressing for the vegetable garden (which did not get its usual top dressing of my homemade compost this spring).

I used the garden weasel to mix it in. I planted two rows of string-less bush green beans to fill in the rest of the space and then watered the garden for an hour.

By then it was too windy to take the chance of spraying the herbicide. I should have done it at dawn (had I been awake and moving) when it was calm. Oh well, the weeds and grass will still be there next weekend.

So, I turned my attention to the garage. I put away the project tools, sawhorses, excess lumber and aluminum leftovers. Then I swept out the garage as best I could and finally put the car back in the garage.

Before coming in from the heat (it’s supposed to be over 90 degrees and humid today) I watered all the front container gardens and those begonias I planted in the front garden.

Finally inside (hopefully for the rest of the day) I vacuumed all the places I’d walked the last two days, especially the walk-off carpets (one’s by the back door and one at the bottom of the stairs). I even vacuumed the walk-off carpet in the garage. I also washed my crocs inside and out to make sure they were rid of any dirt, sawdust and/or concrete dust. I hung them up to dry over the wash tub.

Then I took a much needed pain pill and a much more needed shave and shower. I put the clothes I’d sweated in during the morning and all the bath towels in the wash machine for the last load of the long weekend.

Dressed in just a tee shirt and boxers, I adjusted my bed and at 2:30 PM, I took a long break. I ate some of Tammy’s potato salad, for lunch. It was very good and while it didn’t have eggs in it (neither did the Kroger deli potato salad) it did have a nice extra: sliced green olives! You can say what you want about neighbors, but that woman can cook!

I was watching some DIY shows, but fell asleep. I took about a two hour nap! It might have even been longer, but the phone ringing woke me up. It was B___ and we compared our weekend activities. It was funny as both of us worked our butts off and neither of us did anything fun. We really are getting too old, I guess.

I put my now-dried off brace back on and got the clothes out of the dryer and put in place. I filled in the Blog and checked the weather channel. It was still 90 degrees at 8:00 PM! I wouldn’t have minded some more rain, but there was none to be found around here.

I warmed up a brat and ate that with some of the Kroger potato salad for dinner.

I have had the new picture frame lying on a bath towel on the table ever since I picked it up, but I decided it was too late to tackle that assembly project tonight. I did, however, determine where the picture hanger should go on the office wall and put it in.

I couldn’t find anything that interesting on the TV, so I finished that George Carlin book Jake had sent me. Most of it was hilarious, but parts of it were, well, redundant. It was the same joke (how people in authority are substituting “modern” words for good old fashion words) but using different examples. I suppose I sound too critical but I really do appreciate him sending me that book! Thanks!

I put the book down, set the alarm and went to bed at 10:30 PM.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Raised bed vegetable garden planted #1
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Raised bed vegetable garden planted #2
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Herb garden planted #1
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Herb garden planted #2
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Memorial Day Thoughts

I was watching the news and I think Vice-President Joe Biden said it best, "We owe our veterans and their families a debt that can never be fully repaid,"

But, we can promise to never forget.

Thank you to all our vets and their families for their sacrifices ever since this country was formed to keep us free!

Memorial Weekend - Day 2

On one of my many late night bathroom trips, I posted the Blog entry and a bunch of photos. No sense waiting until morning since I was awake anyway. Then I went back to bed.

I woke up late at 7:00 AM. I refilled my pill box and then had my oatmeal and morning pills. I kicked the cats off the bed and stripped it, throwing the bedding in the washer. I shaved and showered and then headed out to Home Depot. I bought more herbicide and some green bean seeds and then had a nice young lady load a cart with eight bags of river rocks. She put them in my trunk after I paid for them and said, “See you soon!”

I drove home, changed clothes, put the bedding in the dryer and pulled the car into the back yard. Before I started putting in the river rocks, I leveled the planter to a true level, not to the patio (I couldn’t live with that tilted look). I took out the landscape fabric and the false bottom, so I could put the dirt I’d dug out and left on the patio back inside the bottom of the planter to hold it and the river rocks in place. Then I carefully dumped each bag of rocks where I wanted it.

Oh, I almost forgot. I checked the rain gauge and we picked up 1/2 inch of much-needed rain yesterday here in Redford.

I put the false bottom and landscape fabric back and then filled one end of the planter with the bags of dirt I had in the garage to estimate how much more I would need. I took a photo of the rocks before I forgot and the project moved too far along.

I changed clothes again and headed out to Home Depot again. The same girl laughed when she saw me and said, “See, I told you!” Then she loaded four more bags of garden soil and three bags of potting soil. I also bought some screws and two one foot square gray patio stones (I had a plan all along, but I ain’t telling unless it works, lol!)

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping! So, next I hit PetSmart for kitty litter and cat treats. Then I drove to Kroger and got the little I had on the list. I want to grill more brats later and had planned on stopping at Westborn for sweet corn but, on a whim, I bought some redskin potato salad at the deli for my side dish instead.

Back at home, it was already three o’clock! I unloaded the groceries and then drove the car out back again. Then I changed clothes and, before I went back outside, I had a cup of coffee and made the bed up. BTW, it was getting really hot outside. My brace was wringing wet with sweat (yuck).

But, I went outside with a pad of paper, pencil and tape measure. Here’s my idea: The planter is about two feet away from the state park grill. So, I worried that any herbs planted near that end of the planter “might” be affected by the heat when I’m grilling. Also, in the past, I’ve lugged over the outdoor tables to set stuff on, like tongs, grill brushes, plates of uncooked food and/or plates of cooked food I pulled off the grill.

Since I have leftover cedar boards and aluminum angle iron (what the hell do you call that – I’ve asked in the past when they fixed the garage door but never got an answer), I thought I’d make a platform to hold two one-foot patio blocks. That will give a buffer for the herbs and allow me to set things, even hot things, on the planter. Brilliant, right?

Well, brilliant maybe, but not so easy. I designed a way to use the leftover cedar 1x6’s (ripped down to 3 1/2 inches on the table saw) around the edges. The one in the middle (where the two patio blocks will meet) will be sideways and full width and the one on the dirt side will have that aluminum angle iron bolted to it so they can’t move.

So, I bought the stainless steel screws I needed (regular, cheaper screws would eventually rust and stain the cedar) and put together my holder. The hardest part was to cut the aluminum to length (21 1/8 inches) and drill six holes in it so I could screw it to the cedar board. I even assembled it upside down on a piece of plywood so that the blocks would lie flat, instead of rising up on one end because of the screw heads. Yes, I thought of everything!


Remember that old carpenter’s saying, “Measure twice, cut once.” Apparently I didn’t, because when I took it out to screw it to the box (with more, longer stainless steel screws I bought), the dirt side (with the aluminum) was too short! WTF?

I got the tape measure and checked it again. The real measurement was 22 1/8 inches! Damn! I toyed around with quick fix ideas that “might” work, but wouldn’t give me the support I felt I needed. So, I took it all apart and re-cut the cedar board (after ripping another one down again) re-cut another piece of aluminum with the hacksaw and then drilled the holes again.

I was just finishing assembling it for the second time when I went in the kitchen for a glass of water. Oh, oh! The sunny sky had turned almost black and it looked like it might rain any second. Normally, I wouldn’t have cared, but the car was still in the back yard, with the trunk, open and loaded with dirt and potting soil and the windows and sunroof were open because of the heat. I grabbed the car keys, ran outside, unloaded the seven bags of dirt onto the patio, closed up the windows, trunk and sunroof and drove it up front to the driveway. I didn’t want to leave it in back if it rained hard, fearing I’d make ruts in my lawn.

Next I carried my holder out and installed it. Then came the tricky part. I’d made it to accommodate the width of the 12 inch patio blocks, but naturally, since the outside of the planter is two feet, the maximum length of the opening is only 22 inches.

If you remember, I bought that blade to cut concrete, so I took off the wood blade and installed the concrete one on the Skill saw. I suppose I could have just cut two inches off one block, but the edges are slightly beveled and it would be noticeable (at least to me). So, I wrapped the one edge of one block with the brown masking tape and marked off one inch. The tape was both so I could see the mark easier and, since I’d never tried to cut concrete before, I didn’t know if it would chip.

Holy shit! You wouldn’t believe the concrete dust the saw was making (I know I didn’t). So, I stopped, got a face mask and moved the sawhorses out on the driveway and into the breeze. It wasn’t “hard” but it was slow and took a long time. I brushed off the dust and put it in place, then I re-measured for the cut on the next block (it was still one inch). I repeated the process and after fitting it into place, I put the saw horses and the Skill saw back in the garage.

I washed up, paying particular attention to my glasses as I didn’t want to scratch them with the concrete dust. It was getting late, so I started the charcoal on fire. While the coals were getting ready, I mixed the garden soil and potting mix in the wheel barrow (one and a half bags at a time) and slowly filled up the planter. It was a little past time for the “perfect” coals, but the planter was finally full.

I grilled my brats and ate two along with some of the potato salad (the potato salad needed more salt, but it was not bad at all). Then I went out and hosed off the patio, river rocks and the planter to clean up the dirt I’d spilled while using the transfer shovel from the wheel barrow to the box.

My neighbors called me over to the fence to compliment me on the planter. Rick said, “I can’t believe you did that in one day.” Tammy, his wife, said, “No, I was outside yesterday and he was working on it.” Rick asked why there were vents in it and I explained about the false bottom, how I had to cut it down two feet and how I made the patio block holder and what it was for.

He said, “I was going to tell you not to wash your patio off, because I am still coming over and getting on your roof to blow off the helicopter (maple) seeds and they just make a big mess”. I explained I was washing off spilled dirt and I could easily use my blower to get any maple seeds off the patio; I just can’t get up on the roof right now. He said he’d probably do it while I was at work, so he wouldn’t disturb me. I thanked him again and said, “You come when ever you want, you’re doing me a favor and won’t disturb me.”

I went back inside and took off my brace, ready to take a shower (no way am I going to put this sweaty, saw-and concrete dusty body on clean sheets) when the doorbell rang. It rang again before I could make it there (I miss a lot of phone calls the same way). It was Tammy, from next door, who handed me a container and said, “I made some potato salad and thought you might like some.” I told her I love potato salad and thanks a lot! (I didn’t have the heart to tell her I just bought some and there was plenty left in the fridge). Nice folks!

I was so sore (which is why I didn’t transplant the herbs tonight) that the water turned cold before I was finished with my shower. I threw everything I’d worn today, (including my bathrobe) in the washer and turned it on. I sprayed my brace with Fabreeze and I got “dressed” in boxer shorts and a tee-shirt. I took another pain pill and an anti-inflammatory pill and filled in the Blog post. Then I went to bed at 11:30 PM without ever even turning the TV on.


I just realized that, for maybe the first time ever, I posted the pictures in order. Usually I have to remember to reverse it so you see it start to finish. If you want to see how it was done, start at the bottom and work your way up. Sorry! :(
The finished planter, filled with dirt and ready for herbs #1
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The finished planter, filled with dirt and ready for herbs #2
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The cut-down patio blocks in place #2
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The patio block holder, finally in place #1
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The patio block holder, finally in place #2
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The river rocks on the lawn side (you can see some of the dirt I spilled that I washed off later)
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The river rocks in place on the patio side
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Okay, I lied! The front clematis #1
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Okay, I lied! The front clematis #2
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My daughter Melissa and I when she was here for a visit
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend - Day 1

I woke up at 5:30 AM again, but sore as hell. I guess I overdid it last night…

I tried out the new coffee maker. They give you a 12-count sample pack (11 different coffees and one tea). So, I went with Green Mountain Coffee’s Dark Magic, described as “Extra Bold – Tres Intense” and was it ever! Jake suggested making a list to keep track of the ones I either like or dislike. This one would go under the dislike column: Way too strong a flavor for me!

But, you should realize, I usually have two types of coffee in the house: Maxwell House Master Blend (that I normally drink and is the same kind they make at work) and, for serious coffee drinkers (like Jeremy) if and when they come over, Eight O’clock Colombian whole beans that I grind and then brew. I had read in some online taste test once that the Eight O’clock was the best tasting Colombian coffee for the money, so I bought it, tried it and like it occasionally.

I watched some of the morning news while eating breakfast and pills. Then I thought, “What the hell, I’ll make another cup of coffee.” So, I still went with the Green Mountain Coffee, but this time the Breakfast Blend. Hmmm... not bad but I don’t think I’ll run out and buy a box of it (the little one-serving cups are expensive!).

I watched some of the Today Show Weekend Edition (enough to get my Jenna Wolfe fix), shaved and then took a l-o-n-g shower. The hot water beating on my back helped some (at least I could finally stand up straight).

I had just dried off and put on my robe when the doorbell rang. Puzzled, I walked into the living room and saw a Fed-Ex van driving away! I "ran" out on the porch to try and flag him down (hoping my robe wouldn’t open), but saw he’d left a huge box leaning up against the garage (blocking me from getting the car out).

So I got dressed and went out to deal with the raised bed planter. It had just started sprinkling, BTW. I tried to slowly tip it over and lower it to the ground, but at one point gravity took control and it fell the last two feet or so. I dragged it in the garage (not as easy as it sounds as it’s a 2 foot x 8 foot heavy carton) and then headed out to my refinance appointment.

I must say that refinancing goes a lot quicker than when you purchase a home. Without the Seller and sometimes the Real estate agent (the folks who bought the house in St. Clair were not only both there but so was their appraiser for example), its just you signing stuff. It still took a half hour, though.

And, because I still wanted to have the payment automatically withdrawn from my other bank each month like before, I needed a voided check (which nobody told me, even though I asked several times exactly what I needed to bring!) So, while the guy was making copies, I ran back home (about a mile and a half) and got one. I gave him the check and he gave me my copies, we shook hands and I left, the proud new/old owner of the same house, but at a much better interest rate.

It was raining then, but I drove up to Home Depot and, with the help of some of the guys, bought 150 self-stick tiles for the kitchen project. I also picked up some hacksaw blades I needed and a blade for the circular saw that can cut concrete. The guys loaded the tile in the trunk and I headed home.

I pulled in the driveway and parked on the other side. The car will have to stay there until the raised bed garden planter is finished. That’s when I noticed a second box, leaning against the porch rail, right by the front door. Puzzled, I walked over and saw it was from the same shipment as the big cardboard box. I must not have noticed it (it would have been behind the storm door) when I "ran" out half naked after the Fed-Ex truck.

After I got it inside, I found I had a voicemail from Michael’s, letting me know the Orion picture frame was ready. Home Depot is in the same shopping center, so I wish I’d known that a tad bit earlier or they had called my cell phone instead of the house!

So, I unloaded the tiles from the car trunk (they were heavy enough I needed to use the hand truck), put the tiles in the back room and headed back out (thankfully the rain had stopped, at least for a while).

Well, I was wrong about that. By the time I got there, I had to sit in the car while the rain poured and the thunder rumbled. When it slacked off a bit, I grabbed my walker and rolled inside. The frame maker showed the frame to me (it looked perfect) and then wrapped it up with shipping paper. I also picked up some plain brown masking tape, a glue stick and some picture hangers. It was still sprinkling when I walked out to the car, but the frame didn’t get too wet (I hope).

Instead of turning onto San Jose, I turned into the Coney Island that’s just before it. Once a year, a pit master comes with a big trailer and grills ribs and chicken in the parking lot. Then, they sell them inside. Last year, the smell drove me crazy, but when I finally walked over for some dinner, everything was gone!

So, this year, I stopped in for lunch (it was already 1:30 PM). Since I’d just made those ribs, I ordered the chicken to go. I got a half of barbequed chicken, mashed potatoes and some mixed vegetables for $8.00. I took it home and left the car outside again. I treated the cats and then treated myself. I ate all I wanted and still had enough for dinner. I rested up for a while after eating, watching some of an old John Wayne movie, “The Angel and the Badman.”

The sun had come out, so it was time to check out the raised bed planter. As soon as I opened it, I knew I was in deep trouble. Instead of loose boards that slip into ends, the boards I needed to cut down were already installed and screwed together on the ends and with aluminum braces and aluminum shelf supports. So, I’ll have to disassemble them, cut the boards and the aluminum down and reassemble them and finally put everything together. And, unfortunately, the two air holes will both be inside the six foot length, so I can’t reposition them so they are equidistant from the ends (being German, these things bother me).

Damn! I really, really don’t feel up to doing all that ciphering, wood sawing and hack sawing today!

But, I got started at 4:00 PM. I figured I’d work as long as I could hold out and then give up, take a shower and go to bed. But, we’ll see...

I dug out the sawhorses and the Skill saw (the garage is a total mess). The one thing that saved me was the Ryobi cordless drill I’d bought on sale a while back. I set the one 8-foot side on the saw horses and took off the aluminum angle piece that holds up the false bottom. Then I used the hacksaw with a fresh blade and my vise to cut two feet off it (check out the picture and you can see what I mean about a total mess, lol!). Then I measured the two holes that were in the end of it and drilled them in the proper place on the cut-down piece.

I unscrewed the end piece and cut two feet off the cedar boards, using my saw stands as an extra pair of hands (I really could have used a helper today). I cleaned up both the aluminum and the wood cuts with a flat file and reassembled it. Note: there were 16 screws that I had to remove and then put back per side. See what I mean about the cordless drill saving me?

I took that side outside and did the same thing on side number two. Once that was done and outside, I took a break and had a pain pill and another cup of coffee (Somebody's Hazelnut this time and tasty).

Back outside, I used a rubber hammer to pound the two end sections down into their channels. There were 20 screws that had to go in to secure each end and I had to climb inside it to do it. Then I tapped in the black end caps and climbed back out.

Next came installing the aluminum braces to the long aluminum rails that hold up the false bottom. The false bottom is ten inches from the top of the planter so you don’t have to fill the whole thing full of dirt.

I put in the now three 2-foot by 2-foot plywood bottoms and of course, they didn’t quite fit. So, I marked one and took it back inside, cut it about an inch shorter and installed it.

The plywood had holes in it for drainage (you should be able to see them on the photos) but I was worried about the dirt eventually just falling through. So I cut a piece of landscape fabric a little oversize and put that it. I secured it with some broken pieces of concrete for the night (they will come out when the dirt goes in).

You may be wondering why I didn’t go ahead and use the few bags garden soil and potting soil I still have in the garage. Well, because I want to fill around the bottom edges of the planter with river rocks and I may need to remove the false bottom to do it right. And, since I don’t have any more bags of river rocks, I’ll have to get them from Home Depot and do that Sunday morning.

Then I can use what dirt I have and that should allow me to calculate how much more dirt I’ll need to buy on my second Sunday trip to Home Depot (sigh). I buttoned up the house and put away the tools and was finished by 8:00 PM.

I started to process (re-size) the many photos I took so I can post them easier in the morning. One thing I noticed was the mold on my siding. Does anybody know a good way to get that off without me having to rent a power-sprayer? Maybe bleach and a scrub brush?

I also noticed I don’t like the planter being leveled to the patio. It looks tilted. I may change that in the morning before I add the dirt and can’t move it. But, right then that seemed like a lot of work.

Since I was sitting at the computer anyway, I filled in the lengthy Blog post. I noticed it was almost 9:30 PM. So, as beat as I was, I figured there probably wouldn’t be much more to write.

And, there wasn’t.
Leveling raised bed footing blocks
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Fex-Ex Box #1
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Fed-Ex Box #2
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8-foot side assembled #1
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Closeup of 8-foot side assembled #2
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Cutting cedar boards down using saw stands as helpers
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Cutting down aluminum under adverse conditions!
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Leftovers from cutting it down from 8 foot to 6 foot
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