Thursday, June 30, 2011

Working on Wednesday

Wednesday’s weather was a repeat of Tuesday: Warm, windy and with low humidity.

I had to get gas at lunchtime (my low fuel light had come on). The price was still shocking ($35 bucks and it didn’t fill up the tank?) but a lot better than it was.

After work, I scanned in some old photos and then had to crop them and create .jpeg files. I promised Erin (Leon’s daughter) I would email them to her as she never knew B___ and I sang at her Mother and Father’s wedding. I’ll send them in the morning.

I had to laugh. It’s been quite a while, but I have had women write their phone numbers on a bar napkin. But, I never had someone write down their email address on one. It’s a brave, new world, I guess.

Then I went out and cut the back lawn with the tractor. The low humidity (34%) meant that the grass just blew away instead of clumping up (thank God). I even went over the one half of the lawn to blow the grass clippings to the fence (I cut the lawn like my Dad showed me how to plow a field).

Would you believe it, I hit that damn stump again and it stalled the mower! But, when I checked, the blade seemed okay. I finished up and went inside for the night, about 8:30 PM.

I made a salad for dinner and watched a little TV. Then I went to bed at about 10:00 PM.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Windy and Warm

Tuesday was hot, but there was a nice wind so it wasn't so bad. I had to get two weeks of garbage out to the road which is why the Blog post was late.

At lunch, I did my grocery shopping at Kroger. I only bought things on sale or things I really needed. I still managed to spend $83.00, though! I didn't have much time after that, so I quickly heated up a can of bean with bacon soup and slammed it down.

After work and after treating the cats and changing clothes, I went out and cut the front and side lawn with the push mower.

I'd planned on cutting the back lawn (I even turned on the air compressor to pump up that damn rear tire on the lawn tractor). But, I was tired and hungry.

So, instead, I filled up the bird feeder and coiled up the hose. Then I went back inside and stuck a Digiorno "Rising crust" (What ever the hell that is) Supreme Pizza in the oven (they were on sale and I bought two).

I ate that watching the taped movie "Jeremiah Johnson" for about the millionth time. Now, I like the movie and if you saw it, you would really relate to the character. But, I know a lot about mountain men and know that Jeremiah Johnson was also known as "Liver-eating Johnson." This was because he had the reputation of eating the livers of the Crow Indians he defeated after they killed his wife. He was apparently pretty p*ssed.

I fell asleep before the movie ended, but, as I said, I've seen it before so that was okay.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Monday evening, I started taking care of all the stuff I didn't do over the weekend. I ended up washing four loads of laundry!

I hadn't gone grocery shopping, either, so dinner was two left-over ears of roasted sweet corn.

I called Jake to find out how to post on somebody's Face Book page, but he didn't know. He suggested calling my brother Carl, so I did. Fortunately, his daughter Hannah was there and she talked me through it.

You see, my daughter-in-law Jyl had emailed me over the weekend to let me know that her sister Brenda had passed away. She gave me the link to a memorial page on Face book. As you may have noticed, I didn't have the computer on at all on Sunday, so I didn't get the message in time for the funeral or flowers, etc.

So, I eventually posted a remembrance. What I didn't know (I don't do Face book) was the post was accompanied by a stupid picture of "Shaggy" from Scooby-do I had picked out when I signed up.

I was embarrassed, but couldn't figure out how to make it go away. (sigh...)

I watched a little taped TV after I got all the laundry folded or hung up and put away, but went to sleep about 10:00 PM.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Wedding Weekend

As I mentioned, I had a good night’s sleep on Friday for a change; which would make you think I was “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” but I wasn’t. So, I didn’t do much in the morning on Saturday: No garbage disposal, no lawn cutting, etc. I even forgot to take my meds (which I regretted later that evening).

About 2:00 PM, I started to get ready to go to B___’s oldest daughter, Jenny’s, wedding. I really wanted to be at the ceremony this time (I missed his other daughter Amy’s actual wedding). So, I left about 3:45 PM and headed north.

I got there just in time (It was at a golf course on North Avenue just north of 21 Mile Road) and I didn’t even try to find a good parking place. I just dumped the car and headed to the gazebo. It was an outdoor ceremony and for once, the weather cooperated. It was lovely, BTW.

Back inside the hall, I learned I was to sit at Table #1! I was there with B___’s brothers David and his wife, Bob and Linda along with his cousin Leon and his daughter Erin (who I haven’t seen in probably 20 years).

So, I had a nice time. They came around with Hors d'œuvres but I didn’t have any (they looked great, but I wasn’t hungry then). Then it was dinner time. They had chicken, London broil, mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes and some great warm dinner rolls, all served family-style. It was delicious!

Sometime during the evening I remembered that I had left their wedding card on my kitchen table! So, I’ll have to mail that today.

They didn’t play a lot of slow songs, but I finally got one dance with David’s youngest daughter (I knew her as they lived in St. Clair when we did).

As the night progressed, I got more and more crippled up (from not taking my medications in the morning). I left about 11:00 PM. Well, I tried to. I couldn’t find my car! It wasn’t in the lot next to the hall. I finally went back in and asked B___ if there was another parking lot. (I mean who would steal a ten-year old Volvo?) So, we ended up taking a walk and sure enough, there was another parking lot and there sat my car. I felt stupid.

I made it home just after midnight. I treated the cats, got out of my spiffy clothes and went to bed.

Sunday, I was still crippled up (although I did take my pills), so I spent most of the day in bed. I did go outside and grilled some corn for dinner, but that was about it.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Friday was again a long, long day. They decided to have an impromptu lunch event for Edwin, a Desktop Technician, who's leaving. Unfortunately, I had to go up to the Laurel Park Place Mall and pick up some pants I bought for the wedding tomorrow that were being altered and so couldn't come.

And, I liked Edwin. When he introduced himself to me (he's only been there a short time) he said, "So, I hear you're Jake's Dad." I said "Yes" and he said, "I hope someday I can work with my son."

Nice guy.

So, I went through the drizzle to the mall and picked up my pants at Jos. A. Bank's. They fit perfectly (which is why I shop there) and so I left.

Since I was up that way, anyway, and hungry, I stopped in the Big Boy and got my perennial favorite: Veal Parmesan. They no longer list it on the menu (citing only Chicken Parmesan) but you can get it if you ask for it.

I also asked for a Caesar salad with it and thoroughly enjoyed my lunch.

Back at work, the day dragged on. Finally it was five o'clock and I headed home (again in the drizzle). Damn this rain!

So, there's no back yard grass cutting tonight. Instead, I acted on a rather brilliant suggestion Jake had for the garbage disposal installation. He asked me if I had a bottle jack. I said, no, I have a floor jack (a big sucker you roll under a car to jack it up and too big for this application). But he insisted there was one there and I said, "Well, if there is one there, it's probably yours."

You see, there is a LOT of shit that Jake has left here (in spite of my reminding him and the fact that he, too, has a two car garage and also the advantage of a basement). But for some reason, I have a very expensive mountain bike, helmets, in-line skates, etc., in the garage and camping gear, computer "stuff" and cross-country skis in my attic.

He'll be sorry when I die. All his stuff will be in the garage sale to pay for my funeral...

Anyway, I digress. There was a bottle jack (along with two jack stands I never owned) so, I measured the bottle jack and the garbage disposal and found it would easily fit.

I figured sticking the narrow end of a bottle jack up a plastic bottom of a garbage disposal wouldn't be a good thing, so I cut up a 1 x 6 pine board to distribute the weight.

It was after eight pm by then, so I sliced up a pound of smoked sausage on the bias and fried that, along with two sliced vidilia onions for my dinner. Now, I normally include sliced potatoes in this mixture, but it was good, anyway. I ate a bunch watching a movie.

I forget which one it was but I crashed like a rock. I woke up a couple of times for bathroom breaks but then fell right back to sleep. I didn't wake up until after 9:00 AM on Saturday!

Qoute of the Day

"You see, Stan, as you get older, things that you used to like start looking and sounding like shit and thing seem shitty as a child don't seem so shitty. But, with you, the wires have been crossed and everything looks and sounds like shit to you.

It's a condition know as 'being a cynical asshole."

There's no known cure..."

~ Southpark

(Thanks, Jake!)

Friday, June 24, 2011

I may have mentioned this before, but...

it occurred to me today.

Jake sent me this and I used to hum it often. but not since I got my new job.


It was more heavy rain during the afternoon on Thursday. I am a bit concerned with Melissa and Dave driving home today as the entire Eastern seaboard is under a Severe Storm warning.

Luckily, it stopped briefly so I didn’t get wet walking into college. But, it did come down hard again about 10 minutes after I was inside.

I didn’t sleep well again Wednesday night, so I had several cups of coffee in the late afternoon at work. While that did help to keep me awake during school, it also meant I had to repeatedly leave the classroom for the bathroom (sigh).

I had decided that I wouldn’t eat anything when I got home after 10:00 PM and just go directly to bed. But, I was STARVING (not having eaten anything since 11:30 AM). So, I ate more leftover potato salad (still not bad, but I’ll throw the rest away tomorrow) and watched the news. Then I went to bed at 11:30.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wet Wednesday

We had wicked winds and driving rain on Wednesday afternoon here (there goes cutting the back lawn tonight).

But I had already promised to go to a “Goodbye and Good Luck” gathering for our Network Operations leader. He’s been here just over 10 years, but is now moving on to take a position at GE.

The turnout was dismal (only nine people – probably due to the weather) But, since the place is about a mile from my house, I figured I could risk it. We made up for the lack of numbers (20+ people had accepted the invite) with camaraderie.

I was the first to leave, just after 6:15 PM.

Back home, I had just under one inch of water in the rain gauge. No way can I get the back lawn cut tonight. So, I switched over to the garbage disposal. I got it all ready for the installation and then my friend B___ called. We chatted for a while (mostly about the storms). He said the tornado sirens went off at his place and there “may’ have been a touchdown in or near Armada.

When we hung up, I went back to the damn disposal. I have one big problem: Directly in front of where the garbage disposal has to go is my water pipe for the house, a water meter and many pipes. So, you have to sneak it behind there, then pick up that sucker with one hand (and its heavy) and attempt to turn the locking collar with the other. I tried three times, none were successful.

I thought of an alternative plan: setting the garbage disposal on “something” and then locking the ring on. But it was already 8:30 PM, so I pushed off the install until Friday.

I watched a new, taped Poiret (sp) movie, eating pasta salad for dinner (what else?) Then I went to sleep (or tried to) around midnight.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The front clematis, falling over and a bit bedraggled from the winds
The high winds today knocked down the front clematis

Rainy Days and Mondays (and Tuesday, too)

It rained fairly hard on Tuesday afternoon, but when I checked the rain gauge after work, there was only about 1/4 inch of water in it.

I immediately started making both a pasta salad and a potato salad to take to the Lake. The pasta salad I made in the usual way, except this time, I did a smaller dice on the cucumbers and green peppers and substituted fresh chives from my herb garden for the green onions.

I peeled and diced up two pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes and cooked them until fork tender. After I drained them, I spread them on a half sheet pan and dressed them with two tablespoons of dill pickle brine mixed with one tablespoon of yellow mustard. I put the tray into the fridge to cool the potatoes down for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, I diced up dill pickles until I had about 1/4 cup and put them (along with another tablespoon of pickle juice in a bowl. To that I added 1/2 of a Vidalia onion (diced fine), one rib of celery (fine-diced) some salt and black pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of celery seed, 1/2 cup of mayonnaise and 1/4 cup of sour cream. I mixed all that together and then folded in the potatoes. I covered it and stuck it in the fridge.

I made a double batch of the pasta salad and ate what wouldn’t fit in my big bowl for my dinner.

I watched some taped shows and went to bed around midnight. I woke up wide awake around 1:30 AM and could not fall back asleep!

I finally did fall asleep around 7:30 AM. My brother Jim woke me up just after noon to tell me that the realtor was coming to the cottage with three separate people starting at 4:00 PM. I tried both Dave and Melissa’s cell phone number, but just left messages.

I decided it was now too late to go out there and still get back before rush hour. Melissa did call and I apologized for missing her.

Now I’ve got to eat pasta salad and potato salad for the next three or four days! And, oh yes, I didn’t get my garbage out to the road in time, so I’ll have to hang on to it for another week, too.

I did manage to get out and cut the front lawn, so the day wasn’t a complete waste...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

I did eventually go back to sleep and woke up around 8:00 AM. Since neither cat was on the bed, I took the opportunity to strip it and start the weekend wash.

I got dressed in my work clothes (I figured I’d shower later when I was REALLY dirty) and made some breakfast: scrambled eggs topped with hot sauce.

I called my brother Carl back, and found he had a rotator cuff surgery last Monday. He is in a lot of pain, but doesn’t have to wear that weird sling. He volunteered to try and figure out how many great- and great-great-grand children there are in the Goerlich family. (Good luck with that!)

I decided to donate some “fat” clothes to the Salvation Army. I’d been hanging on to them, thinking this weight-loss thing was a passing fad and I might need them again. But, it doesn’t seem to be, so...

I opened up a garbage bag in the bedroom and put in my suit (the one I planned to be buried in), all my sports coats and then a bunch of shirts.

About that time, I heard Jake say “Hello.” Now, I thought I made it clear I didn’t want anybody coming over as my house is a sh*t-hole and, if it was anybody else, I simply wouldn’t have opened the door. But, they have a key, dammit!

They brought me the perfect Father’s Day gift: a gift card for Westborn Market! I think I’ll buy me some lobster tails!!

They apologized for not bringing me their Father’s Day card, which made me laugh. If you noticed in her comment, Amy had a beautiful Father’s Day card she forgot to mail. It must be a Goerlich thing, LOL.

Carla suggested we go out on the front porch (smart girl, it’s the only place in the house that isn’t a pigsty). So, we did and visited for a while until they finally left to pick up their dog from the groomers. Thanks again, guys!

Back inside, I found an email from Jeremy wishing me a Happy Father’s Day. Thanks, dude! So, my only child I haven’t heard from is Melissa, but that’s understandable. I doubt the phone at the cottage is turned on.

I called Lu back to thank her for her card (the only one I actually got) and we chatted for a while.

I washed four loads of laundry and still hadn’t got to the throw rugs.

It was still sunny and warm outside (it was supposed to rain). I kinda wished I hadn’t decided to take the weekend off as it would have been perfect for cutting the grass or mulching the front garden. But I am sticking to my original decision: Father’s Day Weekend is a No-Work weekend!

It was getting late, so I made my dinner. I saw this on a cooking show where they used like two or three chopped up chickens and a Mirepoix (traditionally two parts onion, one part carrot and one part celery) to make a broth. They didn’t use anything (not even the chicken!) but just poured the stock over wide egg noodles. I had a box of chicken stock, so I duplicated the recipe (okay, I admit, I screwed with it a bit. I added parsley flakes and some fresh chives). It was good and I had me another helping (with all the pasta I’ve been eating, maybe I should hang on to those “fat” clothes!)

I fell asleep watching a taped John Wayne movie.

When I woke up on Father’s Day I was hungry (apparently broth and noodles doesn’t get it) so I made three soft-boiled eggs and served them over ripped up sourdough bread with butter, salt and pepper. Yumo!

I moved back to my bed and watched a bunch of taped cooking shows and a movie or two. Yes, it was sunny and nice outside and I should be working, but I was sticking to the plan.

I took a nice nap and then got myself dinner: A huge slice of watermelon, sprinkled with salt. I ate that watching my normal Sunday night shows and then fell asleep. I woke up late in the night and discovered a wet, messy mess on the bedspread. I thought at first I busted my kidneys or something. But it turned out to be the remnants of the watermelon I’d spilled in my sleep.

Damn! Now I have to wash the bedspread again! Thus ended Father’s Day.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

An old, old favorite (by a band you probably never heard of)

{I caught myself at work yesterday singing this]

Down to Seeds and Stems Again
~ Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen

I'm sitting alone on a Saturday night, watching the late, late show
A bottle of wine, some cigarettes, I got no place to go
Well I saw your other man today, he was wearing my brand new shoes
And I'm down to seeds and stems again too

Well I met my old friend Bob today, from up in Bowling Green
He had the prettiest little gal, that I'd ever seen
But I couldn't hide my tears at all, 'cause she looked just like you
And I'm down to seeds and stems again too

Now everybody tells me, that there's other ways to get high
They don't seem to understand, I'm too far gone to try
Now these lonely memories, there all that I can do
And I'm down to seeds and stems again too

Oh, my dog died just yesterday, left me all alone
The finance company dropped by today, and repossessed my home
That's just a drop in the bucket, compared to losing you
And I'm down to seeds and stems again too
Got the down to seeds and stems again blues

Quote of the Day (maybe of the month!)

"A friend gave me this advice he said, 'Kyle, you know what you got to do, man? You just got to grab life by the balls.' That was his advice, 'Just grab life by the balls.' No. Have you ever grabbed anything by its balls before? It beats the shit out of you until you let go."

~ Kyle Kinane

(Thanks, Jake!)

Friday was a l-o-n-g day.

Thursday’s I wake up at 5:30 AM (as usual) then go to work until 5:00 PM, then drive to Schoolcraft and attend class until around 10:00 PM and finally go home.

You would think I just slink into sleep, but, no! I am hungry (having missed dinner) and wired from class. So I don’t fall into a broken sleep until like 1:00 AM or so.

So, Friday always sucks...

I was yawning and drinking a lot of coffee all afternoon. I actually went outside and walked around for a while, just to try and stay awake.

Back home after work, I scraped most of the old plumber’s putty off the ring around the drain, using a painter’s knife. Then I used the steel wool I bought at a hardware store at lunch to clean up the rest. I want to start the installation with a clean surface.

I returned a voicemail from a friend and we chatted for a bit. Then I went in to watch the NBC Nightly News.

Somewhere during the news, I fell asleep, which meant I missed a phone call from my brother Carl. I felt bad, but will call him back over the weekend.

I slept until almost midnight. Then I made a sandwich (to make up for the lost dinner) and ate that watching late night TV. But, bored, I started going through my closet and pulling out old, “fat” shirts and pants I want to donate to the Salvation Army. I hung on to them thinking this weight-loss was just a fluke, but since it seems its not, I don’t need them.

I tried reading, but that didn’t result in sleep either so I just stayed up, writing my weekend ToDo list, checking out recipes, etc., and finally writing out this Blog post at this ungodly hour (for a weekend).

Goerlich Family History

Since somebody should be keeping track of this, I was wondering: From my parent’s perspective, they had seven children, 32 grandchildren (and Jake is the youngest) and (I think) 62 great grandchildren (I might be making that up) but does anyone know how many great-great grandchildren there are?

Curious minds want to know!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday's Short Story

We had a thunderstorm here on Thursday afternoon. I lucked out, though, because it was after lunch and before I had to walk into class.

I got home from school just after 10:00 PM, so no progress was made on the garbage disposal installation. I ate leftover pasta salad for my late-night dinner and then read until bedtime.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Finally Got It Off!

[I have been waiting several years to say that, but unfortunately, I’m referring to the old garbage disposal, LOL!]

Wednesday was a bit more humid with a bit higher temps. It was supposed to rain around 4:00 PM, but it hadn’t by the time I went home after work. So, I jumped on one of the things I didn’t get done on my Tuesday ToDo list and went outside.

I hooked up one bottle of the Windex Outdoor Multi-Surface Cleaner to the hose and, following directions, washed down the back of the house. I paid special attention to the windows. Now, is it as effective as a power-washer? No, but it’s certainly cheaper. And, does it work? Well, the windows sparkle and the siding is clean of the winter’s dirt so, yeah, I’d say it does.

Back inside, I called Melissa and asked about their schedule (they were packing tonight so they can drive straight through tomorrow to Michigan and the cottage). She described it as a cluster-f*ck, because all the kids have friends they want to go and visit. But the most likely day to catch them all seems to be Tuesday, so I will try and get that day off as a vacation day.

Then I boiled a 12 ounce box of Tri-Color Rotini, and drained it, rinsed it in cold water (back in the laundry sink) and put it in the fridge to cool.

Next I addressed the remaining parts of the old garbage disposal (on my poor back and halfway into the sink cupboard). It took a while, but I finally found the ring and successfully pried it off! I threw the remaining old pieces into the trash and then stopped. I still have a long way to go to do the install, I’m hungry and need to make dinner.

So, I diced one heirloom tomatoes (I first tasted them last weekend at Jake and Carla’s and they were GOOD!) Then I cut up an English cucumber, a green pepper and some green onions. I added them and a can of drained, sliced black olives to the pasta. I made a simple olive oil vinaigrette with fresh/dried herbs and dressed my pasta salad. I I topped it with some Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and stuck it in the fridge to cool.

I talked briefly with Jake who called around 8:30 PM with a question about work. I notice outside it was now raining softly.

I plated some of the pasta salad and ate that watching TV. I have several criticisms of the salad. The cucumber and green pepper chunks were too big and the worst was that the green onions were too strong. It might have been better with crumbled feta cheese instead of the Parmesan. And, I wish I’d used chives instead of the green onions for a milder onion flavor.

But, I ate two bowls so it couldn’t have been that bad!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The clematis out front starts to bloom
This year's raised bed vegetable garden
Anybody know how to get dead grass out of a gravel driveway?

Tuesday, Tuesday...

Tuesday’s weather was basically a repeat of Monday’s, that is to say, mid-70’s, sunny with a nice breeze. Beautiful, for a change!

So, when I got home after work, I was outside and working (again) by 5:45 PM. I started with the mailbox garden and the tree garden. First I weeded them and then I got that 40 pound bag of potting soil (enter a “groan” here for my back).

That begs the question: How do I lose like two inches of dirt every year over the winter in the container left outside? Do like the dirt fairies come and steal handfuls (they would have small hands, remember) from October to May? I dunno…

Anyway, I refilled the containers with dirt and then planted my this year’s minimalist gardens: six plants of wave petunias in each.

Next on the list was to put landscape fabric and mulch down on the front garden and then cut the back lawn. But the twinge in my back I’d had all day (from yesterday’s planting, I presume) was annoyed by lifting the 40 pounds of potting soil and now I fear it.

So, I went directly to cutting the back lawn. It finally is starting to look nice again although there are still areas when I ran over clumps of grass before and they’ve dried and hardened. [Note to self: I should rake those up.]

Anyway, I had everything put away and the house buttoned up by 8:30 PM.

I warmed up the last two ears of sweet corn and ate those with a half of a sandwich. I missed the beginning of it, of course, but watched a 1953 Western (“Shane” with Alan Ladd) until it finished and then went to sleep.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday, Monday...

I spent Monday evening making up for Sunday. After treating cats (that always must come first or they bug me to death) and changing clothes, I went outside and planted the raised-bed vegetable garden. That is always backbreaking, knee-killing work. But, I got it done around 7:15 PM.

Then I gassed up the push mower and cut the front lawn.

I finished up just after 8:00 and buttoned the house up for the night. I was mildly hungry but tired and didn’t feel like messing around with making dinner. So, I warmed up two ears of corn in the microwave and ate them with butter and salt.

I watched a taped movie (fast forwarding through commercials) and when it ended, I went to bed.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Slacker Sunday

I had every intention of dealing with my several ToDo list items (finish the garbage disposal installation, plant the veggie garden, cut the grass, clean the house, etc.) but again I slept lousy Saturday night and woke up late as a result.

What woke me up was a phone call from my buddy B___. We caught each other up and then talked about the weather. He thinks we had about two days of Spring, more rain and then last week was two days of late Summer (Highs in the 90’s) and now we are in Fall (I had to turn the AC off and the heat on late Saturday night – the house was too damn cold!) He may be right!

I fixed a cup of instant coffee and sat on the couch, still in my robe, and read more of my book. Then the phone rang again.

This time it was my daughter Melissa. We talked for a long time, mostly about their upcoming visit to the cottage in Lake Orion. I guess I will have to take a day off in order to visit and see all the kids.

When we completed our call, I was tired again so I went back to bed. I finally got some sleep and woke up at an amazing 6:00 PM! I shaved, showered and got dressed. I was more hungry than anxious to complete the ToDo list, so I fired up the charcoal chimney. I was using the new grille for the first time. When the coals were ready, I slapped down five ears of corn I had soaking all day.

When they were done, I pulled them off and put down a T-Bone steak I’d seasoned with just Montreal steak seasoning. I grilled that until medium-rare. Back inside, I plated the steak and an ear of corn, buttered and salted. The corn was a little tough, but the steak was perfect.

I ate that watching a movie, but when it was done, so was I. So, I switched to reading my book until I fell asleep.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jake!


After posting the late Blog, I kicked it into gear. I got a long way to go and a short time to get there (Smokie and the Bandit), so I shaved, showered, jumped into some clothes and took off for CVS, where I got some needed prescriptions.

Then it was over to the Home Depot, where I bought some plumber’s putty and clear silicon caulk for the sink project.

Next was Westborn, to pick up ingredients for the main show: Jake’s birthday celebration. I am actually quite proud of this as I made it up myself.

I suggested that we hook up and I would bring cibata bread and various toppings. I figured you could cut the cibata bread in half (horizontally,) add stuff, broil it until the cheese melted and make individual pizzas. So, I bought a bunch of different toppings and then headed to the Wine Palace (or whatever it’s called) at Middlebelt and Schoolcraft. I tried to get a Spanish wine they like (Marques De Orianza) and they had the brand, but not that exact wine, so I got another type of their red wines, instead. I could have sworn that’s where I bought it the last time, though.

I got to their house about 2:05 PM, but I wasn’t late. We never agreed on a time, so I had a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card.

We started out playing a board game whose name I never heard of and don’t now remember. We had spinach dip and little pita rounds as an appetizer and somehow, (I don’t know how,) I won the game!

Then we moved on to the main course. I cut up two cibata breads while Carla chopped veggies and grated cheeses. Then she fried up the Italian sausage and sautéed the mushrooms. Jake was on pizza sauce duty. Then we assembled our personal pizzas.

I deliberately cut the first cibata thin on one half and thick on the other. I am not a fan of thick crust (or, God forbid, Chicago-style) pizza. I was introduced to pizza in the early ‘60s, when my brother Carl worked in a pizza joint. It was named after the space race at the time, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called (Appolo? I dunno). Anyway, it had a complete “space” theme and he was in a glass-enclosed space out front, making the pies. And the pies he made were thin, crispy and delicious! Anyway, I digress. I like thin pizza.

So, we each made our own. I made mine mimicking something I did see on TV: no tomato sauce, just a drizzle of olive oil, fresh mozzarella rounds and fresh basil that Carla had cut “Chiffonade.” They made theirs with Italian sausage, pepperoni, Provolone, fresh mozzarella, yellow banana pepper rings, etc., and then stuck them in the oven to warm up and melt the cheese. BTW, Carla took off all my basil before inserting it in the oven. She explained it would burn before the cheese melted and should be added after it came out. I didn’t know that.

The last square (there was four if you recall) was a collaborative effort: Carla called it a garbage pizza. We each suggested a topping (mine was sliced black olives). So they went into the oven and we watched for the cheeses to melt.

When they came out, Carla had a brilliant idea. She suggested we cut each individual square into three pieces so we could all taste each other’s pies. Brilliant! So, we did. I must confess, I liked mine the best. And, I couldn’t eat all four slices (neither could Carla) but Jake did.

Then we watched the new version of True Grit, starring Jeff Bridges. It was interesting as this is not a remake of the John Wayne movie (Jake explained they hired a screenwriter to make a new script from the book, rather than remake the original movie). So, while many things were similar, enough was different to keep you interested.

When that was over, I made my goodbyes, wished Jake a happy birthday and headed home. I got there about 9:15 PM, treated the cats, got out of my clothes and lay in my bed reading my book until I fell asleep.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Speaking about the price of having a kid...

I just took the time to figure out the price of raising two cats for 18 years. It was just under $10,000.00. Let's see... $270K for one kid versus $10K for two cats...

Well, at least with a kid you don't have to wash the bedspread when the cats throw up or clean out their poop everyday. Wait a minute, for the first two years with a kid, you do!


It was cool today (Michigan) and wasn’t supposed to rain until 3:00 PM. But it had already started at 11:00. So, I drove home in the rain for lunch.

I stopped and got a “BMT” foot-long sandwich at Subway (it’s their name for an Italian sub). I got my usual: An Italian herbs and cheese bun, the ham, pepperoni and salami meats, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, yellow banana peppers, red onions, black olives and Italian dressing. I don’t get them toasted, but do warm them up in the microwave later just to melt the cheese a bit.

So, at home, I warmed up half of the sub (32 seconds in my microwave is ideal – I’ve studied this) and ate that for lunch. That way, I have something for dinner as my kitchen is a total wreck. In fact, my whole house is a total wreck. With all the rain problems, grass problems, garden problems, lawnmower problems, garbage disposal problems, drain problems, etc., cleaning the house has taken a back-seat and it shows!

Back home for the weekend, after changing clothes and treating the cats, I fixed a drink and took a break, watching the evening news.

Then I went out and got my clamp-on light from the garage. I attached that to the sink cupboard and surveyed the situation. I think I figured out how to get the rest of the old garbage disposal out. I can’t put it all back together tonight (I need plumber’s putty and clear silicon caulk from Home Depot) but I can get a start.

So, I went in the garage and got a flathead screwdriver. I was attempting to pry off this metal ring and I almost had it when the screwdriver slipped and drove deep into my left-hand thumb.

I freaked! I spent the next 20 minutes repeatedly rinsing it out with peroxide and then alcohol (ouch!) I finally calmed down and bandaged it.

Why did I freak? After all, I cut, burn or bruise myself all the time (you should see the bruise I got installing the lawn tractor battery). Because, when I was a teenager, my buddy Chuck, across the street had a brother in law named Don.

He was from Arizona, thin as a whip, mean as a rattlesnake and I thought he was so cool. He taught me how to drink beer in a car (he had a convertible) and he and I were in the only bar fight I ever experienced (I looked old for my age).

Anyway, he was a mechanic and was working on a car when he slipped and stuck a screwdriver in his other hand. It didn’t get better, so he finally went to a doctor. They tried antibiotics, but the infection kept spreading. They eventually had to remove his hand. When that didn’t work, they cut off his arm about halfway up his forearm.

The last time I saw him, his arm had been cut off about six inches from his shoulder and they had told him if the infection progressed any further, he was a dead man. [Note: I am not making this up!]

So, that kinda stuck with me...

Anyway, I quit for the night. I warmed up the other half of the sub and ate it with a small bag of Doritos I bought out of the vending machine at work (hey, you gotta have a side dish with dinner, right?)

There wasn’t much on TV, so I read my book until bedtime.

I slept lousy (really lousy) so that’s why this is so late. I did go outside and check the rain gauge (in my bathrobe) just now and we had a little more than 1/4 inch of rain yesterday; So, no reoccurrence of the lake.

Late Night Ramblings

Every now and then I check my "Spam" folder on my Yahoo mail account before deleting it.

It amuses me how many "companies" are willing for me to cash their payment checks for a "small" fee as well as all the "lawyers" whose clients died without heirs and want to make me the beneficiary (again for a small fee). These are usually listed as being from England or Nigeria (as if I know anybody in either place).

But, what puzzles me is why all these different companies want to sell me products to cleanse my colon.

Who's been spreading lies about my colon? I clean it out every day (sometimes several times a day).

It's probably my kids who are apparently refusing to pay the $680,000.00 they owe me.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey, Amy, Melissa, Jeremy and Jake!

I was just watching the news when they had a report from somebody or another that claimed it now costs $270,000.00 to raise a child from birth to 18 years old (excluding college).

They contrasted it with 1960 when it only cost $175,000.00.

No wonder I can't retire!

You people owe me!!

love, Dad

Five Down and Five to Go!

I slept lousy Tuesday night, so I was tired and yawning all day. It was deliciously cool, for a change, but threatened rain. I went home at lunchtime and ate leftovers, watching the noon-day news.

Unfortunately, this is my late night, so there was no relief in sight for sleepiness! I went to college directly from work and waited for class to commence at 6:00 PM, reviewing last week’s information.

It was informative as always, but for the last half I was more focused on suppressing yawns (so the instructor wouldn’t think I was interested) and I wasn’t the only one. Their yawns didn’t help mine at all. But, I made it and officially am halfway through my course.

I got home just after 10:00 PM and found I forgot to leave a light and the TV on (to trick the burglars). I treated the cats and then warmed up the last of the cauliflower. I ate that with salt and butter and watched a little (and I do mean a little) TV until I fell asleep. When I woke up for my first bathroom break, I took care of that, then shut off the TV and light and went to bed for real.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hotter than the hubs of Hell!

It was still 75 degrees F. when I woke up at 5:30 AM on Wednesday and there’s no relief in sight today.

I went home at lunch and ate two more pieces of pizza (cold), but skipped the beer.

The air conditioner at work couldn’t keep up and the temperature inside kept rising all afternoon. When I left work at 5:00, it was officially 96 degrees outside!

I realized on the way home that the only time today I was comfortable was in the car.

Back home I changed into my shorts (eschewing my tee shirt) and watched the evening news. My plan was to work inside on the garbage disposal and then go outside around 8:00 PM (when it might be “cooler”) and plant the vegetable garden.

Well, that didn’t go so good. I tried to take the old garbage disposal out, but had trouble. It wouldn’t turn out of the collar that’s attached to the sink (which is why I bought the same exact replacement garbage disposal.) I had already disconnected it from the drain and the dishwasher, so I finally got p*ssed and really torqued on it.

It didn’t come free, but I did manage to break the plastic body of the garbage disposal free from the metal ring that attached it to the collar. So, it fell down, showering me with stinky water (I had been laying on the floor all this time).

Then, I had a bigger problem. With the garbage disposal flange still attached to the sink’s collar, I couldn’t get either off. I tried everything (even brute force) but nothing. And, the brute force thing gave me two more problems: it broke the plumber’s putty loose (so the collar will no longer be usable) and lifted the sink up about 1/8 of an inch for a second (which means my silicone seal is broken and water on the counter will drip into the sink cabinet).

I lay there, glaring at it, and then glanced at the kitchen clock. It was 8:45 PM! So, I put a strip of masking tape across the sink (to remind myself not to use it) and took a quick shower (to get the stinky water smell off of me).

It was way too late to plant the garden by then, so I warmed up the last two pieces of pizza and ate dinner watching TV. I went to bed about an hour later.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bumper Sticker

I saw this on a pickup truck yesterday:

"Driver doesn't carry cash - He's married!"

Tuesday's Tale

It was uncomfortably hot and muggy on Tuesday. I didn’t go home at lunch; instead I went to Lowe’s. On the way there, I stopped at the Newburgh Grille (I’m back in my old stomping grounds) and had an excellent cup of bean and ham soup and a mini Greek salad.

I bought two replacement mower blades at Lowe's. I was surprised at the price ($48 bucks!) I could swear the last time I needed to buy them I paid less than $30.

On the way home after work, I stopped at Domino’s pizza and picked up a pie I’d ordered. They have a deal for a large three topping pizza (carryout only) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for $7.99. I have been meaning to try it and this way I won’t have to heat up the house cooking dinner.

So, when I got home, I treated the cats, grabbed a beer and ate three slices watching the news. It was good (I ordered pepperoni, mushroom and yellow banana slices, BTW).

I emptied and then refilled the dishwasher and ran another load. I also had to put the bedspread in the washer, thanks to one of the cats. Then, I went out into the steamy garage and replaced the damaged mower blade.

I waited as long as I could (8:00 PM) and then went out back and cut the grass. It was still 92 degrees F., though. I finished up around 9:00, and watered the unplanted plants. Then I buttoned up the house.

Lu called and told me all about her adventures white-water rafting and zip-lining in West Virginia. Sounds like she had a great time!

I ate another slice of pizza (cold this time) and started reading my book. I fell asleep before 11:00 PM. When I woke up for a bathroom call, I shut my book, shut off the light and went to bed for real.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweatin' It

Monday was warm, but dry here in Redford. I went to Home Depot at lunch to get the rest of the plants for the raised bed garden (my neighbor already gave me his leftovers – two tomato plants, two hot yellow peppers, one jalapeno and one Brussels sprout).

I also bought five bags of mulch. Unfortunately, the kind I always get (cedar wood chips), they no longer carry. So, I got shredded cedar mulch and a bag of potting soil. My trunk was full!

Interesting side note to the Home Depot trip: When I was walking in, there was a Home Depot guy straddling another guy and bending the guy’s arm across his back, yelling “Somebody call the cops!” The guy he was subduing was yelling, “I got the receipt in my pocket!” I didn’t have time to see how this turned out, but it was all over by the time I left. I carried my receipt in my hand, though.

Back home, I had just enough time to get the plants out and wolf down two pieces of chicken. Then I went back to work.

After work, I retightened all the drain connections and, taking a chance, ran the dishwasher (it’s been too long and I am running out of plates, silverware and glasses). Nothing seemed to be leaking. Then I went out in the garage and checked out the mower. Sure enough, I bent up one of the lawnmower blades. So, I got the empty pack (I keep it so I don’t have to figure out the right part number every time) and put it in the car for tomorrow.

Then I went out back and pulled all the weeds and grass from the raised bed garden. I couldn’t believe how dried out the soil was! When I got most of the junk out, I added some 10-10-10 fertilizer and then used the garden weasel to work it in.

About that time, my neighbor walked over and asked what happened to my lawn tractor. I explained I trashed one blade, hitting a stump I normally drive right over. He suggested that the soft ground sunk the tractor lower than normal and that made sense. He asked if I wanted to use his leftover garden “fabric.” He used it last year and said he never had to pull one weed. It’s heavier than normal landscape fabric and brown. You lay it down, cut an “X” where you want to put your plant and then plant it.

I said, “Sure!” So he brought over what he had left. He didn’t have any of the stakes left you secure it with (so it doesn’t blow away) so I put pieces of concrete on the edges. Since the ground was so dry, instead of planting anything, I hooked up the sprinkler and left it run for almost an hour.

By then it was 8:30 PM, so I quit for the night. I cut up the cauliflower and boiled it. I topped some of it with butter and salt and that was my dinner.

I started watching the movie “Terminator 2” which I set to tape before going out to work. I’m not sure why, but watching a sweaty Linda Hamilton doing pull-ups has always struck me as one of the most erotic, non-porn, scenes I have ever watched in a movie.

I was beat and fell asleep by 9:30.

Monday, June 6, 2011


As I said, I had no access to the outside world until about 1:00 PM. It was very frustrating! I had called Brighthouse and got a recording “We are currently experiencing an outage in the Redford area and our crews are working on it.”

I felt uneasy, not knowing what was going on (sounds stupid, I know) so I couldn’t get into “Project” mode. I used the last three eggs (I need to do some grocery shopping) to make scrambled eggs, topped with hot sauce, for brunch.

When everything came back up, I watched a movie (“Clear and Present Danger” starring Harrison Ford) instead of installing the garbage disposal. Then I went out to cut the back grass (again mainly to remove clumps of dried grass).

I got about six passes done when I ran over a stump (I run over it every time). But this time something happened and the cutting deck made a horrible noise. I tried turning the deck off and then turning it back on (I rebooted it!) But, it still made that noise. So, I reluctantly went back to the barn (well, garage).

I put the mower away without looking at it (It was too hot to work on it). Dinner seemed like a pain (yeah, I was discouraged), so I drove down the street and bought a six-piece bucket of chicken from KFC. It came with one side (I picked mashed potatoes and gravy) and four biscuits.

Back home I fixed a plate and started watching my Sunday night shows. I know its my fault, but it was a very unproductive day.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


[I apologize for this being so late. Brighthouse (my cable company) was down all Sunday morning in my area so, no phone, no TV and no Internet! Thank God for the radio and Sunday Morning Over Easy!]

Saturday, I woke up at 4:00 AM. I puttered around a bit and then thought, “This is stupid!” So, I went back to bed without setting the alarm. Imagine my surprise when I woke up at 8:30! This would not have been a problem except I had a 9:00 AM appointment to get my hair cut.

I jumped in the shower (I didn’t bother to shave) and then into my clothes. I raced to the barber’s and got there two minutes late.

From there, I went to The Feed Store and picked up 40 pounds of bird seed. Then I went to Westborn Market. I tried sticking to my list (two heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, some buns and lettuce) but I made four impulse buys: a small seedless watermelon, a head of cauliflower, a bag of small pita bread and a container of spinach dip. I blame that all on being hungry!

I was VERY disappointed, BTW. Normally, they have all this stuff out to sample (like various cheeses, crackers, salsa and chips and so forth) but I guess I was there too early. Every station where there is normally stuff was empty. So, my plan to eat breakfast there was a bust.

Next came Home Depot. I bought two four-inch bolts (1/4 inch and 3/8) and their associated lock washers and nuts. I also picked up two bottles of Windex Outdoor Multi-surface Cleaner (I’ve used this since living in St. Clair – it screws on your hose and you can wash your windows and your siding at the same time).

On the way out, I bought a hot dog from a cute young thing, so I finally got breakfast.

Back home it was already uncomfortably warm and sticky. So, I put everything away, did another load of laundry and then changed into shorts and a tee shirt. Then I used the push mower to re-cut the front lawn (mostly to chew up the grass clumps). Then I shut the garage door and went out back with the push mower.

That’s a crime-stopper tip, BTW. Never go out back with your garage door open. That’s when you get ripped off (at least around here).

I cut all the areas that I didn’t dare take the garden tractor in. To give you an example of how much that was, I filled the tank before starting on the front lawn and ran out of gas out back!

I put the mower away and buttoned everything up. I was beat from all the walking so I lay on the bed, munching on little pitas and the spinach dip, watching TV.

Then I took a nap. When I woke up, it was too hot outside to do anything, so I worked on the laundry and generally putzed.

For dinner I had more pita and spinach dip (I had a real supper planned, but it seemed like a lot of work and would have only added to the pots and pans that are piling up, waiting for the garbage disposal installation.)

I then read a book until I fell asleep.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Paranoia Strikes Deep...

I’m not sure why or where this memory came from, but I was sitting on the couch, taking a break from lawn cutting and I thought about my childhood tree house.

I was probably eight or nine years old when I build it. Just to the left of the driveway back home at 24 Mile road, just past the pine trees, there was a wicked clump of thorn trees. The damn thorns were like two inches long!

So, I put in a platform built of 2 x 4’s and wood I salvaged (it really wasn’t a tree house, more like a tree “platform.”) It was about 12 feet high. I built a hinged ladder and stole a pulley out of the barn. I got a rope and hooked it to the ladder so that when I was up there, I could pull up the ladder so nobody could get to me.

I wish I still had that tree house!

Chef Tip #35

"When you're going to saute garlic, slice it rather than mincing it - it's less likely to burn that way"

Aarti Sequeira
Aarti Party

Finally Friday (I know I say that a lot, but its how I feel!)

It was warm on Friday, but not too hot. I went home for lunch (its easier now as I am only 10 minutes away) and made some Campbell’s Bean with Bacon soup.

Back home after work, I treated the cats and changed clothes. Then I started a load of the weekend wash. I was going to work outside, but I got a call from my son Jeremy. We talked until he got home and then I went out back.

My neighbor and his wife were outside and we talked over the fence. I asked him if I needed to bring my wheel barrow over to get his left-over veggies and he said no. So, he went and brought me his remaining plants.

They were a bit dry, so I watered them and set them on top of the new grille. Then I took a picture of the backyard clematis and went inside to post it.

I returned a call from B___ and we chatted for a while. I decided it was too late to cut the grass, so I warmed up my dinner: the last of the shrimp boil (I reserved four of the potatoes for another meal).

It still tasted fantastic and I ate that watching a movie. I feel asleep before it finished, but that was okay... It’s the weekend!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hopefully, the last of the Spring Flooding (I forgot to post it)

The clematis out back on the new arbor

Moving in...

Thursday, it was chilly in the morning, but grew hot during the day. I woke up all stuffed up and with itchy, swollen eyes from leaving the windows open.

I brought in 1 1/2 dozen donuts for my new team members (the way to a co-worker’s heart is through their stomach, LOL!) I had another meeting in the morning to discuss more ideas about my new role.

I remembered to bring in my drill motor after lunch and used it to install a triangle in the corner of my desktop (I’ve installed and removed that thing about 5 times when I’ve had to move). Jake graciously gave up a bit of his lunchtime to help hold it for me while I lay on my back and screwed it in.

I mentioned I had put in a Maintenance Request to move that two-drawer lateral file under the desktop (I keep hitting my knee on it) and he asked why we couldn’t move it ourselves. I said I tried that and couldn’t budge it, so I thought it was screwed in. It turned out it wasn’t and, with me shoving the desktop upwards from my reclined floor position, he was able to drag it out.

So, now my cubicle is pretty much the way I want! I put the drill motor back in the car and spent the afternoon learning how to and then inputting data in the Hardware/Software Inventory section of our ERP system. It’s a tedious, but necessary job and my filler in between my other jobs. I think I finally got the hang of it (at least I stopped having to ask so many questions) around 3:30 PM.

Again, I was going to stay at work for a while before heading off to school. But, they are doing some network maintenance at 5:00 PM, so I headed off to college. I got there at 5:20 and found that my instructor was giving some review class to two of my classmates who joined the program late. So, I sat in on that until 6:00. It couldn’t hurt!

I got out of class on time again and was home just a bit after 10:00 PM. I was starving, so I warmed up two pieces of corn and a couple of potatoes. Then I peeled four shrimp and ate them cold with cocktail sauce. I watched the news until 11:30 and then to bed.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wednesday, and down in the Low Country

Wednesday was a great day weather-wise. It was warm and sunny, with low humidity and, in the morning, a great breeze (it got a little windier in the afternoon, but still nice).

This was good, because today I moved from Building 73 to Building 3 and switched from being a Project Manager to being a Business Analyst. It took me two trips and four small file storage boxes (I have learned to travel light) but, by 1:00 PM, I was all moved in.

I did get a phone and my PC was moved so, other than an annoying file cabinet I keep banging into with my knee (I put in a Maintenance Request to have it removed) I’m all set. I had one meeting in the afternoon and spent the rest of my time trying to get my few remaining projects closed.

Back home, I changed into shorts and a tee shirt and watched the news. It was so nice out, I had most of the windows opened. When the news finished, I went outside and took the wheelbarrow that was full of the dirt from the grille hole out back and dumped it. Then I used the wheelbarrow to transport the top unit of the new grille out back.

I installed the top unit on the pipe (Man, that sucker is heavy!) and went in to get the locking pin. But, I couldn’t remember where I put it! I know I put the instructions on top of my dresser in the bedroom and thought I put the pin in one of the drawers (so I wouldn’t lose it). A long, fruitless search ensued with no positive outcome. I gave up when I realized I could always just buy a long bolt and nut and put that in.

I thought about re-cutting the grass (at least the front) since the warm air and wind probably had dried the grass clumps out enough. But, I knew I had to make that Low Country Shrimp Boil tonight or pitch the shrimp (which I damn sure didn’t want to do!) So, I did.

I combined two recipes (one from Food Network and the other from Bon Appetit). So, here’s what I did:

I got out a small stockpot and put in four quarts of water. Then I added 1/2 cup of Old Bay seasoning, halved two lemons and, after squeezing in the juice, threw the rinds in as well. Next I added two whole (small – one big one would have worked as well) garlic heads I just cut in half, horizontally) unpeeled, a red onion, peeled and quartered and about five good slugs of Frank’s red Hot sauce. I tied together 6 sprigs of fresh thyme with kitchen twine and threw them in as well.

I covered the pot and brought it to a boil. I reduced it to a simmer and let it get happy for about five minutes. Then I added a pound of baby red potatoes and cooked them until just tender (maybe 10 minutes).

While they were cooking, I shucked four ears of Florida sweet corn and then snapped them in half. When the potatoes were ready, I threw in the sweet corn and cooked them five more minutes. Then I added the unpeeled shrimp and cooked that until the shrimp curled and turned pink (about two or three minutes).

When the shrimp were done, I immediately cut the heat off under the pot and added four cups of ice cubes (to stop the cooking process and keep the shrimp from getting rubbery). I let that steep about five minutes more.

I used my spyder to dig everything out and put it all on a half-sheet pan lined with paper towels (you are supposed to use newspapers, but I don’t get newspapers). I sorted through everything and filled a plate with shrimp, a few potatoes and two pieces of corn.

I went in and ate watching the Pirates of the Caribbean. It was messy (the food, not the movie), but excellent. It reminded me of a New England boil Jake and Carla made a few years ago (minus the lobster, crab and clams). I do admit to eating too much!

When they were cool, I put the leftover shrimp, potatoes and corn in the fridge and threw away the rest. I went to bed at 11:00, after closing all but two of the windows (I would regret that in the morning).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Short Week

Why is it that short weeks always seem the longest?

It was freakin’ HOT on Tuesday. The official high was 92 degrees F., but it felt even higher (it was the humidity).

I knew I had a lot to do after work and I didn’t want to heat up the kitchen, so I stopped on the way home for lunch and bought a 12-inch “BMT” at Subway. I took half of it, warmed it in the microwave (just to melt the cheese a bit) and ate that for lunch.

I stopped at Kroger’s on the way home from work and bought some kitty litter and cat treats. When I got home, I changed into work clothes and then disconnected and removed the dead lawn tractor battery.

I went to O’Rielly’s Auto Parts and bought a new one, giving them the old one as my “core” (so I didn’t get charged extra). After some difficulty, I installed the new battery, filled up the gas tank, checked the oil and filled up the rear tire on the tractor.

I took off my long pants and switched to shorts, and then I walked the back yard, picking up branches and noting the worst wet sports. I had a long conversation with my neighbor, over the fence. It turns out that, during the worst of the “lake” out back, he had a trash pump going for three days, trying to get rid of the water. What amused me it that he pumped it into the old Farmer Jack parking lot!

Then I cut the grass with the lawn tractor. I had to stay about 20 feet away from the fences out back (due to standing water) and it sure didn’t look pretty (there are clumps of grass everywhere) but I got a lot of it knocked down.

Then I cut the front lawn (also with the tractor – I was on a roll). That looks just as bad, BTW. I finished up around 8:30 PM. It still hadn’t rained (we have had a Severe Thunderstorm Watch all evening in Southeast Michigan). I was damn tired, sweaty and dirty. But, I got ‘er done!

I took two bags of trash out to the road (I’ll switch out the kitty litter in the morning) and then buttoned the house up for the night.

Back inside, I washed my face and warmed up the other half of the sub for my dinner. It was late and I’d missed the start of most of the movies. So, I watched a little TV and then went to bed about 11:00 PM.