Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wet Wednesday

It was warm and wet Wednesday morning. Showers had gone through when I was sleeping, but it wasn't raining on my way into work.

I went out at lunch time to the Laurel Park Place Mall and bought my Franklin Planner refill for this year. I had a superstitious hunch that if I tried to save the money and NOT buy it (like I have for over 20 years), I'd be laid off next year. Who knows?
Superstition may yet rule the day!

I had an errand to run after work so I didn't get home until 5:45 PM. I treated the cats and then opened the mail. I reworked my checkbook to add in the cost of the 2010 Franklin Covey pages and added the new Redford Water and Sewer bill to my spreadsheet.

For dinner, I cut up the last of the roast beef into 1/2-inch chunks. I cooked up some white rice and let that set. I added the roast beef to some Chop Suey vegetables and made a Beef Chop Suey.

I topped the rice with the Beef Chop Suey, added some good soy sauce and went in to watch some TV until bedtime.

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