Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Goerlich Family Deaths

Now, this may seem morbid, but I was trying to remember the date my father died. But, I am terrible with dates. So, I emailed my brother Carl. He sent me Dad, Mom and my oldest brother George's dates, but couldn't remember Pete or Anne's (maybe its genetic?)

So I emailed my brother Joe and he came up with the entire list (he remembers everything!) So, in case anyone ever wonders, here it is to date:

George R. Fuller (Grandfather) November 11, 1927
Robert G. Fuller, Jr. (Cousin) February 27, 1958
Irene Fuller Wilde (Grandmother) September 12, 1965
George O. Goerlich (Father) February 11, 1976
Edwin W. Fuller (Uncle) December 10, 1979
Anne Irene Upleger (Sister) August 10, 1981
Robert G. Fuller (Uncle) September 30, 1981
George O. Goerlich, Jr. (Brother) May 2, 1985
Betty Goerlich (Sister-in-Law) January 15, 1987
Msgr. Peter Goerlich (Uncle) March 10, 1990
Maria Buchert (Aunt) March 12, 1992
Hans-Joachim Goerlich (No idea) April 27, 1994
Peter Klaus Goerlich (Brother) November 23, 1994
Linda Albright (Niece) October 7, 1999
Helen Frances Goerlich (Mother) August 23, 2009

Ain't none of us getting any younger, so stay tuned for updates...


  1. Shit! I put that in as a very nicely formatted chart. Unfortunately, it didn't translate that well. Sorry...

  2. So, why did your cousin Bob die some 20 years earlier than his father, your uncle Bob?

  3. Would you want to add birthdays to round out the chart?

  4. @ Anon: It was a sad tale. My cousin Bobby (Mom always called him that) was in World War II in the navy on a submarine (I forget the name of the sub). Well, this sub actually snuck into Tokyo Harbor by following a Japanese ship! But, after they got in, the Japanese raised the submarine nets and they were trapped for several days, unable to surface to get fresh air!! Finally another ship went out, the nets were dropped and they managed to get out.

    After the war, he married and had two sons. One night coming home from work, he either missed a curve or fell asleep. but he hit a concrete bridge abutment and was killed instantly. I think he was the first cousin to die, and my Mother was devastated...

    @ jwg: Hey, that was hard enough!