Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brother's Day

I finally got a full night's sleep and woke up feeling pretty good on Friday morning. Work wasn't bad, either, but about 2:00 PM I started missing my normal nap!

It was another nice day, sunny and 54 degrees F. I forgot to mention that I'd talked to Lu Thursday night and they are still getting battered by high winds and rain from the remains of Tropical Storm Ida. Melissa had said they got it on Wednesday. It's the storm that is stalling the high pressure over the Midwest and giving us this sunshine! So, sucks to be you guys, but thanks for taking one for the team!!

Back at home after work; I'm still trying to take it easy on my leg. The kitchen was relatively clean, I'd done all the dishes and I've got leftovers for dinner, so I read on the couch for a while with my leg up.

I called my brother Carl to see how he was doing and its sounds like he's doing much better. He was babysitting, so I let him go.

I warmed up and ate the leftover egg plant and the last hot dog for dinner. The egg plant still tasted great; the hot dog, er, not so much...

My brother Jim called me to see how I was doing and we chatted for a bit. After we hung up, I toyed with the idea of calling my brother Joe (making it a true triple-play, so to speak) but realized, knowing him, they are on a cruise somewhere.

I watched TV for a while, but went to sleep early.

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