Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In the toilet...

I got up to the alarm clock Monday morning. Both my knees and legs hurt, I would imagine from the long drives yesterday and those cottage stairs. But, I soldier on, as always.

There was a voicemail on my phone last night from Lowe's. It seems the storm door came in yesterday. So I decided to try and pick it up with the car today at lunchtime. If it won't fit, I'll have to come back with the trailer.

Since I was there anyway, I picked up a good, wood toilet seat (unlike the cheap, flimsy plastic one that came with the toilet that Scruffy broke). With the help of one of the Lowe's guys, I did manage to get the storm door box into the truck and through the folded-down rear seats. I secured the trunk lid with a bungie cord and drove it home. Unloading it was a bit trickier (not having the Lowe's guy) but I finally got it out and laid flat on the garage door. I doubt I will try and install it until the weekend, though. That much glass is daunting!

When I got home from work, I was beat, and had already resolved not to do anything tonight. But, there in the garage was the new toilet seat, singing a siren song. So, I pushed my resolve aside (I can do that! I've had a lifetime of practice, you see, LOL!) and took it out of the box. Then common sense took over and I changed my clothes and gave the cats their treat (before they hurt me!)

As I said, this one is a good one (a Kohler) and made of wood covered in a white laminate. It weighs about ten times what that original one did. So, I don't think Scruff can hurt it. I did some prep work first by filling a bucket with Top Job and water and, using a sponge, washing down the toilet and the surrounding area (I don't want my installation to trap some germs or something). I let that dry and then put the toilet seat on.

I warmed up some of the pulled pork and had it with the coleslaw on the sesame seed bun. Very tasty (but the coleslaw needs more salt). I started watching taped show, and got through a lot of them, but I gave up at 9:30 PM. I opened the bedroom and kitchen windows and then went to sleep.

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