Thursday, September 14, 2006


Pouring rain again when I went home. Had to stop and pick up two prescriptions. Didn't do much of anything, just rested my back. Warmed up leftovers for dinner. Laid down with a pain pill in my tummy and the heating pad on my back.

Carla, before you say anything, yes, I know the doctor said a long time ago diabetics shouldn't use heating pads. But, my friend B___, upon hearing this, checked out the reason (I had mentioned the only time my back feels semi-normal is after I've let the warm water in the shower run over it for a while). And, the reason is because in later stages of diabetes, patients often lose some amount of feeling. Therefore, it is possible for them to burn themselves and not know it. But, since I just had a check up and OKAY stamped on my forehead, this doesn't apply to me (at least not yet).

Heating pad helped a lot. In fact this morning, I was feeling pretty good. Right up until I unexpectedly coughed...

Oh, checked the rain gauge this morning. Since Monday night, I have gotten just over two inches of rain. It's supposed to clear up later this morning.

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