Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday and "Brrrr"

Fall arrived with a vengeance on Tuesday. And, as I've done a million times before, I walked out into the garage, got in the car and completely forgot a jacket (Having an attached garage has its down-side). I sure missed it at lunchtime!

So, when I got home, having already checked the long-range forecast, I first checked the programming on my thermostat, opened all the windows and turned on the furnace. I doubt there will be too many more days where the air conditioner is needed.

Now, why, you might ask, would I open all the windows, then turn it on? Because I hate that "burned-dust" smell you always get the first few times the furnace kicks on!

Project for the night (yes, I am feeling good enough to resume projects - small ones, anyway) was to remodel the little footstool Jake made for Carla, if she uses the handicap toilet. It's too long to fit in the bathroom discreetly. I tried everything, but could not get the 2 x 4's loose. Not sure what kind of nails he used, but they were in there and NOT coming out! So, I ended up giving up (I was tearing it apart!) and making a new, shorter one. Sanded it and sprayed two coats of paint on it. I only had almond, and need white, so this will be the primer coat.

Came back in the house, closed the windows and then heated up leftovers for dinner. My daughter Melissa called and we talked for a while, then I watched TV until bedtime.

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