Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday, Sunday, can't trust that day...

Rough night again. Ended up sleeping on the daybed in the office (just trying different things - it didn't help, BTW). Got up and cleaned up, started the last load of laundry (bed spread, bathrobe and all towels). Cleaned up the kitchen, took a gazillion photos, trying to catch the Black Walnut leaves falling - Fall is definitely coming to Redford!

Next, slowly cleaning the rest of the house... Hey, big news! I changed the bag in the vacuum cleaner!!! (its the little things, isn't it?) I am thawing out a turkey breast for Sunday's dinner.

I found a checkered flag I got from Spacely Sprockets years ago. Now the wheels are turning: checkered flag? winner? Hmmm... I think I need to hang this up somewhere, just to remind me of how special I really am... [John laughs hysterically here, then points his finger into his mouth, indicating a gagging scenario...]

Jake and Carla came over around noon. Jake wants to work on the car some more (change oil, etc.) Even though it wasn't throughly thawed, I put the turkey breast in the oven. Made mashed potatoes, stuffing and frozen sweet corn. Carla made the gravy. Everything was good except for the turkey (at least I was not impressed). Jake and Carla left and I walked right by the dust mop that had been waiting for me and went to watch TV.

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