Monday, September 4, 2006

Labor Day Weekend Sunday...

Interesting day... I started out cleaning the house, because Jyl and her sister Brenda are coming over this afternoon to put their father's ashes into the six boxes. I didn't know about how long they were staying, but wanted to offer them dinner if they had time. So, off to Farmer Jack's where I picked up a beef roast. I also picked up a big stainless steel spoon to use in the ash distribution.

Got home and loaded up the crock pot with carrots and parsnips (cut on the bias) whole small red potatoes, an onion, the roast, after seasoning it with salt and fresh ground pepper (had to cut one end off to make it fit), some valadia onion rings on top the roast, and then as many button mushrooms as I could fit in. Added a half of a cup of beef stock, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, four sprigs of fresh thyme and two sprigs of rosemary and turned it on.

I made a platter of the shrimp-stuffed eggs as well, for the appetizer.

When I finished with house cleaning, Jake and Carla had come over. They are trying to fit the new seats in the car. It's not going well... Carla asked if the eggs were for guests, and I reminded her she was a guest. That might have been a mistake...

While Jake and Carla struggled with the seat installation, I started painting the porch railing. I was hoping to get it done before Jyl and Brenda show up. I did! Then, I used a level and some deep thoughts to figure out how to mount the brass house numbers. Turned out pretty good.

Jyl and Brenda finally showed up (there was some church thing that delayed them, Jyl had called). So, I covered the kitchen table with brown mailing paper. Brenda divided the ashes into the six boxes (I started to worry that they would be too small, but I figured it out just right). Then I used a quick set two part epoxy to completely seal each box (Jyl and Brenda held each box top down for the required 5 minutes). Brenda read a poem she had written about her father when we finished. We gathered everything up for me to bury later. I will put this under the flowering plum.

Asked about dinner. They decided to stay, and Jake and Carla said they would eat as well. Made some corn bread from Jiffy Mix (there's a funny story here that I won't go into). I used the meat juices in the crock pot to make gravy (not bad, but could have used more salt and pepper , at least to my taste). Table was too small with five people so had to serve it buffet style.

Not too many leftovers... Jake and Carla cleaned up as they finished first, then they went back to work. I visited with Jyl and Brenda a little bit, then they left.

Changed back into my work clothes and went out to see what's going on with the car. Still having problems mounting the seats (can't figure out how to use the existing seat adjusters, while getting them low enough so Jake's head doesn't hit the top of the car). I couldn't figure it out either, so I installed the muffler hanger Jake bought for the exhaust pipe.

It was after 8:00 PM when we convinced Jake to give it up for the day and come back tomorrow (he'd been doing this for 10 hours straight) After they left, I watched some TV, and went to sleep, content with the day...

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