Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tuesday's Tale

I got up at 6:20 a.m. and made a cup of coffee. I drank it while I finished up the Blog entry and then posted it.

Breakfast was two eggs over easy with Italian bread toast.

I shaved, showered and got dressed for town. I have to fetch my Sawzall. Also, I told Courtney I would stop by and drop off the boys birthday present. She had a party for all three kids that I couldn't make.

Sidebar: One of the items on the short list of suggestions were bubbles. The boys like to blow bubbles. Now, I figured lots of people would be buying them those little bottles of bubbles. So, I went to Party City and got a gallon of bubble juice to refill them. I also bought some wands that were different (stars, etc.). I couldn't find those big circle wands that make those huge bubbles (which is what I wanted) locally.

I stopped at the Looney Bakery first and bought a dozen mixed donuts for them (I always do).  Then I headed back to Middle Belt and up to Eight Mile and Marsh Power Tools. I gave them $28.00 and asked what was wrong with it. They said there was debris on the brushes, so all they had to do was clean it.

I went to Courtney's house, but no one answered the door! Odd, because she said she'd be home all morning. I was making her little dogs go nuts with my knocking, so I gave up. I put the present and the donuts on the rear steps (the ones that they use) and drove home.

Sidebar: She called a little later and apologized. Since I was so vague on the time (and I was) and the kids were bugging her to go to the park, she took a chance. I told it it was no problem, I wasn't going to stay long anyway, just wanted to drop off the gift. I told her I'd drop by another day to see them all.

I changed into shorts and a t-shirt. It was hot (hotter than yesterday) but the was a nice breeze that made it more bearable. So, after lunch (another sandwich - the last of the salami, thank God) and an hours rest I went out back.

I got the tractor out of the shed and cut the back yard. Since I was just sitting there (with my Minneapolis-Moline hat on so I didn't sunburn my head) it wasn't too bad. Now the back yard is done, except for trimming.

Speaking of trimming, after I put the tractor away, I got out the trimmer and went to the front yard. I trimmed the front ditch. This was not as easy as it sounds, due to the angles. It took a long while, but I got 'er done. I had just started trimming around the rocks that line the gardens when the battery died.

So, I went inside, put the battery on the charger and swapped my sweaty t-shirt for a dry one. It was just after 2:30 p.m. I decided I'd start dinner after 5:00 p.m. (early for me, but I need to make my Sunday dinner) and watched DIY shows until then.

At 5:00 p.m., I started prepping for dinner. I was making Pepper Steak over Rice.

Now, when I was researching Pepper Steak over Rice, I found about a gazzion different recipes. Most involved adding some sort of canned tomatoes. But, I found one (just one) where you added fresh tomato wedges at the end. Different, so, I went with that.

First I sliced up a one pound round steak into half inch slices. Then I pounded each one to 1/4 inch.

Sidebar: Sounds like a lot of work, but it wasn't. Took a couple-three wacks to get them thin. At first I thought, "Why not just cut them 1/4 inch in the first place?" Then it dawned on me it was probably to tenderize them

I sprinkled them with a tablespoon of paprika and set them aside while I prepped the rest of the vegetables.

I sliced up two green peppers. I crushed two cloves of garlic. I diced up one cup of a sweet onion (you were supposed to use green onions but I didn't have any). And I cut two large tomatoes, each cut into eight wedges.

I put two tablespoons of butter in my non-stick skillet and browned the meat. Then I added the garlic and 1 1/2 cups of beef broth. I let that simmer (covered) for 30 minutes. Then I added the green peppers and onions. I covered it again and let it cook for five minutes more. 

I whisked together two tablespoons of cornstarch, 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of soy sauce. I stirred that into the meat mixture and let it cook, stirring until it was clear and thickened (about two minutes). Then I added in the tomato wedges.

Now, I must admit, I cheated on the rice. I used one of those Uncle Ben's microwave pouches (butter and garlic - it seemed fitting). I made a bed of the rice and topped it with the meat mixture.

Then I ate dinner. It was good, but not great. Not enough tomato taste. Next time I'll go with a recipe that adds in the canned tomatoes and maybe stick in a few tomato wedges just for looks.

I cleaned up the kitchen and ran the dishwasher. Then I watched my NCIS shows (both reruns) until the news and bedtime.

Monday, August 13, 2018


I had another rough night. I got up at 6:30 a.m. and made a cup of coffee. I sipped it watching the morning news. But, I fell asleep again. and woke up at 8:30!

I ate the remaining three muffins for breakfast after heating them one by one in the microwave.

I spent a very frustrating morning trying to get my sound to work on the computer. I checked the connection (thinking the cat might have knocked it loose) and then ran the Microsoft diagnosis three times (and you have to restart every time). If I had the actual discs, I would just reload the drivers, but with this cloud crap, I'm not sure how to do it!

Never got it to work...

Marsh Power Tools called to say the Sawzall was ready. I asked what was wrong with it and she said debris had gotten under the brushes, so all they had to do was clean it out. I asked how much it would cost me and she said $28.00. Sweet! I told her I'd pick it up tomorrow.

I ate another sandwich for lunch.

I re-read the recipe for the salad I was supposed to make on Sunday. There was a foot note I had missed regarding the balsamic vinegar. It said you could use regular balsamic vinegar but it will darken the mozzarella. They suggested using "golden" balsamic vinegar.

So, I put on my pants over my shorts and drove to Westborn (I figured if anyone would have it around here, it would be Westborn) Sure enough, they did! So, I bought it (luckily, it only came in a small bottle).

I was going to do so work outside, but it was just too damn hot. So instead, I walked around the back yard, picking up fallen sticks. I hope to cut the lawn tomorrow and don't want to mess up the mower. I piled them in the fire pit. I took the trash and the recyclables out to the road.

I picked a load of basil for the salad on the way back in.

I laid on the bed for a while to rest my legs. Then I got up to start on the salad.

Now, like most things I make, I cut the recipe in half. But, let's pretend you are making the whole recipe.

I chopped up 1/4 cup of basil (I picked way too much and that went in the trash - now my trash smells great!) and mixed that with 1/4 extra virgin olive oil. I added in one pound of those cherry-sized mozzarella balls. I added salt and pepper to taste, covered the bowl and stuck it in the fridge.

Note: You have to let it marinate for at least 30 minutes.

I went and watched a DIY show.

After an hour, I took it out. I added in one pint of grape tomatoes (you can also use cherry) and 3 tablespoons of the golden balsamic vinegar (as I said, you can also use regular or white balsamic). I tossed it all to combine. I taste-tested it and added a little more salt and pepper.

You are supposed to serve it immediately, so I took a quick picture and ate it. It was delicious!

I cleaned up the minimal mess and noticed it was getting dark. That gave me an idea! As you know, I have not been feeling well for eight months now, so I missed a lot of the Spring and Summer fun stuff. That included bonfires. So, I grabbed the camera, went out back and lit the sticks and pine cones.

It was very nice, peaceful even, until the mosquitoes found me. Unfortunately, I was stuck out there until the fire died down (didn't want to set anything on fire). Finally, it died down enough I felt it was safe to get my itchy ass inside.

I watched TV until bedtime, scratching all the way.


I have been wanting some muffins for breakfast but can't really afford good bakery ones. So, I had picked up a box of Jiffy blueberry muffins on my last grocery trip. I made them Sunday morning. I think it took longer to get the oven heated than it did to bake them!

When they cooled a bit, I got them out. I ate three of them, cut in half and buttered. Not perfect, but not bad.

I washed the bedding and did the other Sunday morning chores.

I put some pants on over my shorts and went down to the Dairy Whip to take those pictures.

My Japanese maple looks stressed. I'm guessing it's lack of water. So, I put the hose end next to the tree trunk and turned the water on low. Those other flowers (I can never remember their name) are in bloom. When I went to take their picture, I found a tree growing next to them!

I need to start using more herbs! Both the sage and the basil are out of control!!!

I had a sandwich for lunch. I have a lot of hard salami and Italian bread to use up!

I cleaned out my linen closet and threw away a whole bunch of stuff I never had used.

I took the trash from the linen closet and the kitchen trash out to the container. Just as I got back inside, my daughter Melissa called. We talked for a while. Well, mostly she talked, giving me her helpful health tips, lol!

I went outside and trimmed the front Forsythia. It should look great next spring when it flowers.

I got out the line trimmer. I finished the south side of the driveway and got half of the north side done before my back gave out.

As I was finishing up, I heard thunder. I looked up and the sky to the north was almost black. So, I hurried to water the porch plants and then buttoned everything up. But I was disappointed again as it just sprinkled here.

I laid on the bed, hoping to take a nap. Unfortunately, I left the TV on and got involved in watching several shows.

I had a real Sunday supper planned. But, it was getting late and I wasn't all that hungry. So, I made a bowl of popcorn instead.

I watched TV until bedtime.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Come Saturday morning...

I woke up late on Saturday after another long night. I had cold cereal for breakfast. I watched the news for a while and then shaved, showered and got dressed for town.

I went to CVS and finally got all my prescriptions.

Lunch was more pasta salad. I am quite sick of pasta salad.

I spent the afternoon putzing in the house (when I should have been trimming the grass).

It got dark and cloudy around 3:00 p.m. but it never did rain here. The sun came back out around 4:00 p.m.

I realized I forgot some crusty bread for tonight's dinner. I knew better, but thought I'd try FreshValue. On the way, I saw that the Dairy Whip was empty. Dairy Whip looks like it was an old school Dairy Queen before they went upscale, although Dairy Whip recently put in a drive-thru. If you are a walk up, you order through windows and so on. I went over there Sunday morning and took pictures to show you what I mean (They were closed).

So, I pulled in and got a small vanilla cone dipped in chocolate. I ate it sitting on one of their picnic tables, watching the cars go by. Most of the ice cream ended up on either my hands or the ground. FreshValue did have Italian bread, but no hard crust bread, dammit!

For dinner, I made a salad with the leftover cherry tomatoes and some baby spinach with a simple oil and vinegar dressing. Then I warmed up some Mushroom Agnolotti with jarred Alfredo sauce. I sopped up some of the Alfredo sauce with the soft Italian bread.

I watched TV and, after Saturday Night Live, went to bed.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Oh, no!!!

I heard late last night they are going to stop making crocs. Now what the hell am I supposed to do?

Finally Friday

I woke up later than usual on Friday. This was probably the result of getting up to shit almost every hour on the hour all night long.

Sidebar: I will say it again. I would much rather be woken up having to poop rather than the alternative. Sleeping through it would be messy!

I made two Eggo waffles for breakfast. After my second cup of coffee, I got dressed for town. I didn't go to town, just down to the little market on Joy and Beech Daly (it's called FreshValue). I bought more Italian dressing. Then I made two impulse buys. They had the small flour tortillas on sale, so I bought a bag of those.

Then I did a really bad thing (and I know better). I bought  bottle of Faygo Red Pop. I don't know why. I just saw it and thought, "I used to love that stuff!"

When I got home, I added more dressing to the pasta salad. Then I cracked open the Red Pop. The funny thing is that it didn't taste nearly as good as I remembered.

I put new line on the trimmer. First I trimmed the patio (it really needed it). I blew off the resultant mess. Then I went out front and did most of the south side of the driveway. The battery on the trimmer gave out just before my back did.

Sidebar: The trimmer is a lot lighter than, say, a gas trimmer, but it is not light.

I put the battery on the charger and ate some pasta for lunch. They I laid on the bed, waiting for my back to recover. It never really did.

The plumbers (there were two of them) showed up around 3:30 p.m. I explained the problem and they got to work.

Then they stopped work and came to tell me my flange was broke!

Sidebar: The flange is the pipe in the floor that the wax ring hooks into.

Since my crawl space is so short, they said all they could do was to cut out the old one and lead in a new one. They said they might have the correct one and some lead on the truck.

They checked and they did (thank God). They brought in the old one to show me the damage. It had rusted through (it was probably the original from when the house was built in the '50s). I could have tightened the toilet forever and never got it to quit rocking

So, they continued to work while I continued to worry about just how much all this was going to cost me...

They finished up just before 5:30 p.m. and the one guy went out to the truck to write up my bill. I almost kissed him when he got back and said it would be $217.28!!!

Sidebar: I thought it would be at least $500 - $700.00.

I have to use the downstairs bath until 24 hours have passed to let the caulk dry. No problem!!!
After they left, I shut the bathroom door and made a sign so I didn't forget during the night.

I couldn't handle more pasta salad for dinner but I had nothing planned, so I had to improvise. I diced up half of a sweet onion and set it aside. I opened a can of refried beans and warmed them up in the microwave. Then I charred a couple of flour tortillas on the gas stove grates (takes about 10 seconds and you really have to watch them).

I put the beans on one side and topped them with some onions. I added splashes of Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Then I folded it over and ate it. Very messy at first (you bite one end and it squishes out the other) but I soon got the hang of it. I ended up eating five of them!

I cleaned up the minimal mess and then watched TV until bedtime.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Birthday Shoutout!

Happy birthday to my dear daughter, Carla! xoxo


Breakfast on Thursday was hot coffee and toast. This time I used Blackberry jam on the toast. Definitely different from orange marmalade, but still delicious.

My back was a little bit better, but my legs were still shot.

I shaved,  showered and got dressed for town. I left around 11:00 a.m. to take my Sawzall into Marsh Power Tools. It hasn't worked in over two years, but I may need it this weekend. I think it's just the switch but I dunno. I never knew where to take it for repairs, but somebody from Livonia asked about getting a drill fixed and this recommendation was the closest to me. It's located at Middle Belt and Eight Mile.

Since I was coming back on Middle Belt, I stopped at Westborn to get some veggies for another pasta salad.

I stopped at CVS and they had two more prescriptions ready. Three more had not yet been approved by my doctor and they suggested I call her.

Back home, I changed clothes and lay in bed, thinking about grass cutting. I thought about it long enough I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I started prepping for the pasta salad (I wanted it to be able to stay in the fridge to get really cold for dinner). I did the usual green onions, cherry tomatoes, sliced black olives and a diced green pepper. Then I added my extras to kick it up a notch (I saw this in another recipe and thought, "Hmm...").  I added in a couple of handfuls of baby spinach. Then I took four slices of hard salami and cut each into six pieces (like a pizza).

Sidebar: They cut theirs into quarters, but that seemed way too much.

Meanwhile, the pasta (tri-color rotini) was done, so, I drained it and then rinsed it in cold water.

I mixed everything together, added in some feta cheese, topped it with the last of my bottled Italian dressing and stuck it in the fridge.

I watered the porch plants and walked around the yard, looking at plants, weeds and "stuff."

I got in the mail.

I watched the news until 7:00 p.m. Finally it was dinner time. I got out a cold drumstick and served up some pasta salad.


In my efforts to "kick it up a notch" I wrecked a perfectly good pasta salad. I didn't like the addition of the baby spinach (I have nothing against baby spinach, I just didn't like it in the pasta salad.) And the hard salami was too peppery.

Sidebar: I went back and found that recipe to see if I should have bought a different kind. But all it said was "salami." I don't know if there is a milder salami I should have used.

Also, there wasn't enough dressing.

Disappointed, I watched TV until bedtime.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Wednesday Woes

I woke up Wednesday morning with a sore back and weak legs. There would be no lawn cutting today!

Breakfast was soft scrambled eggs and toast. Both were good.

I officially gave up on fixing the toilet (it needs a new wax ring and the bolts). I was so fixated on getting the nuts off the bolts it never dawned on me I wouldn't be able to pick the toilet up even with the nuts off. So, I called a plumber. He's supposed to come out Friday afternoon.

I set up an automatic payment plan with WOW to avoid problems in the future.

Lunch was the last hot dog and the rest of the mac & cheese.

I spent most of the afternoon laying in bed with my feet up. I was binge-watching the HGTV show "Property Brothers." I did do the Wednesday wash, though.

Ran out of shows at 9:00 p.m., so I made dinner. I fried six chicken drumsticks (using the non-breading method) and roasted a package of Brussels sprouts.

Sidebar #1: Fried chicken that is not breaded is also not nearly as pretty as breaded. But, it tasted so damn good!

Sidebar #2: Every roasted Brussels sprouts recipe calls for putting the olive oil, salt and pepper in a bowl and tossing the Brussels sprouts in it. I don't do that. I put the oil, salt and pepper in a gallon baggie, add the Brussels sprouts and massage it. Much less messy!

I watched a fascinating show on PBS's "Nova" and then the 11:00 p.m. news before going to bed.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


As I mentioned, Tuesday morning I checked and I got a half inch of rain on Monday. The garbage man came early (well, early for him) so I went out to retrieve the receptacle at 10:30 a.m. As I was walking it back to Jake's patio, my crocs got soaked. So much for cutting the grass early.

So, back inside, I cleaned out the Keurig (it's been a while).

I had a text from CVS, saying my prescription was ready.

Sidebar: I miss the little robo-calls.

So, I got dressed for town and went over there. My prescriptions were NOT ready. The only one ready was  one of the ones I told her yesterday I didn't need. She apologized and said she had no idea how it got back on the list. She offered to fill the rest immediately. I told her I didn't need any one today and I'd just come back tomorrow.

On the way out, I realized it had been a long time since I'd had the chicken fried rice from next door. So, I popped it and the lady made up my order without asking. I sat and waited but, trust me, it doesn't take her that long.

When I got home I ate almost half of it for my lunch. Delicious!!!

Then I took nap.

When I woke up, it was almost 3:00 p.m. I checked and the grass was now dry. I used the lawn tractor to cut the back lawn first. So that was cut although not trimmed.

Sidebar: I had to cut it one speed less than I normally do. I couldn't get my left leg to respond in time  to hit the clutch/brake and almost crashed into the fence!

Then I got about 75% of the front lawn cut before my legs gave out.

It was warm and quite humid, BTW.

I ate the rest of the fried rice for dinner while watching TV.

Later on, I was checking Facebook. I was surprised when Amanda posted that Scott had just gotten home from work and she and Keldon were walking in the rain to get some ice cream. Rain?

I checked Wednesday morning and I did have a trace amount of rain in the gauge.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Monday Moanin'

I ate some toast with orange marmalade for breakfast on Monday.

I heard my neighbor cutting his grass and I should have, too. But I had some work to do on the computer, first.

But, when I was ready, I found I needed more lawn mower gas. So, after taking the trash to the road, I went and got some, filling up the truck while I was at it. Since I was there anyway, I went to CVS to pick up my prescriptions. Unfortunately, I had waited too long and they put them all back on the shelf!

So, they made a list of the ones I needed and said they'd refill them for me.

Driving back home, it began raining. We had a light rain between 3:00-4:00 p.m. I was glad I missed the real storm as it ripped down trees in the Grosse Points and on Belle Ille.

Then from 6:30-7:00 p.m. we had thunder and heavy rain. But still no high winds, thank God!

I ate a hot dog with a side of some blue box mac & cheese for dinner.

From 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. we had a lot of lightning and thunder with just moderate rain. But the thunder was right overhead, really loud and Caley was scared.

Sidebar: A quick check Tuesday morning of the gauge showed I picked up just over a half inch of rain total.

I watched TV until bedtime.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Sunday's Story

I had soft boiled eggs for breakfast on Sunday.

I made a quick trip (those are the only kinds of trips I can make these days, LOL) to the Post Office for stamps and to mail a package.

Lunch was cottage cheese.

My daughter Melissa called and we talked for a while. She was supposed to be cleaning the house (so was I, in fact).

After we hung up, I did a load of laundry and ran the dishwasher. I took the kitchen trash out to the container. I noticed that even though it was warmer than Saturday, it wasn't as oppressive because there was a nice breeze.

Dinner was two more hot dogs and the last of the potato chips. I watered the porch plants.

I watched TV until bedtime.

Sunday, August 5, 2018


I woke up at an amazing  9:30 a.m. on Saturday. This was probably due to having to get up almost every hour on the hour all night long to use the toilet.

I ate two Eggo waffles for breakfast and the last cucumber sandwich for lunch. For dinner, it was hot dogs and the last of the potato salad.

I didn't go to the Esper boys birthday party. I apologized to Courtney and told her I'd drop off their present as soon as I was feeling better.

Sidebar: I missed Yanessa's birthday party last week as well.

It was another hot day and an ozone action day, so no lawn cutting got done. I watered the porch plants at 7:00 p.m. and it was still stifling.


Sidebar: Sorry this is late. My cable was shut off on Saturday (my fault) and it took a while on the phone to get it turned back on. The TV came back right away, but the Internet took forever!

I went and got my hair cut Friday afternoon. I stopped at Kroger's just to use their bathroom. Then I took Merriman to Six Mile and Six Mile past Haggerty to Barnes and Noble. I am still a bit housebound and am getting tired of watching TV.

I was hoping one or more of my favorite authors had written a new book. But, they hadn't. So I drove back home in a funk.

It was way too hot to grill outside, so I broiled some hot dogs in the oven. I ate two of them with some more potato salad for dinner.

Friday, August 3, 2018


Thursday was a perfect day here in Redford. I finally got off my ass and went grocery shopping.

This time I did manage to get all the way through the store! Getting the groceries into the house was more difficult, though.

I did an impulse buy of a big, beautiful cucumber so, after I rested a bit, I made myself a cucumber sandwich for lunch. It was so good I made myself another one for dessert, lol!

My friend, B___ called and we talked a long time (it's been a while since we chatted).

I made another cucumber sandwich and ate that with chips for dinner.

Thursday, August 2, 2018


The National Weather Service did confirm a that a weak tornado did touch down in Taylor during Tuesday's nights storm. It  ripped roofs off several stores, but nobody was injured.

Wednesday it was cloudy all morning, but no more rain. However, the sun came out around 3:00 p.m. It wasn't all that warm,  but it was pleasant.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

For my brother, Carl

Tuesday's Wicked Storms

It started sprinkling around here about 1:00 p.m. I thought, "Here we go again, the storm will pass me by." And it did for a long time.

But by 8:00 or 9:00 p.m., the storms got much worse. Lots of thunder and lightning, heavy downpours against the house. We even got tornado warnings later on in the evening (fortunately I was not the tornado warning area).

I went out Wednesday morning to check the rain gauge and found I had just under 3 inches of rain.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Catching Up.

I had an appointment with the infectious disease doctor last Thursday, but I was too sick to make it. So, I rescheduled for this coming Thursday.

I spent most of the weekend in bed. My neighbor and the mechanic came and got the mower on Sunday. They brought it back Sunday evening, but I was sleeping. So, they just put it in the shed and shut the door.

I went out and locked the shed on Monday, but now I didn't pay the guy. Never saw my neighbor that day, but saw him out back on Tuesday. So, I went out and gave him the $500.00 to pass onto the mechanic.

My brother Carl called on Tuesday.

I got just under one inch or rain all weekend long. They said best chance of rain would be on Tuesday, but it never rained a drop here in Redford.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Hump Day

I slept great! I think it was all the fresh air. So, I left the windows open when I woke up. I figured I'd close them if and when the A/C kicked on.

I had an appointment with the WOW technician Wednesday morning. Which meant I was more or less trapped in the house between 8-11:00 a.m. I even got a robo-call on Tuesday in Kroger's, reminding me of this.

So, I made sure I got dressed and both I and the house were presentable before 8:00 a.m.

I watched the Today Show (I like it and can't change the channel, anyway) while I waited.

And waited...

And waited...

I ate another chicken leg (cold this time) and the last of the potato salad for lunch.

BTW, I always just buy the little tubs of potato salad. I wonder if it would be better if I got it from the deli instead. I do like potato salad, but it's a pain in the ass to make and, since it's only me, I end up throwing most of the homemade potato salad away when the mayo turns watery.

I gave the guy (or gal) until 1:00 p.m. before I called to bitch. The woman I talked to put me on hold for a long while as she tried to call the local office. She finally came back on the line and said she couldn't get in touch with them, but would call me back when she did. She finally did call back and said somebody would be here on Thursday morning. I told her I had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, so it would definitely have to be in the morning.

Eric Knapp and his wife stopped by on the way to the airport (I think they were picking up a relative). I had told him last summer that I had a charcoal smoker I bought but never used. He's a big smoked meat man. He had asked what I wanted for it. I told him nothing, I just needed the room in the shed.

So, they had driven over from Massachusetts (where they live) for a family reunion and stopped by to pick it up. I met them at the door and told them to go around back and I'd bring the key for the shed.

Sidebar: I didn't invite them in. Not sure now if that was very friendly, but I figured if they were anything like me, getting to the airport in time was the first priority.

Anyway, I offered him the wheelbarrow or the wagon to get it up front. Instead, he just picked it up and carried it!

Sidebar: Why are people doing this to me all of a sudden? First it was Amanda and the hanging plant I couldn't pick up (she picked it up with one hand and raised it over her head to hang it back up, if you remember) and now Eric, easily carrying the smoker I would had trouble just getting it in the wheelbarrow or wagon.

Anyway, we all shook hands and they took off.

I ate the last of the pasta salad for dinner and then washed out my Tupperware bowl.

The A/C never did come on, even though they said the high today was 81 degrees. So, I kept the windows open for another straight night.

I watched TV until an early bedtime.


I made two eggs over-easy with toast for breakfast on Tuesday, then I shaved, showered and got dressed.

I had a 10:00 a.m. appointment with my eye doctor in Farmington. When I went by Bates (Five Mile and Farmington) there was just one truck  in the parking lot. Hmmm.

I passed every eye test with flying colors! The doctor tried to also sell me on clear glasses with readers in the bifocal area. I told him to forget it, I am enjoying not wearing glasses way too much.

I had thought it might be fun to call out all my locations on Facebook, but I forgot to do it at the eye doctors. I remembered it about half way back to Kroger's.

I wanted some bone-in pork chops, but couldn't find any. I did see a 12 pack of fat chicken legs, so I got that instead.

Before I left, I checked in on Facebook. Then I drove to Bates for an early lunch. The place was packed! No a single parking space left!!! WTF? It was only 11:40 a.m. Why aren't these people at work?

No point in checking in on Facebook. So, now instead of the eye doctor, Kroger and Bates, I just had Kroger's and look like a dork.

So, I drove home instead. I put the cold stuff in the fridge, changed clothes and laid on the bed to rest.

I got up after an hour or so and split the chicken legs into three bags of four each. Two went into the freezer and one in the fridge for tonight's dinner. I took the last five eggs and hard boiled them (I bought a new dozen).

I took the last kitchen trash bag out to the trash container by the road. Then I watered the hanging plants and the mailbox garden.

Back inside, I took a nap.

When I woke up, I started making dinner. I wanted the chicken legs, but not a big mess or fuss in the kitchen. So, I made them the way I had seen Carla's mom do it once. I patted them dry with paper towels and sprinkled them with Lawry's seasoned salt and garlic powder. Then I just fried them in my big cast iron frying pan, filled about one third of canola oil and topped with my grease splatter screen.

I put them on a rack over paper towels to drain.

I ate two of them (they were really big) with some store-bought potato salad I got from Kroger's. The potato salad was just so-so (it always is), but the chicken was excellent!

I retrieved both the trash container and the mail then I watched TV until bedtime. I left the window in the bedroom and the window downstairs open to the safety latches (it was that nice out).

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Is it Monday again?

It was another night of bathroom trips. I was grateful I wasn't throwing up (I hate that).

Sidebar: I have used the toilet so much the screws are loose and it rocks. I'll have to fix that.

I got up at 8:00 a.m. again (which is really late for me). I went out back to check the rain gauge (perhaps it rained overnight?) But there was nothing in it. However, it was cool with a slight breeze. So, I skipped writing the Blog for a while, grabbed a cup of coffee and sat on the back patio (out of the sun) and enjoyed the morning. That lasted less than an hour, until it was uncomfortable.

Back inside, I wrote the Blog. Then I started making phone calls. I called two separate doctor's offices that were billing me without submitting it to either Medicare or Blue Cross Blue Shield (they'll look into it), rescheduled my eye appointment and the infectious disease doctor visit (I missed both last week) and finally called WOW about my cable problem (guy will be out Wednesday between 8 and 11:00 a.m.)

They said on the news that there was a possibility of severe thunderstorms after 2:00 p.m., so I took the trash out to the road early.

I ate more pasta salad for lunch.

Then I hunkered down to wait for the much needed rain.

I waited... and I waited... and I waited...

Finally, I checked the radar online. Seemed like at that time all the action was north of here. I just had blue skies.

I kept the computer on the radar. At times they showed a big green or even red blob right over Redford. But when I looked outside, it was still sunny. WTF?

I ate more pasta salad for dinner.

My daughter Melissa called me back and we talked for a while. She answered my original question about golf (don't ask) and we went on from there.

By the time it was dark, I still had no rain although the TV was saying some places had 1-3 inches of rain elsewhere.

I woke up in the night to just go pee (for a change) and looked outside. The street looked wet and I thought great! I got rain!!!

I checked on Tuesday morning and there was less than a quarter inch of rain in the gauge. Damn!!!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Slow Sunday

I woke up at 3:00 a.m. with diarrhea. Nice. On the plus side, I did wake up. That could have gone horribly wrong...

This happened about every two hours. I finally gave up and got up at 8:00 a.m. I ate breakfast, but threw it back up.

When I still wasn't better at 10:00 a.m. (even after eating yogurt), I sent a text to Amanda, cancelling today's adventure. I was supposed to go with her and her friend Angie to the Plymouth Art Fair. But I figured that wouldn't go well with shitting and puking.

She said to stay home, feel better and she would just go with Angie.

So, I finally made my pasta salad. While the tri-colored rotini cooked, I prepped the veggies. I ended up using grape tomatoes (halved), two bunches of scallions (cut on the bias), two baby salad cucumbers (never saw them before, but Meijer's had them - I left the peel on them and cut them into little rounds), one yellow pepper, diced) and finally, a summer squash (I bought a long, straight one, cut it into rounds and then quartered each round). I tried to make everything approximately the same size.

I added some sliced black olives and the now cold pasta. I tried something new for the dressing: Kraft Tuscan House Italian dressing. I added in some shredded mozzarella cheese. I mixed everything together, then taste-tested it. Needed salt and pepper, so I added that. Then I stuck it in the fridge to chill.

Sidebar: It dawned on me later some feta cheese would have been a nice option. Not that I had any.

Then I did some of the Sunday morning chores. I wound the clock, refilled my pill box and stripped the bed. I did a load of laundry and then washed the bedding.

I saw on Facebook that Amanda had found the jeweler she was looking for. She got her ankle bracket fixed and bought the ankh ring she had been wanting.

Sidebar: It's an ancient Egyptian symbol (I had to look it up). I don't know what it means, but it looks like this:

Anyway, I commented on her post, saying I was sorry I couldn't have been there. She said, "Don't be. It's way too hot out here!" I said I wouldn't know, as I hadn't been outside. She said, "Good! You stay inside!!!"

Sidebar: Why are there so many of my young women friends who are so quick to boss me around. I'm old, not stupid. I know how to handle hot weather. Wear light colored, loose fitting clothing and drink a lot of water. I had already picked out my Puerto Rico clothes to wear.

I tried the pasta salad for a late lunch It was really, really good. Only complaint I had was some of the yellow pepper pieces were too big. The raw summer squash was a nice touch.

I would have stayed inside, but I had to water the porch plants and the mailbox garden. Amanda was right! It was stifling out there.

I made up the bed and returned my daughter Melissa's call from yesterday. But, I just got her voicemail.

I had bought two summer squash, but only needed one. So, I sliced up the other one and sauteed it in butter (like my Mother used to do). Man, I love that stuff! I'll have to buy some more while they are still in season.

Some time after 8:00 p.m. I heard occasional thunder. I'd get up and check, but it wasn't raining here. This happened all night long. Apparently, the storms moved all around me. But I never saw any rain.

Because of my broken sleep last night, I went to bed at 11:00 p.m.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Saturday's Story

Saturday was warmer still, along with higher humidity.

If you remember, Vicky was supposed to come out Friday. She had to cancel but said she's come on Saturday, which would be better anyway as Yanessa would be back home.

Sidebar: Yanessa has been up with Daniel's parents in Traverse City for the past week (a yearly tradition).

Well, when she called on Friday it was at 9:30 a.m. So, I shaved and jumped in the shower after a quick breakfast. I got dressed and then went to Looney Bakery so she and Yanessa would have something to snack on. Back home, I waited and I waited...

I was checking Facebook when I learned her cousin had come into town and they were all over at her uncle's house! I waited another hour and sent her a text, asking if she was still planning to come by or could I go grocery shopping (I need some produce).

She said she was still coming and she needed some things, too, so maybe we could go grocery shopping together. Unusual, but interesting concept, so I said sure.

She got here a little after 1:00 p.m. without Yanessa. She said her grandparents decided to stay one more day. We sat and talked for at least an hour, just catching up.

Then we went grocery shopping. I was almost out the door when I remembered I had just put on my pants on and didn't have my house key. I grabbed the keys off the dresser.

While I normally go to Kroger's, she had coupons for Meijer's so we went there instead. She was amazed at how big our Meijer's was compared to hers.She also said ours was much less crowded. We each took a cart and took off.

As I said, I only needed produce, so my shopping didn't take long. I waited for a while and then went looking for her. She just had one of those smaller baskets, but filled it with a variety of "stuff." I helped her look for things.

She used those self checkout things (I never do, I always screw it up) so I did, too. My bill came to $12.00. I reached for my wallet and found I had left it home! She said she had my back, so I told her to put in a $20, I'd keep the change and then pay her the $20 when we got back home.

Back in the car, she said she was hungry. I asked her what she wanted as we have a lot more restaurants around here since work in Livonia (I named off about 10 of the new ones within a mile). She said she'd really like to go to Red Lobster.

Sidebar: Both Yanessa and Evy are allergic to seafood, so she never gets it at home.

So, we went there. She ordered an appetizer (Lobster and Langostin pizza) and we both ordered the Linguine with Shrimp Alfredo with the Caesar Salad (we always did).

The food came, but no appetizer. Two older women came in and sat across from us, but nobody came to take their order. The waitress never came back to refill my water. We waited and waited for the bill. Finally the manager came up and explained to the women their waitress had abruptly walked out of the restaurant!

After he took their order, I caught up with him and asked for our bill. She paid it (no tip) and we drove home.

I carried my groceries in and went to get her the money for the groceries and lunch. She said to forget it. I said, "Don't be silly!" She said "All those years we worked together you never let me pay for lunch. So, I'm buying today!"

We made our goodbyes and she drove away. I was beat from the grocery store, so I changed into shorts and a t-shirt and took a two hour nap.

I was still full, so I skipped dinner, just had a snack. I watched TV but fell asleep during Saturday Night Live. When I woke up, I turned off the light and TV, then went to bed for real.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


Vicky was supposed to visit Friday morning. So, I got cleaned up and waited for her. But, she called around 10:30 a.m. and apologized. It seems she had previously agreed to give a girlfriend a ride, but forgot about it. I told her it was no problem, we can always do it another day.

Still no rain, so I watered the herb gardens, the hanging plants out front and the mailbox garden.

I ate a ham sandwich for dinner, then watched TV until bedtime.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Thursday, July 12

I cut the front lawn on Thursday. We still haven't had any rain, so it didn't really need it. But, it might rain on Monday and I don't want it to get away from me.

The back grass gets cut.

Apparently, my lawnmower mechanic couldn't find any lawnmower service to cut the back grass, so his boss at  the repair shop sent his kid over with a huge walk-behind mower on Friday.

Sidebar: I only know this because my neighbor Rick told me.

He didn't do the nice straight lines like a regular lawn service (or I do), but he got it all cut down. I paid him $50 for cutting it and another $10 to trim it.

So, that's done.

An Exciting Fourth of July

The fourth of July didn't start out ll that exciting. It was a pretty normal day. Temps were in the 90's and still no rain.

But, about 9:30 p.m., I grabbed a beer and went out back to watch the fireworks from the patio. Some were quite impressive!

When they slowed down, I went back inside, only to hear somebody frantically ringing the door bell. WTF? I opened the door and there was a kid hopping around like he had to pee. He said, "Mister, your bush is on fire!"

I followed him outside (I should have gotten the fire extinguisher from the kitchen first). By the time I got out there my neighbor, Rick, had put it out with his fire extinguisher. Two more neighbors showed up. Then the Redford Fire Department rolled up.

They insisted on walking through the house, even though I told them I had three smoke detectors. They said it was procedure, so they did.

I felt bad for the bush. It was an arbor vitae I had planted there when I first move here. Fortunately, it was on the corner of the vestibule, which is stone.

I took a picture for you the next morning.

Friday, July 6, 2018


Tuesday was much more exciting. Amanda stopped by and we sat in the A/C and bullshitted for a bit. I bought her lunch at the Brunch Cafe - Newburgh and Six Mile. What I liked about it is you don't need to eat a ton of hash browns. They  also offer a fruit bowl. I got the eggs Benedict with the fruit bowl and she got a mushroom omelet, also with the fruit bowl. I ate her honey dew melon (she doesn't like them) and she gave me a big piece of her omelet (It was delicious).

Back home, she left and I went to refill the cat's water.

I lost my balance and crashed into  the exercise machine. It's got cables and I was stuck there for a while.  I finally got free and crawled to the steps. I used the hand rail to get back up. I have a foot long bruise on my left thigh, a  wicked bruise on my left arm and a nasty looking red left eye.

I bought a cheap-ass steak at Kroger's. Now, normally I prefer a bone in rib eye steak about a half inch thick. But, this month I have even more medical bills and $500.00 for the mower repair.

So, I Googled it. It was a beef chuck shoulder Texas broil choice. They said you either needed to cook it fast or low and slow. Two hours and it would be tough. They also said a marinade would not work. Just salt.

So, I salted it and then I went to bed.


Nothing much happened on Monday.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Sunday's Story

It was a little cooler on Sunday (only 90 degrees) but no less humid on Sunday. So, I mostly stayed inside in the air conditioning.

I had yogurt with fresh black raspberries for breakfast. My raspberries are coming in fast and I am trying to beat the birds to them - I never win (wish I knew how to make jelly or jam).

Sidebar: I did talk to Amanda later on in the day and told her if she wanted some black raspberries, to feel free to drop by and pick all she wanted during the next few weeks.

I ate some more leftover pizza for lunch.

I was almost out of large and small band-aids (not good for a klutz like me) so I put on some pants and went to CVS. It was unusually crowded. On the way home, I go the truck washed at the hands-free car wash.

I left the truck in the driveway and went back inside. I treated the demanding cat and grabbed a towel. Then I went back outside and dried the truck off. It looked great, for a change.

Sidebar: Ever since I quit working, my truck has suffered. At work, I'd get it washed two or three times a month at a real car wash. Now it just sits there with crap on it. It's a shame. I have the time so I suppose I could wash it myself. But the problem is the hose is in the back of the house. Pulling it up front is no big deal, but winding 75 feet of hose back up is a bitch!

Anyway, I left it outside to make sure everything was dry and went back inside.

About an hour later, I pulled it inside and walked around with my camera (I wanted to show my brother Carl the difference between this year's clematis and last year). Last year it was glorious, this year it's puny.

Black raspberries
More black raspberries
Day lilies are starting to bloom

Day Lilies
Under-performing clematis
Oh, by the way, the clematis out back did grow up the trellis but did not produce a single bloom. Must have been a bad Spring for clematis here in Redford.

I went back inside and watched DIY shows until supper time.

Now, my plan was to make Seared Lemon Garlic Butter Scallops from a recipe I got off the Internet. But the only scallops I could find at Kroger's were the SeaPak frozen ones which were already called Lemon Garlic. So, I had to adjust.

I cooked the scallops according to the instruction in the frying pan. Meanwhile, I heated up three tablespoons of butter, 1/4 cup of white wine (out of those little bottles - not a big wine drinker) and the juice of a whole lemon. When the scallops were done, I dunked them in the saucepan and gave them a bath.

I did one of those 90 second Uncle Ben microwave packets of long grain and wild rice.

Finally I plated them up.

It was excellent!!!

I watched stupid TV until 1:00 a.m. and then went to bed.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The heat is on...

Let's review: It was 89 degrees and a little muggy on Thursday. It was 93 degrees with 86% humidity on Friday. And it's supposed to be 97 degrees with high humidity today.

So, I stayed inside as best as I could in the air conditioning.

Sidebar: Come on, interruptible electrical power, don't fail me now!!!

I ate a bagel for breakfast and the last of the pasta for lunch.

But about 3:00 p.m., my neighbor sent me a video text he got from the mechanic. I am going to try and upload it.

He said the guy (I should learn his name - on the other hand, I still don't know the name of the grocery store at Beech and Joy and I've been going there for years, lol) needed to know the model number of the tractor. He said they were both next door in the pool (nice), so I grabbed the shed key and met them outside.

The mechanic said the deck and the tractor don't match! I asked how that would be possible as I bought it brand new from Lowe's. He pointed out there were four numbers under the model number and that meant it was reconditioned. WTF? He said it happens all the time. He also said whoever rebuilt this deck put the one pulley on upside down which is why it ate into the swing arm.

I got screwed, I guess.

Once he had the information he needed, they asked if I'd found the other blade. I said no. I'd walked about a quarter of the grass on the south side but didn't (or couldn't) see it. So, they said, "Let's take a walk!"

Sidebar: My daughter, Melissa, suggested using my magnetic disc in the tall grass.

So, the mechanic took the south side, Rick took the north and I walked up the middle. I found it next to the maple whose roots grow above the ground. Oddly enough, it wasn't damaged (which eliminated the theory the other blade got bent by it. The mechanic said it looked perfect, but he would match it up to a new blade. If it was, he would just sharpen it and I saved $25.00. Yes!

So, they went back to the pool and I went inside. I was feeling pretty good until I went into the bedroom...


I could have killed her. I should have killed her. But, I just yelled at her instead. I cleaned it off with toilet paper and then stripped the bed. I put everything in the washer, sprayed the mattress pad (which was not wet) with Fabreeze and sprayed the room with air freshener.

I put a towel on the mattress pad over the Fabreeze spot and took a nap while the washer did it's work.

When I woke up, I put the bedding in the dryer and went out front to water the hanging plants and the mailbox garden. I brought in the mail while I was at it.

I ate cold pizza for dinner. Then I watched TV until bedtime (after SNL). Firewoks were still going off at 2:00 a.m. I know because I was trying to sleep.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Full Friday

I didn't sleep well, so I woke up late on Friday (should have set the alarm). Part of my sleep problem were the damn fireworks people kept setting off until 2:00 a.m.

Anyway, I had to hustle to get to my 9:00 a.m. haircut. So, I skipped breakfast and coffee and hopped into the shower. I was out the door in 20 minutes and only five minutes late for my appointment.

I was out of the barber shop before 9:30 a.m. (and looking sharp, I might add) but I was starving. So, I headed down Five Mile to Farmington and went to Bates. I ordered the half order of biscuits and sausage gravy.

Sidebar: I know I have mentioned Bates makes it better that Leo's Coney Island and it's true. But, I can't figure out why. I have made this a hundred times and it's the simplest stupid recipe. The only thing I can think is that Bate's uses better pork sausage. Plus, Leo's cost $3.69 and Bates is $3.15.

Since I was on Farmington Road anyway, I went down to the Looney Bakery. I was hoping to buy a half dozen of salt bagels for the weekend. But, not that many people like the heavy salt taste, so they don't make a lot of them and they sell out early. All I could get were the last four.

From there I went to Kroger's. It was already uncomfortably hot and humid, by the way.

I had a large list (for me - about half a cart) and my legs starting giving out about halfway through the store. Now, normally, I would have just quit and got the other half tomorrow. But, today, it just pissed me off! So, I finished up and got in line. I lucked out and got right through. I pushed the cart out to the truck and left it sitting there while I sat in the truck with the A/C on, trying to recover.

I finally unloaded it and took off for home.

I left the truck outside and slowly unloaded it. The two steps up to the kitchen were killer! I got it all in (finally) but couldn't put anything away. So, I left it all sitting on the counter and laid on the bed to recover. I got up about 20 minutes later, afraid for the frozen and refrigerated stuff.

I put everything away and went back to bed with a salt bagel for lunch. I spent two hours in bed.

Sidebar: I have no idea WTF is wrong with my legs. I have a very little front yard and a self propelled push mower, but I had to quit when cutting it about half way through to rest my legs. I always hurt from both my hips to below my knees.

I got up at 1:00 p.m. and then left for my eye surgeon's appointment.

That went well. My left eye is also 20-20. The only disagreement was when the doctor suggested I get clear classes with bifocal readers. I told him I will be 70 years old this year and have been wearing glasses since I was seven. I'll be damned if I wear glasses I don't need. I'll carry around the readers. He finally said it's up to me.

I have to go back one more time in three months. They also made me an appointment with my normal eye doctor (it's required, although I don't know why) for July 10th.

I drove home and went back to bed.

I got up to water the hanging plants and the mailbox garden around 5:30 p.m. and got in the mail.

My daughter, Melissa, called when her dinner was in the oven (she was making chicken legs and pasta salad). We chatted for a while and I mentioned my leg problems. She asked when it started and I said February, maybe March. She suggested it was the Cipro (Ciprofloxacin) antibiotic my infectious disease doctor put me on. She said her husband, Dave's brother in-law was on it and ended up in physical therapy!

Sidebar: I did ask around after reading the potential side effects and most people who had taken it said they had no side effects.

I told her I had an appointment with her on July 9 and would discuss it. She said I could call her right away.

After we hung up, I thought about it. Since I am taking two oral antibiotics, I think I will just stop taking the Cipro and see if that helps. I'll talk to her at my appointment and ask for a less nasty replacement.

I made a DeiGiorno pizzeria thin hand-tossed pizza for dinner (they are smaller and perfect for me). I added some banana peppers (my favorite) and some black olives with just a little mozzarella cheese (if you add too much, I've learned, you end up with a soupy mess). I ate that with a Heineken, both of witch I bought today.

I spent the rest of the night watching TV.

I was watching the Tonight Show with Caley sleeping next to me, my arm over her (she insists on that). It dawned on me how cute a picture that would make. But I woke her up, reaching for the phone. And, when I went to take the picture anyway, my arms weren't long enough to get us both, lol! I need a selfie-stick!

Friday, June 29, 2018


I ate scrambled eggs for breakfast on Thursday. I hadn't slept well, so I was lazy and stayed in my robe until near 11:00 a.m. Then I shaved, showered and got dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.

I went outside to put some bills in the mailbox. It was noticeably warmer and muggy. I noticed some of the flowers out front looked a bit wilted. And, it's supposed to get really hot with no rain in the near future.

So, after lunch (leftover pasta) I dragged the hose around and watered all the gardens. It took almost two hours!

I reeled in the hose and took my sweaty ass inside. Then I took a nice long nap.

Dinner was more pasta.

I watched TV until bedtime.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wet Wednesday

It was either sprinkling or sunny all day Wednesday. But, when I checked the rain gauge Thursday morning, I got less than a quarter inch of rain here.

Sidebar: Elsewhere in Southeast Michigan, they had heavy rains which I could have used.

So, I spent most of the day inside. I did take the kitchen trash out when it was sunny. But, I soaked my slippers getting to the trash bin.

I couldn't find a damn thing in the pantry or the freezer that sounded good for dinner.

Sidebar: I really, REALLY, need to go grocery shopping or give Amanda my list.

So, I went to the little grocery store at Beech and Joy roads and grabbed a box of Rigatoni pasta and a jar of Prego with roasted garlic and Parmesan. I came home and warmed up the pasta sauce and cooked the rigatoni.

I topped it with Parmesan Regiano and ate a bowl of it. It was just okay, but it filled me up

I watched TV until bedtime.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Then it was Tuesday

I had to go get some gas and Copenhagen on Tuesday morning. Since I was out anyway, I went to Leo's Coney Island for a half order of biscuits and sausage gravy.

Sidebar: Leo's is nowhere as good as Bates, but its a hell of a lot closer.

I was out cutting the front lawn when my neighbor, Rick, went by. I stopped him and asked if he could have his lawn mower mechanic friend stop by with a new belt for the riding lawn mower and have him put it on.

So, he called him after I gave him the model number and he told me the guy  would be over around 5:30 p.m. (after he got off work). Rick said it would be $40.00 for the belt and $60.00 for the labor (that's fair). I said fine (my back grass is at least eight inches long).

He said to leave my gate open, along with the shed and the key in the mower. That way, the guy could just drive it over to Rick's garage out back where Rick has all his tools and space to work on it and I wouldn't have to drive it over and then walk back. I said, "Sure, sounds good."

He didn't have it over there more than 20 minutes when Rick called and said I better get over there.

Sidebar: Uh, oh...

So, I walked over (Rick suggested driving my truck) and the mechanic pointed out several other problems. One of the blades had come off (and is presumably laying out back somewhere). The other blade must have hit it as it was bent almost 90 degrees. Plus, one of the pulleys was worn out as well as the shaft bearing! And, the bent blade had cut into the deck itself (he said he could weld that and then grind it smooth.

The mechanic suggested I let him take the deck rather than paying his boss for picking the mower up. I agreed. So he and Rick disconnected it (it wasn't easy) and then loaded it in his SUV while I sat in a lawn chair (my legs hurt from cutting the front lawn). I drove the mower back home and locked it in the shed.

I can't wait to see what this is going to cost me...

I had a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup and a ham sandwich for dinner.

I watched the NCIS shows and then went to bed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


It was unusually chilly on Monday, so my oatmeal tasted good.

I had some cantaloupe for lunch and a salad for dinner.

I started reading one of Melissa's books.

I watched the Detroit fireworks.  Fantastic show!!!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Wednesday through Sunday

I took Wednesday through Sunday off. I did talk to my brother Carl, my friend B___ , my daughter Melissa and Amanda on the phone. I just chilled and ate sandwiches.


We picked up a half inch of rain overnight. So, I had to wait to cut the front lawn (Jake's idea and it makes sense).

The only people who called me back about the lawn said they weren't taking on new customers.

I met up with Amanda at Archie's for a late lunch after she got off at work. We both got the fruit plate. She had hers with scrambled eggs. I got a cup of their onion soup.

Back home, I cut the front lawn around 4:00 p.m.

I made yet another sandwich for dinner and then watched my NCIS show.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Monday Moanin'

Monday was as bad or worse, weather-wise, as Sunday. So, again, the front lawn remains uncut.

I ate cold cereal for breakfast.

I made a ham sandwich for lunch. Equally as tasty.

I finally got a call back from Brian (the lawn cutting service). He said he's been unable to hire enough workers this year and couldn't cut the grass!!! Uh, oh... Now the hunt begins.

I didn't feel like another sandwich, so I turned the vent on and baked a pizza for dinner.

I took the trash out to the road when it was almost dark. I figured it would be cooler then - I was wrong. I'll take the recyclables out in the morning.

Due to my late night yesterday, I went to bed early. But, around midnight, I was woken up by a loud clap of thunder. So, I put on my shorts and a t-shirt and went out on the front porch. It was raining hard and the thunder and lightning were impressive. The storm didn't last all that long and when it was over, I went back to bed.

Father's Day

Father's Day was hot and muggy. It was 97 degrees here in Redford (and it isn't even summer yet!) so the lawn didn't get cut again...

Jake called to wish me a happy father's day and we had a nice chat. I miss those two.

I got a text from my son Jeremy and another from my friend Vicky. Both wished me a happy father's day as well.

I did the usual Sunday morning chores and the shaved, showered and got dressed.

I decided I didn't want to cook and heat up the house (the A/C was working overtime as it was), but I knew better than trying to get in at any restaurant today. So, I drove to the little grocery store at Beech and Joy (I should actually learn its name one day) and got some deli ham and turkey, lettuce and a bag of chips.

Sidebar: I should get to Kroger's, but it seemed too far.

Back home, I watered the hanging plants and the mail box garden, this time with Miracle-Gro. Then I got my sweaty ass back in the house.

I had a big turkey sandwich for lunch. I added some chips and a pickle slice to the plate. It was very good.

I should have done something productive (like clean the house). Instead I watched TV.

I cut the cantaloupe I bought last time I was at Kroger (it's been chilling in the fridge ever since) and ate half of it for dinner.

After the 11:00 p.m. news, I was checking the TV guide for something to watch and saw they had an NCIS - Los Angles marathon on. I was going to watch just one, but I got tricked! The episode I watched was "to be continued" so I had to watch the next one. That one was also "to be continued" so I didn't get to sleep until 3:00 a.m.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Steamy Saturday

I was woken up by thunder Saturday morning, but it was sprinkling when I looked outside. It stayed cloudy and occasionally raining until around noon. Which was a problem because I not only wanted to cut the front lawn (at least), but I needed to go to Kroger's.

I made fried eggs with toast for breakfast.

I did a load of laundry and cleaned the toilets while stuck inside.

I made and ate some popcorn for lunch.

I went outside around 2:00 p.m. to water the hanging plants and the mailbox garden. It wasn't that hot yet (we only hit a high of 84 degrees today) but the humidity made it feel oppressive. My legs are still not that great, so I decided to pass on cutting the front lawn (hoping the lawn service calls me back, dammit!)

Now, here's a weird thing. As I think I mentioned, Redford went to issuing us a big black trash bin and a smaller blue recycling bin a while back. You know, the kind the truck picks up rather than garbage guys. These are both very heavy duty.

Since I don't generate that much garbage now that I recycle (I try and do my part), I have taken to putting out the trash every other week. Made sense, because the trash bin could probably hold eight or more kitchen bags, so why go through all the trouble for two or three? So, this coming Tuesday, it will be time to roll it out to the road again.

Sidebar: The recycling bin takes even longer to fill up. It's usually just paper and the occasional glass jar or can.

Anyway, the kitchen trash was full, so I took the bag out back to the bin. When I opened the bin, almost every bag had been shredded open! There was shit everywhere!!! I immediately thought: rats!!! I was not about to stick my hands in there, but I checked all the sides to see if they had chewed through. Nothing!!!

Sidebar: When I thought about it, I doubted it. This is not a cheap $8.00 Home Depot plastic thing. This bin is thick. So, I will check it out after Tuesday's garbage pickup.

My question is, could a racoon (which we have around here) pick up the heavy lid, get inside and then get back outside?

Without the Kroger visit, I was forced to raid the freezer for dinner. I ended up with clam strips and tater tots. Sounds gross, but it tasted pretty good.

I watched a movie , the news and the Saturday Night Live before going to bed.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Friday, we had a high of 84 degrees. But, with low humidity, it wasn't uncomfortable.

I watered the hanging plants and mailbox garden out front and the raised bed herb garden, the chives and the oregano next to the reflecting pool and the kitchen window box out back. Then I got out the blower and blew all the dried maple seeds off the porch and in front of the garage. I took it out back and blew off the patio.

Those damn cottonwood seeds were floating around and they have been for the last couple of weeks. I have had a runny nose and watery eyes for the last couple of weeks as well. Coincidence? I think not!

So, I dug out the air purifier and plugged  it in next to the TV stand. Hopefully, that will help.

I got a box of hardback books and DVDs, plus a card from Melissa for Father's Day.

I had a salad for lunch, then I took a nice nap.

I ate a sandwich for dinner, then I watched TV until bedtime.

Friday, June 15, 2018


Thursday was a gorgeous day! Went out back to finally cut the grass. Made one pass around the yard when the belt that powers the blades broke!!!

I called the lawn service that I used last year to see if they would come out and cut it once or twice until I can get the mower fixed, but just got voice mail.


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Getting over it...

I have been ill for the past several weeks, with my old friends, vomiting, diarrhea and insomnia. Which kept me housebound.

As a result, I missed the second check-up on my left eye surgery, two haircut appointments and a chance to buy Jake a birthday card in time (I did call him, though).

Sidebar: Jake's card really bothered me, because he and Carla sent me a nice Father's Day card.

I got calls, checking up on me, from my brother, Carl, my daughter, Melissa and my friend, Amanda. I also got a lot of texts from my friend, Vicky.

I finally felt good enough on Wednesday to go get my haircut. My barber mentioned she had never seen my hair or beard so long!

I stopped at Kroger's and got more Greek yogurt (I had run out and I think that's what triggered my problems).

Then I drove back home and took a long nap.

I was able to keep the yogurt down that I ate for dinner.

I watched TV until bedtime.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Birthday Shoutout

Happy birthday to my son, Jacob! Love you, man!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday, funday?

I have not felt well all week.  I missed two hair cut appointments and one eye doctor appointment. I did talk to my daughter, Melissa, my brother, Carl and my friend, Amanda. I also blew off a Tiger's game with Scott and Michelle Pace.

I was going to work outside this morning, but it was raining.

I  apparently suck as a friend.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Totally bummed tonight.

Aw, shit. I just heard Anthony Bourdaine killed himself at 61 years old. I loved his shows and had two or three of his books. Has the whole world gone mad?

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Okay, so this is weird

The thee fingers of my left hand are like dead and most of my arm is useless. Not quite sure if it's the massive antibiotics I am taking. I have tried to exercise them and massage them. Not even sure who to ask...

Johnny Cash Hurt

I still love this song.

Monday, June 4, 2018


It rained and rained hard most of Sunday morning. So, nothing got done outside.

I had turned the A/C on last week, but it was cold and windy for a change. I ended up turning the furnace back on.

I ate a brat and the last of the sweet corn, during the day.

I shaved, showered and got dressed, but never went outside, except to water the porch plants.

I did some reading, but mostly watched TV until bedtime.

That was my Sunday...

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Wednesday through Saturday

I felt like shit for the rest of the week and spent most of my time in bed, watching TV. I did notice that the hanging plants were drying out.

So, I watered the piss out of them and brought them back to life.

Also, there is a bush out back (whose name I forget) in blossom.

That was the highlight of my week.


I spent a lot of time outside on Tuesday. Unfortunately, my cell phone was still on the charger. Which meant I missed an invitation from Amanda to join her and her mother for lunch.

However, I did roll up to the little grocery store on Joy and Beech and got some celery and green peppers.

Sidebar: Why do they call the drawers in the fridge "crispers"? They either turn stuff into soggy shit or mold.

Anyway, I made a simple macaroni salad. When I had the macaroni cooked, I mixed it with chopped onions, green peppers, mayo and a little mustard. I stuck it in the fridge to chill.

Then I went back outside to plant the raised bed herb garden (along with my old friend, the shy gargoyle), the dead oregano garden (for over five years the oregano lived through the winter. It died though, last year) and the kitchen window box.

Let me see if I can figure out the before and after pictures...

Raised bed herb garden (before)

Raised bed herb garden (after)

Raised bed herb garden (after)
Kitchen window box (before)

Kitchen window (after)

Dead oregano

New oregano
I cleaned up afterwards and went inside for the night. I didn't feel good.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Memorial Day

I forgot to mention that some dumb shit down the road was shooting off fireworks. Scared the cat and made me grab my pistol.

Sidebar: I don't know about you, but in my world, Memorial Day is not a holiday. I don't wish anyone "Happy Memorial Day" for example. It's supposed to be a somber day to reflect on the men and women who lost their lives in defense of our country from 1776 to present times. Take your fireworks and shove them up your ass, idiot!

I felt like shit and postponed my grilling. I saw on TV that President Bush was hospitalized for low blood sugar and fatigue. I suppose I should go in and have this checked out. But, I seriously can't afford it. I am still paying off bills from that damn leg infection.

Instead, I am going to follow my daughter Melissa's advice. If I get this wrong, I apologize. But, I think she told me Dave's mom (who was a nurse) had Type 2 diabetes. She would wake up with low blood sugar and solved it by eating a couple of graham crackers at bed time. So, I bought some graham crackers.

Monday, May 28, 2018


I woke up early on Sunday. I made soft-boiled eggs with bread for breakfast.

Sidebar: I still have my Father's two-ended egg cup. One is a big cup for the eggs. The other is for a single egg. You are supposed to cut the top off a soft-boiled egg and then dip your toast in it. I have never mastered the art of cutting the top of the egg off like he did. Must be a pure German thing.

I spent the morning watching the NBC news shows. I always watch "Meet the Press," for example, to learn what's really going on.

I ate lunch just after noon. I ate two more pieces of that cold pizza.

I was watching TV and fell asleep.

Sidebar: This is getting ridiculous. I have shit to do!

I woke up at an amazing 8:00 p.m.

I went outside and listened to old time rock and roll. My neighbor was having a pool party. I checked out the chicks, all of whom had one piece bathing suits. But, they still all looked good, lol!

Then I planted the raised bed herb garden, the kitchen window box and replaced the dead oregano. It was too dark by then to get pictures, but I will post them tomorrow.

Back inside, I was hungry but didn't feel like more cold pizza. So, I drove down Plymouth road to the McDonald's (less than a mile away) and got a Quarter Pounder with cheese meal (cola, please) and an apple pie for dessert.

I thought briefly about a fire in my metal fire pit (I have a LOT of fallen branches). But, at 11:00 p.m. that seemed like too much.

So, I went inside and watched the "300" again. Then I went to bed.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Come Saturday morning...

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday. I turned on the morning news while I ate some oatmeal and drank a cup of coffee. When I finished breakfast, I stripped the bedding and put it in the washer (this is getting old).

I did my morning eye drops and took my morning pills. About noon, I shaved and showered and dressed in go-to-town clothes.

First I hit up Kroger's to get a few things for this Memorial weekend. Next I stopped at Westborn for some more sweet corn, some cheese and two sweet potatoes.

Sidebar: It was freakin' hot!!! Phone said it was 80 degrees, but the truck said it was 90. I believe the truck.  First time in a long time that I was sweating normally and didn't have to eat some candy, lol!

Finally, I went to Home Depot and got a splitting wedge and a bunch of flowers and herbs.Well, I thought I got a splitting wedge. It was in the cart and she rang it up, but when I got home it wasn't in the truck. She didn't bag it and I was so busy trying to fit all the flowers and herbs in the truck, I think I forgot it in the basket!

So, I called Home Depot and asked if anyone had turned it in. I mean, yeah, it cost $18.00, but how many people need one? The woman on the phone said, "No" and asked if I had the receipt and I said, "Sure." She said to come back in and they would give me another one. Whew!!!

My legs really hurt (it started in the Home Depot and got worse as I stood in a long line in the garden center). I had trouble walking upstairs (two steps) with the groceries.

I warmed up the last hot dog and the rest of the asparagus for a late lunch. Then I laid on the bed to rest my legs. The plan was to plant the mail box garden, the kitchen window box and all the herbs. Instead, I fell asleep and slept until an amazing 8:00 p.m.

Sidebar: I have the funny feeling I'm dying over here...

Be that as it may, I grabbed a bucket of water and went out in the twilight to plant the mailbox garden.

I planted a big Shasta daisy in the back and three superbells (a Calibrachoo hybrid).

Sidebar: This is the second time I could not find any sweet alyssum  (my go-to plant for the mail box garden). I think I will have to start them from seed (Although I don't have a good southern exposure window).

It was getting dark, so the photos were taken with a flash.

 I watered all the remaining flowers and herb and the went inside.

I made a Digiorno pizzeria thin crust pizza for dinner, after adding banana peppers and more mozzarella. I added some red pepper flakes for more heat. I cut it into six pieces and ate three.

I started to watch some TV (hoping to stay awake for Saturday Night Live, but I crashed like a rock again around 10:00 pm.

Saturday, May 26, 2018


My sugar was too low again on Friday, so I stayed in bed, sweating and eating candy. I won't be buying any plants today (as was the plan) which means I'll have to go on the weekend, when the place will be packed again.

I finally felt good enough to get up around 3:00 p.m. I went out front and watered the hanging plants.

Then I went out back. I got the wheel barrow, a shovel and the compost sifter from the shed. I took them all out to the compost heap.

I sifted enough dirt to fill the kitchen window box 3/4 full. I have a small bag of potting soil that I plan on filling it to the top with after I plant.

BTW, sifting compost is back-breaking work (literally).

I used an old coffee can (well, it's one of those Folger's plastic ones, so I don't know if you can really call it a can) to fill the window box. It's high up the wall and a shovel makes too much of a mess.

I put everything away and went back in the house.

I took a nap. I laid on top of the blanket. When I woke up I was covered in sweat again! It had soaked through the bedding all the way to the mattress pad! Dammit!!!

I ate yet another candy bar and then ate dinner.

When I stopped sweating, I read in the living room until bedtime. This time I laid on the dry side. I plan on taking care of the mess in the morning