Wednesday, October 11, 2017


It was chilly and overcast when I woke up on Tuesday. I ate waffles and my pills for breakfast.

I had a couple of things to return to stores, so I shaved, showed and got dressed in town clothes. Then I headed out to Lowe's. I got my money back for two handles that didn't fit without any hassles. On the way back home, I stopped at Target and got more money for my return. Again, no problem!

Back home, I drove in over the damn black walnuts again. Their popping sound annoyed me and they are everywhere this year.

So, I grabbed that pecan picker-upper Jake and Carla got me and cleaned off half the driveway before my arms started hurting.

Once inside, I treated the cat (who looked puzzled - she probably wondered what happened to me). It was sunny and much warmer just after noon, by the way.

Then I changed clothes. I ate a ham sandwich for lunch and rested a bit.

Next I Googled changing the toner on my printer. I found not one but three YouTube videos. I swapped it out in no time and printed a test page. Bingo! Back in business.

Then I began the real project for the day: Discarding all the old spices and herbs in my cabinet!  I emptied the cabinet contents onto a half sheet tray and took that into the office. I created an Excel spreadsheet and listed everything I threw away. I highlighted the ones I use a lot (like garlic or onion powder) and put them on the grocery list.

But a lot of them I only used for one recipe. So, it about killed me to throw the damn near full bottles away. But, I did.

Sidebar: Carla would have been so proud of me! I saved six, but threw away 37 expired bottles.

I warmed up more pasta for dinner (what else). I watched both NCIS and NCIS New Orleans in their regular time slots. In between (when Bull came on) I watched the taped NCIS L.A.

So, I got my NCIS fix and then went to bed.


  1. Sounds like a good night

  2. you don't dry out the black walnuts and same the meat? Mom always made good cookies with them

  3. I know, but it's too much trouble digging the meat out of the multi-chambered nut.

    I know this as Mom used to make me do it!!!