Monday, October 9, 2017

Sunday's Story

I woke up early on Sunday and immediately got a cup of coffee before starting the Blog post. I feared it would take a long time and it did!

When that was done, I did the Sunday morning chores. The I finally made breakfast: Two over easy eggs with toast. I dipped the toast into the egg yolks like always.

I watched the Sunday morning news shows for a bit. Then I shaved, showered and got dressed for town.

First stop was Meijer's for a red bell pepper and fresh sliced crimini mushrooms for my Sunday supper. I bought a few other things that were on my kitchen list. Finally, I bought a tub of vanilla ice cream to top the apple pie I was going to buy.

However, I forgot the pie!!!

Next I went to Home Depot and got a new board for the cradle rockers. I found one that was straight and only had a few small knots. Perfect! Except it had pine tar on it and I got my hands all sticky carrying it.

Back home, I Googled "Getting pine sap off hands" and "Getting pine sap off a board." Turned out they were not that different. I rubbed canola oil into my hands and then washed them in dish detergent. Then I put a lot of Murphy's Oil Soap on the board and worked it in with a soft brush. Then I rinsed it off with hot water.

These techniques resulted in getting the tar off my hands, but still left a little on the board. I accepted that as I didn't want the board to get too wet and warp.

Now, what to do about that damn pie. I remembered a sign outside a local Catholic church that said they were having a bake sale this weekend.  So, I took the truck and drove there.

Sidebar: I didn't mind driving there as it was a gorgeous day!

I found an apple pie, but there was a problem (I thought). I have had plenty of apple pies with a top crust that had slits in it. I even made one once myself with a lattice top crust (just to see if I could do it - I did). But this particular apple pie had no top crust at all, just what the little old lady selling it described as a crumb crust. She must have caught my doubtful look, as she assured me it was delicious.

So, I gave her ten bucks and she handed over the pie.

Sidebar; Expensive pie, but she probably can use the money. On the other hand, it's probably a major corporation that uses little old ladies as fronts to sell overpriced pies with only one crust, lol!

Back home, it was just too nice to work on the cradle, so I sat out front and played solitary porch monkey for about an hour. It still amazes me how may neighbors that I don't know and never met either honk their horns and/or wave to me.

Note to self: Time to get out the pecan picker-upper Jake and Carla gave to me. The black walnuts this year are the worst I've ever seen! They are everywhere!!!

Back inside, I started making a homemade pasta sauce. Since I didn't use a recipe and was just winging it, I can only tell you what was in it: Browned ground chuck, mushrooms, sauteed diced red bell pepper, diced onion and minced garlic, a 28-ounce can of whole tomatoes that I crushed by hand, a can of tomato sauce, some Italian seasoning, salt and pepper.

I let that simmer for over an hour.

Then I cooked a box of rigatoni to al dente. I reserved some of the pasta cooking water in case the sauce was too thick. It wasn't, so I dumped that.

I mixed the sauce with the pasta and plated a dish topped with Parmesan cheese.

The sauce was a little wet, so I either should have simmered it longer or waited a bit more so the pasta could suck it up. (Suck it up, pasta!)

I ate it watching the Lions lose. The pasta was excellent! The Lions, not so much...

I was stuffed, so I decided that desert would come much later.

After the football game was over, I cleaned up the kitchen and put the leftovers away in the fridge.

My legs still ached, so I laid on the bed watching a movie (The Last of the Mohicans) from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. I paused it and then set it to tape when my daughter, Melissa, called.

She started giving me hell for being 10 minutes away from her house and not stopping by (I knew that was coming). She said Dave was wiring the upstairs for cable, but she was just sitting around. I mentioned I didn't know I was coming there until today and I would never drop in unannounced, especially with two people she'd never met.

She said, "You could have called ahead!" I said, "Suppose I had, would you just be sitting waiting for us to show?" She said, "No, I would have been frantically cleaning the house and vacuuming dog hair." I said I figured as much and didn't want to put her though that. I promised her I would visit soon and, if we are ever up that way again, I'd bring along Amanda. She said, "Good! I'd like to meet my newest baby sister." (I think that was a burn on me for both Vicky and Amanda, LOL! ) We said our goodbyes and she hung up.

Then I cut into the pie (just a little piece - I was still pretty full) and topped it with a scoop of ice cream.

That lady wasn't kidding! The apple pie (even with the weird crumb crust) was fantastic!

I played around on the computer for a while and then watched taped DIY shows (couldn't find anything interesting on the cable guide) until bed time.


  1. You are aware they moved NCIS LA to Sunday Night

  2. This week it was 9-10 pm cbs

  3. Whew! It's okay. My cable box taped it anyway.