Saturday, September 30, 2017

Rice rice Baby!

I woke at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday. It was another cool start today. I got a cup of coffee and began the Blog post after checking out Facebook.

I was lazy and didn't start breakfast until 10:00 a.m. (I'm guessing that would technically be called brunch). I made two eggs over easy and some ham, with rye toast. Then I took my pills.

I shaved, showered and got dressed for inside work.

I put new sandpaper in the sanding block and got to work. When my arm began to ache, I heated up my brand and branded the bottom of the toy box. Then I went back to sanding.

By 2:30 p.m., the veneer edging on the entire toy box (minus the top) had been hand sanded flush. I moved the truck outside and began putting the edging on the lid in the garage (I built a fixture for it).

By 5:30 p.m., three sides were glued on, let dry and then were sanded flush. I had just cut the last piece when I got a text from Amanda.

She asked me if I'd had my soup yet (I had mentioned in a previous text exchange that would be my dinner tonight). I said, "No, why?" She said they were going to La Pita (a well-know Middle Eastern restaurant in Dearborn) and did I want to meet them there?

Hmmm... Excellent Middle Eastern food versus my homemade beef vegetable soup? Hell, yeah, I'll be there!

I told her I needed a shower as I was covered with sawdust. She said I didn't have time as they had to be back home for something. So, I used the air compressor to blow off the sawdust, changed into clean pants and a shirt and headed out.

Sidebar: It was only about 15 minutes from the house and I pulled behind her car.

The waitress brought menus and warm 4-inch rounds of fresh pita bread. I was tempted to finally try the chicken shwarma (my old cube buddy, Michelle, loved that stuff). but decided in the end I would order whatever Amanda did.

She ordered off the lunch menu (they let you do that) and got a grilled chicken breast, small house salad and rice. She passed on the acompanying huumus (there were pita chips on the table) and garlic spread (for the chicken). I said I'd have the same thing, but please include the huumus and garlic spread (I wanted to try the whole package).

I missed what Scot and Keldon ordered as I was stuffing my face with more pita bread. I hadn't eaten since breakfast.

Our food came and everyone's smelled fantastic. I tried the huumus and it was delicous. Then I tried the chicken without the garlic spread. It was nicely spiced and I ate about a third of it that way. Then I tried it with the garlic spread. That took it up another notch! I ate a little of the salad and it was good.

Sidebar: It was in a little dish. In fact, everything on my order was on a single plate when the waitress brought it.

But, it was the rice that made this a perfect dish. Now, I've had Middle Eastern rice in the past and it was good. This had the rice and the same spices I remember, but it also had pine nuts in it! This gave it a nice crunch in every bite. Excellent!!!

Amanda had eaten all she wanted on her plate but was cutting a piece of pita bread in half. then she filled it with some of her little salad. She urged me to try it, so I did. Not bad, LOL!

Sidebar: I'm not quite sure if this is something everyone does, or that's just an Amanda quirk.

I gave the rest of my huumus to Keldon (he loves that stuff). I didn't finish all my chicken, but all the rice was gone.

The waitress brought a box for Amanda (I gave her the rest of my chicken) and the bill. My share was $12.50 plus tip for a very outstanding meal.

I headed back home and got there around 7:30 p.m. Here was the conundrum: I was full, tired and sleepy. But, if I didn't finished the edging, I'd have to leave the truck outside overnight, which I don't like to do (security concerns).

So, I dragged my sorry ass inside, treated the cat and changed back into my sawdust covered clothes. I went out and plugged the iron in. While it heated up, I replaced the sandpaper in the sanding block. Then I went out and ironed on the edging, stopping every six inches to rub the glue in with my little wood block. I went back in the house and watched a little of a taped DIY show while it cooled down and set.

Then I went out and sanded it flush. I took apart the fixture, moved the sawhorses and pulled the truck inside.

Back inside, I treated the cat and took a shower. I laid on the bed to watch some more TV, but fell asleep about five minutes later.

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