Friday, November 14, 2014


I went into work early on Thursday. I can’t even tell you how much sh*t I had to take about not showing up yesterday! Geez!!!

Sidebar: Jake had suggested I should be more of an asshole, so people wouldn’t want to come find me. I plan on working on that!

I went to walk outside at 10:00 a.m. I just got started (it was cold and snowing a little, but it felt good) and then the UPS truck showed up. I went and opened the door for Pet’s fill-in (Pete’s on vacation) It took him forever to come up with the three packages we got, and I started to get cold, just standing there. By the time he was done, so was I. So, I walked inside for a little bit, but the shop was filled with cars, trucks and wires. I gave up and went back to work.

It was a weird weather day. Sometimes it was snowing, sometimes the sun was out. But it was always cold and windy.

Sidebar: How come I never even heard of a polar vortex until last year and now they are haunting me?

I went out into the weather to Time Out (it’s that close) and got one of the daily specials, a ham and cheese pita sandwich and fries. But I skipped the fries and got a bowl of their German potato and beef soup. Sounds weird, but the soup was great! The pita was pretty good as well.

I had a meeting to go to when I should have been walking, so I skipped the afternoon walk.

I got home after work and found Caley had barfed on the bedspread (Grrr…) So, I got up the mess, treated it with Shout and started the washing machine. The snow wasn’t what the Weather Channel would call measurable (that’s coming this Sunday) but I went out back to take a couple of photos for you.

Sidebar: I apologize for the bad focus on the photo under the Arbor Vitae. I didn’t have a coat on and was shaking!

I went back inside and stripped. Then I put my bathrobe on. Just then, my cell phone rang. It was Vicky. She said she was heading home, just passing our Building 50 (less than a half mile from my house) and thought she and Yanessa would stop by!

I told her I needed a moment to get some clothes on, the house was a wreck, but that would be great. So, I threw my pants and a t-shirt on, put the revolver back in the gun safe and moved the chairs in the living room back into the kitchen, just as she was pulling up.

Sidebar: I was rather embarrassed. I had cat hair on the living room rug, dishes on the counter, a kitchen filled with wood and an unmade bed with just sheets on it. Not exactly the way I like to have the house looking when visitors show up!

While she was getting Yanessa out of her car seat, I was turning on the lights, the fire place and the electric heater in the living room.

Note: The living room is always cold, because I shut the pocket door to a cat-width when I’m not around.

While they came in, Caley went off like a rocket and hid under my bed – she’s like that). So, Vicky unbundled Yanessa while we talked. Then Yanessa talked (mostly in Spanish) while Vicky translated.

I know she’s just my honorary granddaughter, but I gotta say I love that little kid! She’s just so smart and inquisitive.

I used to keep a basket of kids toys on hand, but haven’t needed them in years. They are up in the attic, but I will get them down!

So, I didn’t have anything to distract her and she kept wandering around, trying to open closet doors.

She sat in my lap for a little while and then went off exploring, again. She must have looked under my bed, because Caley ran into the living room, like her tail was on fire and hid under the love seat! She was quickly followed by Yanessa, who knew exactly where the cat had gone.

She crouched down and picked up the (apron? skirt?) of the love seat. Meanwhile, I tried to explain that is was not a nice kitty-kitty and she might bite or scratch you. She grabbed my hand and walked me to the back of the love seat, still looking for the cat.

The cat never came out and Vicky got Yanessa bundled up to go home to grandma Evy (Abuela Evy? I forget the Spanish name for that). They left and I went back to the cat-barfed bedspread, my bathrobe and some dinner.

I warmed up some of the dill pickle soup and ate that with saltine crackers. Note to self: get some cheese, please. A chunk of sharp cheddar would be great with this soup.

The bedspread finally dried (it takes two turns in the dryer, as I think I mentioned before) and I remade the bed.

Since the living room was cleared out and nice and warm, I read my book in there until I got sleepy and then went to bed.

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