Friday, November 7, 2014


It was cold and rainy on Thursday morning and it stayed that way all day. It was a mostly miserable, dreary day…

I went to lunch at Time Out, because it was close. A waitress stopped by my table to braid her hair and to vent. She said a woman at one of the high tables was telling her she needed to wear high heels, like she was.

Note: the woman in question was wearing 3-inch platform high heels – What we used to call “hoe” shoes. I know, because I scoped her out when I went to the john. The waitress had thick-soled walking shoes.

The waitress’s rant was along the lines of “I’d like to see her wait tables for eight hours with those on!” and “It’s raining outside, I hope she slips and falls on her ass!”

She said she needed to braid her hair because it calmed her down. She responded to my puzzled look by telling me that “pulling your hair out” when you were stressed was more than just a phrase, it was a scientific fact that it calms you down. I told her she was making that up and she told me to check it out, it was true.

I got back to work early (it was raining) and before I started reading the book I keep here, I Googled it. Damned if it wasn’t true. But, I don’t have enough hair to personally check it out.

I walked inside in the afternoon due to rain.

When I got home, treated Caley and changed clothes, I did some planning on the computer. Not only did I have to figure out what wood to buy for the computer table, but also what automatic payments were attached to the two credit cards I just had replaced (Angie’s List, you’re history; Netflix, we have to talk).

I ate the last of the kielbasa and sauerkraut for a late dinner.

I didn’t see anything interesting on TV, so I read in the living room, with the fireplace on, until bedtime.


  1. Does it have to be your own hair? Maybe you can braid someone else's when you're feeling stressed.

  2. You have more friends than I do dad! :)

  3. @ Jake: No, its the slight pain from pulling your own hair that calms you down, I'm told.
    @ Carla: LOL! I doubt it.