Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The last of the warm days…

It was warm still on Tuesday. I took the garbage can out to the road in my shirtsleeves. But, I put my rain coat in the truck (I watch the weather!)

I took in two containers of the dill pickle soup. One for Courtney, (who has tasted this before, since Carl, a mechanic, makes it) and one for Michelle. I walked Michelle’s over to Building 7. She wasn’t there, so I left her a note on her desk and put it in the Facilities fridge.

I had to go to a training class with my cubicle buddy, Courtney, at Building 80 at 8:30 a.m. Fortunately, it was given by my old friend, Dan R. So, it was easy-peasy. It was scheduled for four hours, but we finished up in just over two.

Since Courtney is a babe in the woods as far as Spacely Sprockets buildings go, I asked Dan to give her a tour (I been there, done that). I think she was impressed (Dan’s had years to get this warehouse thing down pat!)

Sidebar: It still amazes me how few employees here ever get beyond their buildings! I guess it’s because of my previous work in the Facilities Department, but I have visited most of them (and worked at half of them, from time to time). I admit, though, than any building past 79 are foreign to me. Sigh…

Note: It also amazes me how few of the new kids can remember their employee ID. Courtney couldn’t, for example. That used to be something you really needed to know!

On the way back to work, I drove her past Building 50 (which she had never seen! Sigh… That used to be the happening place where things got done!) and my house (I mentioned that I would walk to work in the summertime). Then we stopped at Graybar (on Schoolcraft between Inkster and Middle Belt).  I bought four ”D” rings for Betsy’s computer table (I think I only need two or maybe three, but they were cheap).

I missed my morning walk, but figured the warehouse tour made up for it.

At lunch, I went to Ten Yen and got the usual.  It was excellent, as always.

But, when I cracked the fortune cookie, it said, “The real meaning of enlightenment is to gaze with undimmed eyes on all the undimmed.”

Okay, so I say again! This is NOT a fortune cookie!!! This sounds a lot like Lao Tsu who I studied extensively back in the ‘70’s. But I want a “fortune” cookie that tells me my fortune!!! (You will get rich! You will get laid! Etc.)

I stopped off at Office Max and got some more kraft paper (to mail sh*t from the post office) and then stopped at the Goodwill to drop off my old pants.

I had a voicemail from Michelle, telling me the soup was “my” cabbage soup recipe (it’s really my daughter Melissa’s) kicked up a notch and that she would try my dill pickle soup tomorrow.

When I walked in the afternoon it was sprinkling and I drove home in the rain.

I called my daughter Melissa. I wanted to know for sure the recipe for her cabbage soup and if Dave needed the miter box I bought for Betsy’s computer table.

For dinner, I made a simple salad of lettuce and sweet onion slices, topped with Blue cheese dressing and Michelle’s soup.

The soup was great, BTW. She had added carrot shreds and small diced, smoked sausage to the original recipe of just shredded cabbage and spicy V-8 juice.

I got my NCIS fix in and then went to bed at 10:00 p.m.

That’s when thing went horribly wrong. I couldn’t sleep! I tried everything (except for warm milk) but, nada!

I finally fell asleep just after 4:00 a.m.


  1. What was Melissa's recipe for cabbage soup???

  2. Just cabbage cooked in spicy (has to be spicy) V-8 juice. Try it!