Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monday, again...

I woke up just before the alarm on Monday. I finished up the Blog posting and then got ready for work.

It had snowed overnight. Best guess at the depth was less than an inch. It didn’t stick on the payment, but my driveway, lawn and roof were all covered.

Plymouth Road was wet, but didn’t seem slippery (they may have salted it, of course). But I did slide a little when I turned onto Market (a side street).

The whole early snow thing reminded me of something I wanted to do last winter, but never got around to. So, today I ordered two Weather-Tech floor mats for the truck. I spend the last several years owning the Volvo and not being able to get the salt off the floor mats!

I left for the Secretary of State office at 11:00 a.m. I learned to my chagrin that my little pass to go to the head of the line was all but useless. First of all, returning customers had to stand (and I do mean stand) in a line, and there were three of them in front of me. And, the SS employees ignored us and kept calling out numbers. Finally, the lady in front of the line called out to one and asked when she was going to get waited on. The employee said, “We just take you every now and then as it wouldn’t be fair to the others!”

So, I stood in line for just under an hour. Finally I went up and gave the lady all my paperwork. She fixed my registration immediately and printed out new ones on the spot. But, she said she had to manually create a new title request. So she hand-wrote another form. She gave me copies, but warned the updated title might take up to a month to be mailed to me!

So, it was yet another pain in the ass, due to somebody else’s stupid mistake. But (eventually) I will have everything correct and legal.

Sidebar: I am just glad I realized it now, rather than when I was trying to sell it or something!

I stopped at a nearby Big Boy and got a Slim Jim with fries. I wolfed it down and drove back through light snow to work. It was 32 degrees F., BTW.

It snowed off and all the rest of the day. And, the winds picked up.

It was 28 degrees on my way home after work.

I had one more outside thing to do, so after I treated the cat, I went out back. I got the board and a chunk of cement and blocked off the west side vent to the crawl space. I think it helps to keep the floors warmer.  I leave the north side one open so it doesn’t get moldy.

Back inside, I changed clothes. I was going to try and route out the backs of two pieces of the computer table (for the back of the cubbies) but it was just too damn cold. So, I took the night off.

I went through the fridge and emptied everything I thought should get tossed (garbage day tomorrow). I took the last of the lettuce (after pitching the parts with brown spots) and chopped it up. I added a sliced sweet onion and got enough for a couple of big salads.

So, I ate a salad with bottled blue cheese dressing and the rest of the leftover tilapia and wild rice for dinner.

I watched the movie “Troy” (with Brad Pitt) from 7-11:00 p.m. Then I went to bed.


  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing evening. Glad you got the bike all taken care of now. The DMV is an evil mistress.

  2. Yes, yes she is...But, I like to think that, having the cop come to the house, i beat her at her own game!!!

  3. It wasn't bad, but I like old movies about Greeks. They were such bad asses.