Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monday, again?

It was warm and sunny on Monday. Exactly the kind of day I needed over the weekend for outside yard work! But, instead, I went to work.

I stopped at the 24-hour grocery store on the way in and got a container of Old Bay seasoning.

I hit the mother lode of food swaps at work! Courtney had brought in a huge summer squash from her grandfather’s farm and several thick slices of summer sausage made from bear meat (one of the mechanics at work who’s an avid hunter brought her in a roll of it and she caught me drooling).

And “somebody” left a container of soup on my chair. I assume it was Michelle from Facilities but was unable to verify that (or even learn what kind of soup it was..

I went to the Newburgh Grill at lunch and got a patty melt and a cup of their beef vegetable soup. Then I went to Lowe’s and got the two pieces of molding I wanted for the computer desk. One was seven feet long and fit diagonally in the truck bed. But, the other was sold in eight foot lengths, so I had to snap a foot off it so it would fit. I also bought one of those Styrofoam containers you put on your outside faucets so they don’t freeze.

By the time I walked in the afternoon, the wind had really picked up!

I drove home, treated Caley and changed clothes. I went out back and put the Styrofoam thingie on the faucet. Then I went inside and put my dill pickle soup on low.

I went up into the attic, since it was so warm. I tried to stand up the bookcase and take a picture of it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stand it upright (too tall). So, I took the photo of it lying down.

Back downstairs, I stirred the soup up and added in the Old Bay.  Then I dished up a bowl and added some fresh soup dill on top for a garnish.

Result? The taste was fantastic! But I was disappointed to learn I had not incorporated all of the flour/sour cream mixture. There’s got to be a better way to do this!

I watched some of the tapes shows that have been building up on my recorder and went to bed about 10:00 pm.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your soup. Now you got soup coming from every angle. Also, don't mention the hunter's sausage to Jake cause he will drive up and steal it from you!

  2. You're a phony! You told us it didn't matter!

    "You also may see some balls of flour form, but that’s okay, too. With the whisking and the heat, they will disappear – don’t panic."

  3. crap. crap. crap. I'M PANICKING!

  4. @ Carla: I am the Soup Nazi!
    @ Jake: LMAO! Smartass!