Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Hits and Misses

It was cold and raining on Friday morning. A miserable start to Halloween.

Needless to say, I walked inside in the morning.

      There are two things you should know about:

      Dani, our receptionist had the wheels and tires stolen of her Ford Focus on Tuesday. She came out of her apartment complex and found her car sitting on four cinder blocks. And, Courtney, my new cubicle buddy, went into the ER on Wednesday night and had a gall bladder removal on Thursday. So, she’s been gone both days.

Now, I mentioned Dani only because, after all the police reports, catching a ride to work, etc., she found out today that not only is she responsible for her $1,000.00 deductible, but an additional $340.00. Why? Because the “new” tires they are giving her are worth that much more than the “old” tires that were stolen. She was SOOO pissed!

Since I am responsible for $362.92 for the test my doctor “suggested” I get (after co-pays and my deductible and out of pocket expenses and whatever the hell else Blue Cross calls it), I could sympathize with her.

What exactly am I paying a fortune for each month for health insurance??? Or, (apparently) car insurance? It’s a total ripoff!

We’ll revisit Courtney later in this post.

I went to Time Out in the rain (only because it was close) and had a ham club sandwich and a bowl of chicken noodle soup (skipping the fries, again). From there, I went to the 24-hour grocery store and got a three-pound bag of baby Yukon Gold potatoes. I was out of potatoes, you see.

Sidebar: I missed a chance to eat lunch with Vicky. She called me to ask where I was at. But my phone was set on vibrate (as I always do at work) and was in the pocket of my coat, which was hanging on the chair next to me. I saw her voicemail when I got back to work. Maybe next time…

It was just 49 degrees when I pulled back into work, BTW.

Courtney sent me a text, saying her, Mike and Aiden would be stopping by in the afternoon. Which blew me away. I had my gall bladder removed years ago and, if my faulty old man memory recalls, I was laid up for a couple of weeks. But, now there’s all laser, scope operations that I know nothing about.

I walked inside again in the afternoon. Not only was it still spitting rain, but the winds had picked up.

A little after 4:00 p.m., Mike, Courtney and Aiden showed up. He had his Harry Potter costume on (I made his wand) and was as cute as a bug! I immediately sent a text to Vicky to come over (she’s next door in Building 4). She came over and instantly won his heart by speaking in Spanish (Courtney’s mother is Hispanic).

Eventually, he ended up in my lap and we bonded. He was teething and a bit fussy, but calmed down by feeling my beard. Even though I was introduced as “Papa John,” I think he thought I was Santa Claus. So, he was on his best behavior.

Sidebar: I was having so much fun playing with Aiden, I never thought about taking a photo for you. Sorry, I suck. If Courtney posts a photo on Facebook, I’ll steal it.

Courtney also gave me a present: socks that have the rubber dots on them. Why? Well, we had talked about them at one point. I mentioned I used to have three or four pairs that were yellow with smiley faces from the hospital, but I was down to one last pair. These are a much more subtle gray. My neighbors will think I’ve matured, LOL!

I left for home with everybody still there. But, it was after 5:00 p.m. and I thought there might be “trick or treaters” waiting on me.

Not to worry. I drove though rain and got home with no sign of anybody waiting outside.

Sidebar: the wind had gotten much worse and leaves were blowing everywhere.

I didn’t change clothes (in case I had to answer the door) but I did change into my new socks!

I turned on the little light in my plastic pumpkin. I took a phone call from a friend and sat on the couch watching for costumed beggars. Not only did I not see any, I didn’t even see any across the street, getting into cars to go to the mall or elsewhere. It was just a miserable, windy, rainy, cold night!

I went out to the kitchen to get dinner started. That’s when I realized the light over the sink had burned out. So, I got my step and replaced it, washing and drying the globe in the process.

Then onto dinner… I cut up about a pound of the Yukon Gold potatoes, either in half or quartered, depending on size. They went into the bottom of the Dutch oven. Next I dumped a bag of sauerkraut on top of that.

Here’s where normally in the story I say I cut some smoked sausage or kielbasa on the bias. But tonight, I was sorta combining the two. I found some Kowalski Polish kielbasa in natural casing that was hardwood smoked! I cut that on the bias and arranged it on top of the sauerkraut. I brought it to a boil, then turned it so simmer and covered it.

I checked it about an hour later and the potatoes were fork tender. So, I dished up a bowl of it and ate dinner. The sausage was quite unique and delicious!

I got a book and sat in the living room reading. I was going to go watch some TV, but decided I was content where I was. I did get a blanket and turned the fireplace on. I read until I started dozing and then went to bed.


  1. “I had my gall bladder removed years ago and, if my faulty old man memory recalls, I was laid up for a couple of weeks. But, now there’s all laser, scope operations that I know nothing about.”

    (Pining for my pre-med days here…) I can tell you anything you want to know about it, although I know you don’t want to know. Thanks, for the happy memories, though.

  2. You better keep that cold weather up there!

  3. @ Jyl: Some things are better left forgotten...
    @ Jake: I heard its headed your way this weekend!

  4. @Jake......I heard on TV News this got the cold weather and snow? Is this really correct. If so, I'm sorry

  5. Further north got snow but we are in the 30s right now, which is just wrong. Thank you for your concerns!