Saturday, November 15, 2014

Finally Friday!!!

It was freaking cold Friday morning. It wasn’t snowing on the way into work, but it did, off and on through the day. The rest of the day it was sunny (Michigan).

I was ranting a bit to Courtney 45about the keyboard tray I’d ordered from Walmart. I realized it was too deep for my application (Walmart’s website didn’t offer easy specifications). So, she said, “Let’s Google it!” That is her (and any one under the age of 40 or so – the computer generation) solution to everything. But (I’ll be damned) she found the hardware I needed on Amazon. So, I ordered it immediately. The downside was that the expected delivery date was November 19 – 26 (they didn’t offer overnight shipping). I wanted to deliver the desk BEFORE Thanksgiving.

But, Betsy has her computer set up on a card table. So, thank you, Courtney.

Vicky sent me a text, suggesting lunch if I wasn’t tired of seeing her. I replied I was never tired of seeing her, and I suggested Time Out and the fish special. She agreed.

Sidebar: in spite of what you may think, or what my co-workers say, I have no problems with a one-on-one lunch with a co-worker. As long as we don’t talk about work! That’s why I beg off on group work luncheons. I have just one hour to recharge, rejuvenate and relax. I’ll be dammed if I spend that time talking about work!

I walked outside in the morning, but inside in the afternoon. The wind had picked up, you see.

I got home at 5:12 p.m. and got to work! This cold snap isn’t going away any time soon and we’re supposed to get measurable snow late Saturday through Sunday.

So, I treated Caley, zipped up my coat and went out back.

I refilled the bird and squirrel feeders (they’ll need it) and the suet cage. Then I took my small bucket and bailed out the reflecting pool. I had to break the ice to do it, BTW.

I got the board to cover it and a chunk of concrete to keep the board in place and installed that.

Then I went and retrieved the game trail camera. It was total darkness and my hands were freezing at that point. Should have worn gloves, I guess.

Back inside, it was almost too late to watch the news, but I saw the last few moments while I warmed up. Next I checked out the videos from the Game Trail camera and posted the few that were noteworthy.

I warmed up the last of the dill pickle soup and ate a big bowl of that for dinner.

I checked the TV menu and set a couple of things to tape. Then I went to the living room, turned on the fireplace (and heater) and read until bedtime.

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