Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Monday was warm and sunny. Of course it was! I had to go back to work, right?

I wore a jacket into work, but didn’t need it for my morning walk.

I went to Ace Hardware at lunch and got more juice for the Swiffer Wet-Jet. Since I was there anyway, I walked across the parking lot to Leda’s and ordered breakfast for lunch!

When I got home and got changed, I went out to the English garden. I selected an area for the daffodils and cleared off the mulch from the garden in the shape of an oval. I cut through the weed cloth with a razor knife.

Then I got the bulb auger, the drill motor and a bag of bulbs. I marked the depth I wanted on the auger with a magic marker line. Then I tried it.

It is not as easy as you might think. It bounces and gets stuck all the time. Unfortunately, the area I was digging in is right where the old maple tree used to be. So there were small roots everywhere.

Michelle was supposed to drop off my Tupperware and I had just patted the dirt on the last hole when she drove in. So, I took a break. I washed up and we sat in the living room and chatted for a while. When she was leaving for her meeting, we were both surprised to find it was raining lightly.

She drove off and I got back to work. I watered the heck out of my planting (per instruction) and then put the mulch back.

That’s when it hit me! I planted the bulbs six inched deep in the dirt. But then I added another three inches of mulch. Was I supposed to allow for the mulch? I dunno…

Anyway, I did get about 20 bulbs planted.

It was dark by then, so I knocked off for the night.

I got cleaned up and warmed up the last of the eggplant and Brussel sprouts. Meatless Monday!

I watched a couple of taped shows and then read until bedtime.


  1. Well, I hope your bulbs work for you. You are a master gardener!

  2. LOL! That would be your Uncle Carl. But thanks!