Thursday, February 6, 2014


I woke up a little early on Wednesday. This was not surprising as I had slept off and on since 9:00 p.m. Tuesday night. When I did arise, I immediately checked outside. Yes, it was snowing, but it really didn’t look that bad. It wasn’t until I left (20 minutes early) when I discovered that, yes, it really was bad! I never got above 20 mph, but I got there in plenty of time.

And, it kept snowing, and snowing, and snowing… So, I didn’t even try to go home at lunch. I went to Time Out instead and had a cup of their brown bean soup (blah) and a mushroom-Swiss burger (excellent). I had planned on getting gas in the truck, but I was content to just make it back to work!

Oh, yes, for those who would like an update on my cold, my face still hurt like hell. But, I wasn’t blowing my nose as much. So, I guess I’m getting better although it doesn’t really feel like it…

When I finally got home (40 mph on the expressway), I got a nice surprise. My neighbor Rick had plowed out my driveway and mailbox (again!) Thanks, man! I owe ya one!

I treated the cats and turned on the news. The official total today was 8.3 inches of snow from this storm at Metro Airport (about six miles south of me). That puts it just over 68.5 inches of snow for the season so far. This also puts it in the record books at the 7th snowiest season ever and the winter (sadly) isn’t over yet! I think I picked the right winter to switch to a four wheel drive vehicle!

I started the Wednesday night wash and then used my new buffing attachment on the drill motor to finish Carl’s bar stool. Let me back up and explain. For years, after I sprayed polyurethane on something, the surface felt rough. So, I would use, like, 250 grit fine sandpaper and smooth it off. But, that left a dull, foggy finish. So, I happened to be watching a DIY show where the host had just polyurethaned a wood floor she stained. Then she had the folks who sanded it come back and buff it. She said you always want to buff polyurethane. So, that’s what I did.

And, it turned out nice! I was happy…

For dinner, I made more coleslaw and ate that with the last of the cold chicken legs. Then I watched “Pulp Fiction” for the thousandth time. Of course, I fell asleep…


  1. So - for all of those years I was using 000 Steel Wool...I could have saved a lot of time, trouble, fingers, etc. by using a buffer?
    Who knew?

  2. Wow! I never even heard of using 000 Steel Wool! Why didn't you tell me???

  3. Huh. I didn't know you could plow a mailbox. I mean, Cletis made mention of it one night but I just assumed... well, you know Cletis.

  4. @Jake: You are a sick person...