Sunday, February 9, 2014


I woke up on Saturday at 6:00 a.m. That sounded early, but I had a full morning of errands, so I got to it. First, I unplugged the cable box. I made a cup of coffee and entered the Blog post. Then I made a breakfast of soft boiled eggs. I plugged the cable box back in and turned it on. It took a while, but eventually, the TV was working again! I finished up my grocery list, shaved showered and got dressed. I left at 8:40 a.m.

First stop was Margaret and my massage. It was a week late, due to my doctor’s visit. For a change, we both talked most of the time, catching each other up (her furnace going out, me buying the truck, etc.) When she was done beating me up, I got my bottle of water and paid the bill.

Then I headed to my next appointment, a haircut (also a week late). Instead of the usual “Godzilla” movie or the “Three Stooges,” they had something called Dr. Pol on the TV. He’s a vet and apparently somewhat of a legend in mid-Michigan. That’s cool, but they were showing (graphically) him giving a dog a vasectomy (not cool) and then him trying (unsuccessfully) to pull a calf (using a rope). The vet was covered in blood, but the calf died and they had to put the cow down…

Now, I remember vaguely my Dad pulling a calf (but with a chain) so that didn’t set well with me. And Michelle, my barber, mentioned that barbers used to pull teeth and do bloodletting so maybe she should get into vasectomies to earn some extra cash. I told her I was clenching my butt up and keeping it planted in the chair until she was done with my hair cut!

When I paid and left, I headed up to Farmington to pick up my new glasses. Let me recap. I got my eye exam and picked out my new glasses (if you remember) in January.  I never thought about them again until last Wednesday. I forgot to mention this in the Blog, but on Wednesday, my current pair fell apart at work. No big deal… because the screw has always stayed in the hole. But this time it didn’t! So, blind, I crawled around the floor under my desk, trying to feel it in the carpeting. Then I borrowed a magnet. Nothing! Then I borrowed a flashlight (I was under the desk). Nothing!

My cube-mate Michelle volunteered to help, understanding I couldn’t see anything. So, she crawled around a while but came up empty. Courtney (the building receptionist) came in the room and, attracted by the sight of me standing up and Michelle’s butt in the air, asked what was going on. I skipped my usual sarcasm and explained.

So, then there were two chicks under my cubicle, with their butts in the air. Sadly, they found nothing. I moved on to trying to fit a paperclip into the hole and securing it.

Sidebar: I ALWAYS had my last pair of glasses in my glove box of the Volvo, just for these kinds of emergencies.  But, sadly, they had not made it to my truck!

I mentioned that I had an eyeglass kit at home, but it couldn’t help me now, So, Courtney said that since most of the mechanics out back wear glasses, she would ask around to see if anybody had one of the kits. I was still trying to tie the stupid things together with a paperclip when she came back later and said she found one! So, I went out and the mechanic put in a screw. It was about a 1/4 inch too long, but who cared?


Back at my desk, I finally remembered my new glasses. So, I called and asked if they had come in yet. They said yes, two weeks ago and they had called and left a message on my home phone (um, no!) So, to make a long story short, I went and picked them up today after my hair cut.

Sidebar: I am not sure I like them. But, it may be because I had the same frames for over four years (two sets of the same frames). The new ones sit higher on my nose or something, so there’s a big gap under my glasses of blur I am not used to. I tried to take a selfie for you, but I thought I just looked dumb.

The last stop was Kroger’s for some supplies for the coming week. It wasn’t supposed to start snowing (1-2 more inches) until after 2:00 p.m., but it was snowing when I got there.

I got back home about 12:30 p.m. I left the truck outside and swept the water out of the garage (again), then I sprinkled salt all along when the garage door seal touches the cement (with the intense cold and me pushing water out the door, the garage door has frozen to the cement several times and I fear damaging the motor).

I pulled the truck in and unloaded the groceries. I treated the cats after the first load (I was afraid not to). I shut the garage door and started to unpack groceries.

Sign of the times sidebar: Do you have any idea how hard it is to find tuna packed in oil? It used to be difficult for Luanne to find it packed in water. Now that’s all they carry! It took forever, but I finally found some Bumble Bee tuna in oil.

With that done, I stripped the bed and started the first of four loads of weekend laundry. It’s normally just one or two, but I decided to wash my winter coat (it’s looking bad from brushing up against the truck) and other things.

With one load done, another in the dryer and the third in the washer, I decided to take a nap.

When I woke up an hour later, I dealt with the laundry and then moved on to the main job today. I figured out where to hang the fireproof mat, nailed in some finishing nails and then cut a hole for the copper pipe.

Then I got an artist’s brush and smeared flux all over the outside and inside of the joint I need to solder. Note: I should have bought a flux brush, instead of trashing my water color brush.

Then I fitted it all in place, using damp rags to hold it.

I used the striker to light the propane touch. It caught and then went out. So, I did it again. It went out... I tried it again and it went out. I got pissed and turned on a stove burner to light it. It still went out. I final realized I was out of propane!


So, I gave up. It was already after 6:00 p.m. I moved onto making dinner. I cut the two boneless strip steaks in half. While they were coming up to room temperature, I heavily seasoned them with Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.  I put some canola oil in my cast iron skillet and turned it on high (I mean like freakin hot). I seared the sh*t out of them and then stuck them into a preheated oven to finish them.

I peeled, sliced and then boiled a package of parsnips as a side dish. 

Now, I had wanted to try a Horseradish compound butter to top the steak with. But I still had some bleu cheese left. And I just LOVE the taste of bleu cheese on beef. So, I made a compound butter out of that.

When everything was ready, I feasted!!!

After I remade the bed, I watched some TV, dozing off and on. I finally went to sleep sometimes during the night.


  1. I don't have to see out of them but looking at em, the glasses look good!

  2. I dunno... They just seem dumb...

  3. They can probably adjust them if you're not used to too much foresight...

  4. I think your glasses look great! You look handsome!

  5. @ Jake: I had a foreskin joke to insert here, but decided it was inappropriate.
    @ Carla: Thanks! Love you too!

  6. Just think John, You may have the dishwasher hooked up for the fourth of July party. hmmmm

    glasses look good, but Jake is right, have them adjust them a tad lower

  7. @GPF: The dishwasher has become one of the family now, just sitting there.