Friday, January 24, 2014


It was snowing lightly when I went to work Thursday morning, but the roads were not slippery. It was cold, but you knew that.

I did make it to Kroger’s at lunchtime and stocked up for the weekend. I had just enough time to run home, drop everything off and grab a bite before I had to head back to work.

After work, I didn’t go straight home. I joined the rush hour crowd and went up Telegraph to 12 Mile. Going was slow! No wonder why Fred and Michelle are always late getting home.

I was going to the Nissan dealer to check out a sale.

Now, as you know, I love my Volvo. I hoped to keep it forever (or at least until I died). In fact, I had made arrangements over Christmas to get some surface rust fixed and have it painted in the springtime [$1,000 - $2000]. But, now the brakes are going again. If you add to that the cost of the catalytic converter I need [$600+], the new headlight unit [$250] and the heater control unit I have needed for years [$700], it’s just not worth it anymore.

So, Nissan’s having a sale on the last of their 2013 small trucks. As you know, I have NO idea what I’m going to do if and when I retire, but I’m pretty sure it will involve needing a truck. Maybe if just to deliver cradles and bird house benches…

And before anybody give me any sh*t about not buying “American,” NONE of the Big Three makes a small truck anymore. They made a conscious marketing decision to drop the Ford Ranger (I loved my little red Ranger), the Chevy S-10 and the Dodge Dakota to force people buy the entry level big trucks (and make them more money). I have heard that Ford and GM are going to reverse that decision soon, but it’s not soon enough for me. ‘Nuff said.

My goal tonight was to see if I could actually sit in one with the crip way I have to get in. I did, but not gracefully. So, I bought it. There are only a few left. The dealer in Canton, for example, didn't have any and this was the last one here.

I was a little self-conscious  about my entry "look," so I told them to put on some of the factory floorboards (they are dealer installed) and I would pick it up Saturday.

[Sidebar: They said the best that they could give me for a trade-in on the Volvo was $1,800.00. I had already checked Kelly Blue Book and Auto Trader and couldn’t argue.]

By the time we wrapped everything up, the rush hour was over and going home was a breeze. I got there just after 8:00 p.m. I made a turkey sandwich and ate that watching some taped DIY shows. Then I went to bed at 10:00. I was beat.



  2. Congratulations Dad. I'm happy you got a reliable vehicle!! I can't wait to see the new truck! Love you.

  3. @ Jake: Perfect, LOL! Just call me Odie! Hmmm... Maybe that could be my CB handle?
    @ Carla: Thanks! I thought of you when buying it. In all the reviews I read, the biggest complaint was that the jumps seats in back were too crowded for a "grown" man. I thought, well, I bet Carla would fit just fine!

  4. Congratulations . . .probably a very smart thing to do considering all of the money you have dumped into the Volvo. Start fresh!!!! Pictures when you get it! Color?

  5. @GPF: Thanks! The color was not my first choice, but only thing on the lot: Graphite Blue.

    P.S. Happy Birthday!

  6. Congratulations, good move hope you love it !!!!