Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Saturday Story

I overslept on Saturday. Just to catch you up on the furnace problem, Scott did return my call. Unfortunately the battery on my cell phone had died and he didn’t leave a message. Since I left a message about “the afternoon” (not wanting to wreck his morning) I figured I could get my morning errands run.

So, I sloppily shaved and jumped into the shower. I was able to swap out the propane tank (which had died sometime overnight), throw it in the car and still make my 9:00 a.m. massage appointment, driving in the rain. I spent an hour whining about my situation.

From there, I went to get my haircut (about two weeks late, BTW). Next was Kroger’s and finally Westborn. I was officially re-stocked and ready to rock!

I stopped at the gas station and got a new tank of propane. I went home, treated the cats and then unloaded all the groceries.

I needed a little thin-sliced deli ham for tonight’s dinner, so I used the rest to make a great ham and cheese sandwich for my breakfast/lunch.

Scott called and we tried to diagnose the problem long-distance (he was up in Lapeer on a job). Turns out it was the igniter (the one I just bought). He asked me if I touched it (I said “How the fnck would I know? I didn't know you can't touch the damn thing!”) as just a hint of oil (from your fingers or, anything) will trash it. He said he’s had to replace three of them on one furnace.

He told me I could use a barbeque lighter to ignite the furnace if I wanted until I got a new one. I said I thought I would just get a new one. So, I headed back out. I got to the store and found they closed at noon on Saturday… And it was 2:30 p.m. Sigh…

So, I thought I would just live with this until Monday morning…

Back at home, I did the only sensible thing a man could do in this situation: I took a nap.

When I woke up, I decided to tackle the dishwasher install. It was already 5:00 p.m. so I took a quick photo of the snow situation outside. Then I stripped the bed and washed the bedding in one wash and then the pillows in another. I haven’t washed the pillows in ages and just read somewhere that you really should wash them regularly… My bad…

Then I got the dishwasher out of the box. Since I was most worried about whether or not it will fit (based on review comments I SHOULD have read BEFORE I bought it), I was NOT interested in hooking it up yet. I just wanted to make sure it would fit.

So, I tried it. No way… I took off the insulation (probably not a good idea). No way…

I took off the wheels. Nope. I took off the front levelers. No. I took off the yellow plastic thingies it was now just sliding on.

Sidebar: Now I was scratching the sh*t out of the floor as it’s just on the bare metal frame. Everything but a metal lip went under.

Hmmm… Easiest fix would be to cut down the metal lip with Jake’s grinder. But, if I do that, I can’t return it. Seemed like a bad idea. So, I stopped. I have to give this some thought… Sander or Sawzall to the countertop? Jake’s grinder to the dishwasher? It was almost 8:00 p.m. and I thought it best to hold off overnight.

It was also too late to make my planned dinner. So, I warmed up the last of the pasta and ate that instead. I watched a couple of shows on Netflix and then went to bed.


  1. What dishwasher are you talking about?

  2. Um... the one in the photo. The one I bought with the stove but it couldn't be delivered until after Christmas. THE ONE WE FREAKIN TALKED ABOUT!!!