Saturday, January 18, 2014


It wasn’t THAT cold on Friday morning. Before I left for work, I pulled the car outside and then used the broom to get all the water from the melting snow on the car outside. As my Brother George told me years ago, you can move a hell of a lot of water with a broom.

The drive into work was sloppy, not icy. You just had to be careful.  Nothing to make you pucker up.

Sidebar: I love that old time expression. To you youngsters, this does NOT apply to your lips…

At lunch I went over to Time Out and ordered a bowl of French Onion Soup. It was okay. Well, really, it was quite good. But, when I saw that on the “specials” list, I pictured the soup, with a slice of French baguette floating on it and topped with a crust of Gruyere cheese, melted and browned by the broiler or perhaps a brulee torch. This was just onions and broth. As I said, it was good. I just have to remember I’m in a Sports Bar, I guess.

In the afternoon, there was an attempt by “somebody” to convert a MP4 movie file and burn it onto a DVD. There were several problems (mostly dealing with our older OS and Microsoft Office 7 software). We eventually found a fix, but it was too late to benefit me. So I ended up taking home somebody’s flash drive so I could watch the aforementioned movie over the weekend.

Note: If I sound a little vague about this, I have my reasons…

Once home, I treated cats, changed clothes and made a cup of coffee. I watched the seven-day weather (not good). Then I started working on the computer. I researched cleaning off the adhesive from self-stick tiles (I have an idea), paid some bills (it’s a pay day) and balanced my checkbook.

Then I made up the impressive ToDo list for the weekend. (I am sooo screwed). I was listening to the Nightly News as I worked through all this, BTW.

I finished up after 8:00 p.m.  I made some Campbell’s split pea and ham soup for dinner.

Sidebar: This may be a result of growing up on a dirt-poor dairy farm, but when it’s cold, I want soup!

I checked the TV and found some things I wanted to record. Then I turned it off and read until bedtime.