Friday, January 17, 2014

And then it was snowing again...

Thursday morning was cold and a little windy. The weather prediction was for light snow, starting about noon and resulting in 1-2 inches by Friday morning. The second Alberta clipper (thanks, CC) was supposed to blow in. Please note: The first one was yesterday, but resulted in almost nothing around Redford.

However, by 10:00 a.m., it was snowing like a b*tch here.

So, I left for lunch and headed for the Home Depot. If you remember, I wanted to get a “dishwasher” power cord and I also thought I’d check on new o-rings for the downstairs shower. I went slipping and sliding down to the expressway. I figured the side-streets were treacherous, but I-96 should have had enough traffic that is wouldn’t be a problem.

That sorta worked. But I never got the car above 40 MPH on the expressway.

They did have a dishwasher power cord, but I couldn’t tell if they had the single faucet o-rings I needed (That shower control was here when I got here and I don’t know the make).

Now my plan was to pick up what I needed and go home for lunch. But, by the time I checked out, it was already 12:35 p.m., so I grabbed two hot dogs at the exit and ate them in the car. Then I limped back to work.

It kept snowing all afternoon. Just before it was time to go home, Vicky went out to brush off her car and start it. The folks who have remote starters already had fired theirs up. When I left to go home, I found she had cleaned off my car windows as well! Thanks, Vicky!

Again, I used the freeway to get home. It was sloppy and changing lanes was a problem, but I finally made it. (BTW, I was right. Driving down Inkster or Plymouth Road was a real problem. Other than the E-way, roads were treacherous!)

Once home, I treated the cats and then went in to change clothes. That’s when I discovered one of the cats decided to baptize my new bedspread with a hairball. Sigh…

So, the next thing I did was a load of laundry. I threw in the bath towels to make a full load.

I watched the news for a while until I got hungry. I had to eat the last of the meatloaf, but didn’t want another baked potato as the side. So, I did some thinking…

I ended up steaming some frozen broccoli pieces (from my soup stash in the freezer). When they were cooked, I topped them with some shredded Cheddar cheese. I had to use the microwave for 30 seconds to get the cheese to properly melt. But then I added the broccoli to the plate with the warmed up meatloaf and had a pretty good dinner.

I remade the bed. I watched some TV, then switched to reading until bed time.

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