Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wintertime Blues

It was 31 degrees F. in Redford Monday morning. I didn’t see any frost on the way to work, but I did have my coat and the seat warmer on!

Michelle, my friend from Facilities stopped by and dropped off a container of soup. She said it didn’t have a name, she just made it up to use leftover chuck roast. Besides the beef, there were black beans, lentils and leeks in it. She warned me that she forgot to make a sachet and just threw in whole black peppercorns so I should look out for them.

I had to go to CVS and pick up a prescription at lunchtime. I needed some gas, so that was next. It had warmed up some and was sunny, which inspired me. So, I stopped at the car wash and rinsed the dust and dirt off the car.

Home, I warmed up her soup and ate it for lunch. It was delicious, with the lentils adding an earthy flavor (I rarely use lentils). But, I completely forgot about the peppercorns and crunched one with my teeth. Talk about a palate cleanser!

Back home after work, I was tired and sore. I had planned on some outdoor work tonight but settled on dragging the wheel-less wheelbarrow (so, I guess its just a barrow, now) out to the road, followed by the garbage can.

I warmed up the last of the chicken Marsala and the summer squash for dinner. I watched an excellent show I taped on PBS called “Elderly Instruments,” a funky music shop visited by world-famous musicians that’s in Flint (of all places)!

As I said, I was not only sore, but tired and I went to bed before 10:00 AM.

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