Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tuesday’s Trip

It was 48 degrees when I left for work on Tuesday. As I pulled out of the driveway, I noticed the wheelbarrow was gone!  I mentioned this at work and folks there said it’s people looking for scrap metal to sell. But, I like to think I have trolls living under the driveway who creep out and night and drag my cast-offs into the culvert.

The Township called me to let me know my shed permit had been approved. So, I'll go and pick it up (and part with $71.00 US) tomorrow.

I took an extended lunch so I left at 11:30 AM. I took a mini-road trip (that had been highly recommended by Jake) to Troy to see my son Jeremy’s data center. I have been in plenty of data centers, but never saw one that looked as perfect as this one. Amazingly neat, redundant systems and fantastic security, the attention to detail (even down to the anti-static floor) was really outstanding.

He took me to lunch at the Redcoat Tavern (on Woodward, just south of the Birmingham line, so I guess it’s in Royal Oak). I had an excellent burger but it was seriously way too much food. A half pound, design-it-yourself burger? Even the onion rings were huge and fantastic.Thanks for lunch!

I was back at work by 2:30 PM. I told everybody, including my boss, about the data center. Even she was impressed!

It was 72 degrees here in Redford when I got home after work (we are finally warming up). So, I decided it was time to do some outdoor work. I mixed up some of my magic garden soil in the new wheelbarrow and dumped a load in the raised bed garden. I worked it in with the Garden Weasel and then planted sweet peas and green beans.

I watered all the seeded ruts in the back. I finally saw my neighbor and we talked over the fence. He said he had been working in Battle Creek, building a gazebo, but he might be able to get back to working on the shed tomorrow. He said his buddy didn’t have an almond roll-up door in stock either, so he ordered one. That means he has two weeks to get the shed done before the door shows up.

Then I dragged the hose out front and watered all those seeded ruts as well. I got back inside the house around 7:30 PM.

I was still stuffed from lunch (I’m not kidding) so I decided to skip a real dinner. I looked around the fridge to see what I had that I could just eat so I could take my pills. I came up with an idea based on leftovers that I may regret (I know my co-workers will) tomorrow.

I took the last two flour tortillas and the last of the refried beans. I warmed up the beans in the microwave and charred the tortillas over the open flame on my stove burner. Then I diced up my last sweet onion.

I put the beans and some of the onions on the tortillas, and then hit each with a lot of hot sauce. I topped that with a little sour cream and rolled them up. They were messy, but delicious! It tasted like a Taco Bell Burrito Supreme that was missing something.

I watched TV for what little remained of the evening and went to bed around 10:00 PM.


  1. Good seeing you, and thank you for making the trip. I got a kick out of your comment. "So show me your data center. I want to go back to work and say my son's IT could beat up your son's IT."

    I am glad that my data center did not disappoint.

  2. LOL! I plan on turning that phrase into a bumper sticker.