Friday, May 17, 2013

This and That on Thursday

It was a little cooler starting out on Thursday, but it was yet another beautiful day.

I went to Best Buy at lunch, but they didn’t have what I wanted (of course). So, I went to Ten Yen and had the #7 Chicken Subgum. Now I don’t go there all that much, but the owner remembered not only my order, but the kind of soup I like and that I wanted hot tea! Damn clever, these Chinese!

It was 81 degrees F. when I got home after work. I gave in, turned the furnace on to “Cool”, and opened all the windows. I changed clothes and went outside to work.

The roof boards were up on the shed, so I took some photos for you.  Then I went out front. I used my shovel (I couldn’t find the spade) and outlined a foot wide strip of grass from the red circle to the tree. I cut out an “easy to lift” piece and threw it in the wheelbarrow. When the wheelbarrow started to get full, I took it out back and dumped it in the Bobcat hole. I was trying to get some things done without trashing my back.

On the way back from the first load, my neighbor called me over. He asked me when I was going to cut the back lawn, because his guy was having trouble finding the ruts to fill! Duh!?! I did notice that the grass was long, but didn’t even see that more ruts had been done.

He laughed and said, “Didn’t you see that that the front half of the dirt pile was gone?” I admitted I hadn’t. I told him I planned to cut it Friday night. He said they would probably put on the ridge vent, tar paper and shingles tomorrow and trim the shed over the weekend. Then we just have to wait for the door. I thanked him for the update and got back to work.

I dug out almost half of the circle before I could feel it in my back. So, I quit at that point. I went in and saw it was almost 8:00 PM.

I cut off the other chicken breast. I cut it into strips and put them on a bed of lettuce. I topped that with store-bought Ranch dressing (sorry Jake) and ate it for my dinner. I was watching something on Roku when everything stopped and it lost connection to the internet. I tried several times and then I tried the computer. It couldn’t find any server, either. I went to call Brighthouse and the telephone was dead. Oh, oh…

So, I used my cell phone. The tech tried sending a signal, but couldn’t see my router. She then had me unplug it and remove the backup battery. I put everything back together and waited a while, chatting with the tech in the meantime. Bingo! I was back in business.

I finished my show and then went to bed.

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