Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rainy Days and Fridays...

It was raining Friday morning. It must have started after midnight. While it will slow down the building project around here, the gardens and grass needed it. This was the first significant rain this month.

I called and ordered 10 yards of screened topsoil from Angelo’s. That should give me enough to finish the “filling the ruts” project, add to my raised bed garden and let Rick have all he needs.

It had stopped by 10:00 AM, so I was able to walk outside, splashing through puddles like a two year old.

I went to Home Depot at lunchtime and bought a big bag (I mean a BIG BAG) of grass seed for the ruts. There’s no sense in seeding the side lawn or the path to the shed, due to the ongoing traffic. But, I can get a lot of the other ruts done this weekend.

Then I went home and had the last two pieces of pizza for lunch. When I got there, the dirt had already arrived. Unfortunately, it had spilled onto my side of the driveway and I had to get creative to get into the garage.

It was raining again when I drove back to work.

When I got home after work, I treated cats and changed clothes. Then I went out and got the wheelbarrow and the transfer shovel. I filled up the wheelbarrow with dirt I was taking to clear a path into the garage.

I rolled it out back and then weeded the garden.  I want to add some dirt to it. I usually screened my compost in years past for this, but that involved a lot of bending and lifting. I couldn’t do it last year and don’t want to chance it this year.

I should have taken pictures of the garden before I weeded, but I didn’t think of it in time.

I was on my fourth (out of an estimated five) trip, and about 30 feet from the garden when the axle on the wheelbarrow broke! Well, it was cheaply made when I bought it 10 years ago, rusted and cracked in spots, so I wasn’t pissed. I was more surprised it lasted this long.

I emptied it shovel by shovel and got most of the garden built up. I’ll top it with my magic planting mix before adding in the veggies.

I went inside and ate dinner: the last two brats. Then I watched the Red Wings game. We won in overtime, so we will go on the seventh and final game of the series. I celebrated by going to bed.

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