Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I forgot!


I think I mentioned that Vicky's mother, Evy, was on vacation in her homeland of Puerto Rico. Well, she came back with presents and one was for me! Vicky brought it in Monday. It's a pen holder with a frog, sitting on a hammock, playing the drum.

Now, I didn't get the name of the kind of frog it is, but they are famous in Puerto Rico (similar to the "Spring Peepers" in the Michigan countryside). They are small and brown, and make a sort of singing sound that is like a high pitched child's voice saying "cook-ie!" I know this because Vicky has a recording of them on her smartphone.

Oddly, enough, Vicky said people have tried to relocate them in Hawaii. They lived and even thrived, but didn't sing. We decided it was the lack of rum, there...

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