Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hot Hump Day

Oh, it was beautiful Wednesday morning when I work up! 72 degrees F. (at 5:30 AM!) I drove into work with the windows down and loving it.

My morning walk was fantastic. I didn’t want to go back inside! But, come to think of it, I never wanted to go back inside, even when it was snowing or raining…

At lunchtime, I went to Westborn and bought some Granny Smith apples for work snacks, a beautiful Vidalia onion and four ears of Florida sweet corn in the husk. Then I went to the Township offices and bought my building permit for the shed.

Back home, I stuck the sweetcorn in a stockpot and filled it with water (did you really think I wouldn’t grill on a day like this?) I warmed up some Puerto Rican chicken and rice that Vicky gave me for my lunch. It was excellent! I was a little disappointed to see than nothing had happened vis-a-vis the shed build.

Sidebar: I like using the word vis-a-vis.

My afternoon walk cemented the idea I had earlier that, if you have a crappy weekend day (like last Sunday) you should be able to just go into work that day and then take off a day like today! Now if I can just sell that to upper management!

Once home after 5:00 PM, I attached my new permit to the front picture window with masking tape. I was supposed to display it somewhere visible from the street.

I noticed that the shed had a little more work done on it, so I went out (after starting the Wednesday night wash) and took some pictures. I also went out front and figured out the circle around the black walnut I need to dig out. For some reason, this grass had risen and, in my lessened ability to push a lawn mower, it’s tough to mow now. So, I plan to dig it out and throw the sod into the “black hole” Jake created when he got the Bobcat stuck.

I also took a picture of the emerging lilac blooms and, later, the Japanese maple. Why the maple? Because last year, the early heat had damaged about half of the leaves (if you remember... I do.) But, this year, it’s leafing out, better than ever!

Then, I fired up the charcoal can and started the coals. When they were white, I dumped them and put down the grate. I scrubbed it but decided not to oil it yet, as I am doing the corn first. I plopped the corn on and washed out the stockpot.

Then I tended the sweetcorn, turning it over as required. When they were ready, I moved them off to the side and then (finally) oiled the grate. I threw on the Dearborn (I couldn’t find Kogel’s) Natural Casing franks and then watched them like a hawk.

I got a platter and hauled everything back inside. I fixed two hot dogs with buns (yellow mustard and onions) and two ears of corn (butter and salt).

I hung up the laundry and then watched the Red Wings game. We lost. ‘nuff said… 

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