Thursday, October 27, 2016

Back to work..

Finally went into work on Thursday. My new office chair had come in and my co-workers had put it together for me!

That big pillow looks uncomfortable, but it does force you to sit up straight!

Left for PT at 1:30 p.m. Again with the upper body exercises! But, the hot pack does take some ache out of my muscles.

Back home after work, I ate the lasagna Courtney had brought over on Wednesday. It was very good, and thanks!

I have the electrician coming Friday morning to put in my new fuse box, so I did some cleaning up.

I watched the Red Wings win their sixth in a row, then I went to bed.

Friday, finally...

LOL! See what I did there?

I felt like shit on Friday. Physical Therapy (PT) does that to you. The only comparison I can think of is the pinata at Yanessa's birthday party, AFTER all the kids whacked it with a stick. yeah, I'm that pinata...

I went to Time Out for lunch. I wasn't really hungry (again) so I skipped the fish and chips. Instead, I ordered a Reuben sandwich with a cup of the bean soup.

It's been a while...

.I did something to my left leg over the weekend and it hurt like hell. So, I stayed off it as much as I could.

Eventually, people began to call or text. Courtney and my boss Lenore stopped in to check on me (and to bring me lasagna).

Anyway, I'm back...

Friday, October 21, 2016

Bob Dylan - Babe, I'm In The Mood For You [Take 2] (1962 Freewheelin' Ou...

My niece Carolyn found it! LOL! I think I like Odetta's or even Miley's version better. I didn't remember, but this is too damn happy, LOL!

Birthday Shoutout!

Happy birthday to my dear daughter, Melissa! You stay cool, LOL!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

No pain, no gain...

It was raining on the way into work and it rained the whole damn day.

I went to Big Boy for lunch and got the chicken noodle soup and the Caesar side salad.

I left a little early to get to my first physical therapy session. I learned that their theory is that, from years of sitting at a computer, hunched over, my upper body muscles are weakened. This causes me to slump, unless I think about it, resulting in the pain in my mid-back.

So, all my exercises were targeted at my upper back and shoulders. I went in with back pain in about eight inches of my mid-spine. I came out with an ache from my neck to my butt! The only thing that felt good was the moist heat from the hot pack (or whatever its called).

Sidebar: These are waterproof canvas bags filled with clay and kept in hot water until use. They wrap them in towels and then apply them (in my case, on my back). They are heavy as hell, but once the warm, moist heat get through the towel, it feels wonderful!

I got home a little after 6:00 p.m. I ate a chicken sandwich I brought home from work. A vendor brought them in while I was out to lunch. It was from Pot Belly and was really, really good. I liked the bread much better than Jimmy Johns (and I like Jimmy Johns).

I watched a little TV, but went to bed early.

Seriously, again?

It wasn't as warm on Wednesday as it was on Tuesday. But it was sunny and less windy, so it turned out to be quite a nice day.

I left for "lunch" at 10:30 a.m. and drove to the Botsford Rehab Center for my evaluation. I told the boss I'd be gone about an hour. I was gone for 2 1/2 hours!

I blame that on the 20 page questionnaire you first have to fill out. Not only the usual questions like, the dates of all your surgeries or the medications you take, but your pain levels, does it affect you walking, sleeping, driving and so on.

Finally I got in to be evaluated. The range of motion exam was the worst. By the time it was finished, she had totally trashed my left knee and right arm's rotator cuff.

The results? My right leg is much stronger than my left and might left arm is stronger and more mobile than my right (big surprise). Oh, and my back is all screwed up (I think I mentioned that in my questionnaire).

So, I have nine therapy session scheduled for the next two months and three exercises to do at home. Sigh. But, if it helps, its worth it.

One thing she said did stick in my head. She asked if my chair at work had adequate back support. I said yes without thinking.

If you remember, I couldn't sit in the new mesh-backed ones that Facilities bought. Since they don't buy chairs for handicapped, I paid for an extra support and installed it, but that didn't help either. So, I gave that chair to Fred and my friend from Facilities, Michelle, smuggled me over an old style one. That worked better.

But, that chair is probably 10 years old, now. Could it be worn out? Could that be the source of my problems?

So, I went online and started researching orthopedic office chairs. I was shocked! Did you know you can pay $1700.00+ for a dumb chair?

I read through all the reviews and bought the "Best under $300.00" chair. Hopefully, it only has to last for the next two years, anyway. I had it sent to work, but I'll have to assemble it myself.

I didn't get any lunch, but thankfully, I had a yogurt in the fridge and an apple, so I made do.

My aches and pains (old and new) got worse during the afternoon. So, when I got home, my working outside plans got scrapped. I took an extra Celebrex and laid on the bed, watching the news.

I ate the rest of the chicken fried rice for dinner and watched the hockey game until bedtime.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tuesday's Tale

I felt a lot better on Tuesday. I assume my GERD medicine  and my body are now becoming friends.

It was still warm out, but now more windy and only partly sunny in the morning. I was worried about my trashcan blowing away, so I kinda locked the wheels in a crack next to the road. Then I went to work.

I ate at the Newburgh Grill. I still didn't trust my stomach, so I just had a cup of bean and ham soup. I seriously wanted more to eat, but restrained myself.

I stopped at CVS and got some cards afterwards.

In the afternoon, IT got much more cloudy and the winds picked up.

I had planned on making a cheese omelet for dinner (easy on the digestive system, right?) but I was really hungry. So, instead, I went to my Chinese take-out place and got another quart of chicken fried rice before going home.

Sidebar: They can't make an egg roll worth a crap, but they are OUTSTANDING at chicken fried rice. Ten Yen doesn't even come close (I've tried theirs). And, it's done in like five minutes!

Another sidebar: My little friend, the Chinese waitress at Ten Yen (whose name I have learned to pronounce, but not spell) told me a while back that real Chinese don't eat chicken fried rice. They usually eat pork fried rice. I have not independently confirmed this, but there you go. I am a first generation German-American so I don't know, but I like chicken fried rice, okay?

She also told me it was healthier to eat a good breakfast, then a big lunch (which may explain their portion sizes) but just a light snack for dinner. She said that explains the longer lives of Chinese.

It's kind of funny, but she has taken me under her wing and is always giving me advice to walk more and so on. I assume it's because the Chinese have a tradition of respecting their elders.

Anyway, back home, the winds continued to gust and my empty garbage was three houses down. I retrieved it and the mail and went inside to treat the cat.

I decided to work inside tonight, so I cleaned the stove top.

I ate some of my chicken fried rice for dinner. Then I watched my NCIS shows. In between the two, I watched an interesting show on PBS's American Experience about Nicholas Tesla (excellent).

I made myself go to bed at 11:00 p.m.

Odetta - baby i'm in the mood for you

Miley Cyrus: Baby, I'm In the Mood for You

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Odetta - baby i'm in the mood for you

In case you are wondering its a cover of an old Bob Dylan song


I still didn't feel great on Monday, but I went to work anyway.

It was a perfect 80 degree day, with just the right amount of breeze.

I went to Ten Yen. I wasn't hungry, but I knew I needed to eat. So, I ordered a cup of won ton soup and an egg roll. I ate all of the soup and half the egg roll before I felt I should stop.

The afternoon passed slowly.

But, finally I went home. As I said, it was gorgeous outside. But, I decided to stay inside until I felt a little stronger. So, I did some of the things I should have done over the weekend (laundry, cleaning, etc.).

I made a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup for dinner.

I watched the Red Wings play a damn near perfect hockey game. They won 5-1!

Then I went to bed.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Sidebar: Before anybody give me any shit about using the same titles for posts: after 8,682 posts, I'm running out of innovative, fresh new titles, okay? Hmmm... come to think of it, I guess I could have went with "Suddenly Saturday!" But that sounds like Saturday snuck up on me.

I'll work on it...

Anyway, I woke up on Saturday to the alarm. I didn't sleep well. Insomnia was kicking my ass.

As I mentioned, I had a 9:30 a.m. doctors appointment in Mt. Clemens (well, I think it's Clinton Township, actually). I couldn't eat breakfast. I knew better (it's something about a fasting blood sugar test). So, I leisurely got ready and headed out.  I took my usual route: Inkster to 8-Mile, 8-Mile to Groesbeck.

Sidebar: This is actually faster than using the expressways. If you maintain a steady speed of 50 mph, you sail through every light, especially on 8-Mile.

On Groesbeck, I got off on Utica Road and went straight to the doctor's office, just off of Metro Parkway.

I was about 10 minutes away when I got a call on my cell phone from the doctor's office, asking if I was okay. WTF? Apparently, the 9:30 a.m. appointment I wrote on my calendar was really 9:00 a.m.and my doctor was concerned.

So, I was late... But they did manage to fit me in. I surprised the doctor and myself with how good all the tests went! my blood pressure was a perfect 120/70. The nurse took it on both arms just to double check. My fasting blood sugar was high, but my AIC (2-3 month average blood sugar) was the lowest its ever been. Plus I lost a couple of pounds.

I did get yelled at for not calling in for a refill on my GERD medicine. I've been out for about a month now and it's caused me lots of problems.

I had originally planned on swinging by my brother Carl's place. But, it was already 11:00 a.m. and I was getting pretty sick (taking pills on an empty stomach). So, I drove home. I was about halfway there when CVS called and said my prescriptions were ready.

So, I picked them up. I also gassed up the truck before finally arriving home.

First thing I did after treating the cat was to take the GERD Medicine and ate some crackers. I was making spaghetti when I threw up the first time. I drank a big glass of water (dehydration is what landed me in the hospital last November). Then I threw the water up.

I finally finished the spaghetti and managed to keep some down. I got a couple glasses of water and a bucket (just in case) and went to bed. I basically stayed there the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday.

Sidebar: That really p*ssed me off, because I wanted to clean up the window box flowers, etc., and do other things outside.

What a wasted weekend!

Finally Friday

It was freaking cold Friday morning. I didn't notice it here, but when I got to work, all the grass was tipped with frost.

I was a little late. I dawdled  over my breakfast of toast and my cubicle buddy, Courtney's, fresh made raspberry jam. She gave me apple butter last week, so I was in heaven!

I went to Time Out for lunch and got the fish and chips. It was funny. I pulled in to the handicapped spot (it's in view from inside) and before I got inside, Dan, the owner, had grabbed the Dijon mustard and set it on my table. I explained that its only for the mushroom and Swiss burger and I wanted the fish and chips.

Then, before I was even seated, the waitress Nancy came up with a glass of water and the specials card. But, the other waitress, Amanda, said it was her turn to wait on me. Nancy told her, "There's another guy who just came in. You take care of him and I'll do John."

Amanda, who is much younger than Nancy, pouted and moved on. But, later, she stopped by and told me she spoke to Nancy and said she didn't appreciate her hijacking me. Nancy said she would give her my tip. Amanda replied, "I don't want his tip. I wanted to wait on him!"

Sidebar: Amanda and I have some sort of bond...

Anyway, it was kind of fun having them fight over me, LOL!

After work, I went to get my haircut. I always get that done on Saturday morning, but I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Both my barber and I remarked on how weird it was to be there on a Friday.

I should have went grocery shopping (Kroger is right across the street) but I was tired and my back hurt, so I headed home. It was late (maybe 5:30 p.m.) so the roads were crowded. Then I got stopped on Inkster for what seemed like the world's longest train Sigh...

I ate the rest of the chicken fried rice for dinner.

I saw a few more fruit flies. Rather that going the cling wrap/bowl route, this time I went with my nephew Jeff's suggestion and used a finishing nail to punch holes in a Mason Jar lid.

I'll dump it out when they are gone and keep it under the sink to use when needed.

My daughter Melissa called and there went most of the night.

I watched some TV but just could not fall asleep

Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall-like Thursday

We had a little rain overnight as a cold front pushed through, so it was decidedly cooler on Thursday. I wore my coat to work.

I went to Applebee's for lunch. I doubt I mentioned it before, but they now have a wood fired grille.Smells great in there. Instead of my usual order, I went for their "special" offer: a nine-ounce steak with two sides. I decided to go with garlicky green beans and garlicky mashed potatoes (to hell with my co-workers). For just $9.00, it was an excellent (though filling) meal.

I stopped at the Chinese takeout next to CVS on the way home and got some chicken fried rice.

Back home, I did the mid-week wash. Then I had an also excellent dinner.

After hanging up the clothes, I took the rest of the night off and watched TV.