Sunday, August 30, 2015

True that!

Road Trip

I set my alarm for 4:30 a.m. on Friday night. I had an 8:00 a.m. doctor’s appointment in Clinton Township. Of course, on a night that I really wanted some sleep, it didn’t happen.

I ended up being five minutes late, but it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t know Metro Parkway was under construction.

Everything checked out fine. My blood pressure and cholesterol were both lower than my last visit. Plus, I lost six pounds! That’s only a pound a month, but my doctor was pleased.

I asked about my arm being numb last weekend. She agreed with me that, since it went away in a day, I probably just slept on it funny.

They had a new supplement to the pneumonia shot I got a while back, so I got that.

It took two nurses to find a vein to draw my blood. I don’t mind needles, but I hate when they root around with them! I now have bruises on both arms and look like a junkie.

I called my brother Carl to see if he was home. He was, so I went to visit him. He gave me some coffee and a slice of zucchini bread. He also gave me a tiny bottle for my collection. I took a photo of it next to a shot glass, so you could see how little it really was!

I thought of also visiting B___ while I was up that way, but I didn’t call him earlier in the week to see if he was available. Besides, I had a 1:00 p.m. haircut scheduled. So, I headed home with my teeny glass bottle and the rest of the zucchini bread loaf.

I got home in time to go to the bathroom. I noticed the inside of my truck was getting dusty, so I stopped at the quarter car wash and vacuumed it out. Then I went across the road to O’Rielly’s and got some Armor-All wipes.

I got my hair cut and then went to Kroger’s. When I came out, it was sprinkling.

I left the truck outside. I unloaded the groceries and put them all away. Then I got some glass cleaner and a roll of paper towels. I washed the inside of the truck windows. It was still sprinkling, so I didn’t bother with the outside windows.

Then I wiped all the insides of the truck with the Armor-All. That took a long time (longer than I thought it would) and a lot of wipes. It looked a little streaked and I hope it doesn’t dry like that!

When I finally pulled the truck in and went inside, it was after 3:30 p.m. So, I took a long nap.

When I woke up, I was hungry, so I warmed up a bowl of the goulash for my dinner.

I watched TV for the rest of the night.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


It was sunny and warmer on Friday morning. Before I left for work, I started the dishwasher and washed the main bathroom floor with the Swiffer Jet.

When I was walking in the parking lot between Building 3 and 4, a car pulled in. I stepped to the side of Building 3 to let it pass and immediately, a swarm of bees came out of the wall! I didn’t get stung and I watched them all fly back into holes in the mortar between the cement blocks.

Now, this was my problem, but not my responsibility. So, I put in a maintenance request to have them sprayed.

I was telling Kelly, the receptionist, about it and she said, “That explains it! The night cleaning crew left a note on my keyboard saying there were bees on my keyboard saying there were bees on my desk!”

So, they are not only in the walls, they have found their way into the building.

I went to Time Out and got a chicken quesadilla. For the first time, I ate the whole damn thing. I was hungry, I guess. Then I went to the 24-hour grocery store and bought a green pepper for tonight’s dinner.

It was noticeably warmer and sunny on my afternoon walk. I avoided the wall altogether.

When I got home, I emptied the dishwasher (after treating the cat). I changed clothes and started the weekend wash, since I sloshed coffee on my bathrobe this morning.

I watched the news for a bit and then started dinner. I was making was so many American housewives called goulash. Of course, it’s not Hungarian goulash, so let’s just call it “macaroni and beef” goulash.

So, I browned a pound of ground chuck in the Dutch oven while I diced a medium-sized onion and half a green pepper. When the beef was done, I drained the grease and let them took until they softened.

I grabbed what I thought was a large can of whole tomatoes and a little can of Rotel (diced tomatoes with green chile peppers) I opened the “whole tomatoes” and found they were tomato puree!

Sidebar: Read the damn labels!

Well, I wasn’t going to throw them out, so I threw them in. Now it was too thick, so I added water until I thought the consistency was about right. But, what about the tomato chunks I wanted? So, I diced up the six Italian tomatoes I had from my garden.

Sidebar: That was a mistake, sort of…

I added about two cups of elbow macaroni, brought it to a boil and then turned it to simmer. I put the lid on it and set the timer for 15 minutes.

When the timer went off, I checked and the macaroni seemed a bit undercooked. So, I let it go five minutes more.

One final taste test (it needed a bit more black pepper) and it was done.

It was pretty good, except the fresh tomato skins had come of and were an unpleasant texture. But the taste was excellent (I ate two bowls, LOL).

I watched some TV during dinner and until the goulash cooled. Then I put it into three containers and into the fridge. I filled the Dutch oven with soapy water and left it to soak overnight. Then I went to bed.

Friday, August 28, 2015


It was still cool and cloudy on Thursday (I’m getting tired of writing that!)

Courtney sent me a text, saying she was going to Randazzo’s and asked if I needed anything. I said no, but thanks. Then she asked where she could get a knife sharpener. The text thread went back and forth (Electric?) until it turned out she only needed to sharpen her paring knife!

Sidebar: She is canning tomatoes and it’s too dull to peel them.

I told her I’d lend her mine.

She stopped into work about 11:30 a.m. with the baby, Christian. Aiden, her other son, was at daycare. Vicky had just come up to see them as I left for lunch.

I went to Ten Yen and got the usual. Well, I ordered the usual. But the place was busy and the owner messed up and brought me egg drop soup, instead of my won ton. I didn’t say anything, because I like egg drop soup. I just like won ton better.

Sidebar: We had a horrible spike in gas prices a few weeks back. I drove my truck that was filled with the pre-spike cheap gas until the light came on. When it did, gas was $2.99 a gallon! I put in $20.00 worth, hoping the price would go down before that ran out.

The gas stations on my way to and from work have been going down and the cheapest today was $2.39. But, the gas station next to Ten Yen had it for $2.19, so I filled it up!

When I got back to work, Courtney was still there, Vicky was in my chair with the baby asleep in her arms and the three of them (Lenore was still there, too) were still chatting. I went in the back for a bit so as not to disturb them.

When I came back, the party was breaking up. I asked about the knife sharpener and Courtney asked if she could just come by after work to get her paring knife sharpened (She and Mike recently bought a house a couple miles away). I said sure, I’d text her my address.

The afternoon was so busy I forgot to walk! But, I did remember to send my address and suggested 5:30 p.m.

I got home about 5:10. I got down the knife sharpener and went out to water the hanging plants. I just started watering the first plant when she pulled in! So much for straightening the house, LOL! She apologized and we went inside.

I sharpened her knife and tested it (it was like a razor). I asked her if she wanted any fresh herbs and she said, “Sure!” So, we went out back and I loaded her up. She said she would use some of the basil to make the topping for bruschetta and drop it off. Sounds like a good deal to me!

After she left, I finished watering the porch plants. Then, since I had it down anyway, I sharpened all my knives. That effort took considerably longer that Courtney’s paring knife!

I warmed up the other “steak” and onions and one of the spinach greens containers for my dinner. I watched a little TV, but went to bed early. Jake and Carla are rubbing off on me!