Friday, July 29, 2016

Michigan Road Repair


It was warm again (91 degrees for the high) and a little more humid on Thursday. There was a "slight" chance of showers, but they all stayed up in the thumb. Nothing here.

I needed something from Home Depot, so I tried the new Applebee's over there. I got my usual (the chicken and three cheese pasta and French onion soup). The soup was good, but I was not impressed with the pasta. Way too dry. Besides, they only had waiters, no waitresses. WTF?

I got what I needed at home Depot and got back to work.

After work, I left the truck outside. I treated the cat and changed into shorts and a t-shirt and went into the garage. I have to rearrange it so the electrician can have room to work.

But first I had to take off the outside light and replace that box. I got the stepladder and went out to Jake's patio. I got the light fixture off and then unscrewed the short box. I installed the deep box (that I bought from Home Depot today).

Sidebar: If you remember, I jury-rigged the regular box with long screws to get the light working, back in the day. But, I didn't want the guy to think I was a hillbilly.

Next, I carried all the boxes on the big work bench into the back room. I moved the table saw, wet-vac, dolly, etc., out and into new places. That gave me three feet to pull the work bench away from the wall.

Sidebar: Damn, that thing is HEAVY!!!

I installed the box for the light switch where it wouldn't interfere with putting the shelves back up.

Finally, I swept the garage floor (so he wouldn't think I was a bum) and pulled the truck back inside.

Sidebar: I'll have to move the workbench with the bandsaw on Friday, because it can't move without blocking the truck.

I finished up just before 8:00 p.m., tired, sweaty and sore.

I was going to just eat a can of chili, but found I didn't have any in the pantry. So, I warmed up a can of Bush's grillin' beans instead (I was too beat to make dinner).

I ate that and went to bed.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Damn Straight!!!

Hump Day

The humidity was creeping back in on Wednesday. We hit a high of 91 degrees here in the D, so it wasn't pleasant.

I stopped on the way to work at Larry's Foodliner to buy a loaf of 12-Grain bread. I ran out yesterday, so today I ate some of the cantaloupe for breakfast.Trust me when I tell you, that didn't sooth my pill intake, at all...

I walked outside at 10:00 a.m. but it was uncomfortable.

I talked with Courtney (I thought she had said she had a relative who was an electrician) but it turned out it was her grandpa who was retired. But, she said she had a friend who worked on construction who did wiring.

Sidebar: I need the back wall of the garage wired so I can put insulation in, the quarter-inch plywood back up, the shelves back up and all the damn boxes unpacked and tools put away. I need my garage back!!!

Anyway, he's supposed to come over Friday night. I need to provide the materials, so I went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch (it's kitty-corner from Lowe's). I ordered my favorite, the buffalo chicken sandwich. I made a mistake and switched out the fries with onion rings. I forgot that they (like Red Robin) use an extra crispy breading that hurts my mouth.

Sidebar: I guess it's just who ever the chef is, but this sandwich sometimes comes with shredded lettuce and sometimes not. I like the lettuce, but this time it wasn't there. Weird...

Then I went to Lowe's and got what I thought he might need.

I walked inside in the afternoon.

Back home after work, I began watering (again). I watered everything out back with the hose and then hooked it up to the soaker hose in the veggie garden. I had three cucumbers that had hit about six inches, so I harvested them.

Sidebar: I have noticed that if you let them get much larger than that, they get a bit tough and are mostly seeds, so I grab them young.

I watered the front container gardens with the watering can. I noticed the "Thrill" in both my container gardens were about dead from the heat.

Sidebar: I learned long ago that the best way to plant container gardens is the "Thrill" (a tall plant in back - I used a daisy variant I thought looked cool), the "Fill" (filler plants on either side - I used coleus) and the "Spill" (any plant that falls over in the front).

Anyway, I have to replace the back plants if there are any left in the garden centers.

I finished up around 7:00 p.m. I unhooked the hose and then stuck it into the reflecting pool to refresh it (and water the Japanese maple at the same time).

I went inside and warmed up the last of the sweet corn and another brat for dinner.

I watched some TV for a while and then went back out and turned the water off. I wound up the hose and buttoned up the back.

I went in and read a book until bedtime.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


It was still hot on Tuesday, but a lot less muggy, for a change. I took the trash out to the road and went to work.

I walked outside both times.

I went to Big Boy for lunch. I got the grilled chicken Caesar salad and it was excellent! Then I went to Ace Hardware (in the same strip mall) and got two plastic drywall taping tools (I forget what you call them), one four-inch and one six-inch.

Sidebar: I have good steel ones somewhere, but I'm not sure what box they are in...

So, I left the truck outside when I got home. After treating the cat and changing, I went out in the garage and got the two other pieces of drywall up.

Then I got the drywall mud and filled in the cracks. I put on the tape and covered it with the first coat of mud.

I'll let that dry for at least a day while I look for my sanding mesh thingie. I pulled the truck inside and closed up te front.

I got down the line trimmer and got the weeds wacked on both back patios.

That was enough for one night.

I warmed up two more ears of sweet corn and a brat and ate that for dinner. Then I cut off two slices of watermelon for dessert.

I watched an NCIS rerun and then went to bed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Monday, monday...

It had rained overnight, so the streets were wet when I went to work.

It was cloudy and still looked like rain, so I left the windows up when I got there.

I walked outside in the morning, but noticed the heat and humidity were climbing.

I regretted the closed window thing when I went to lunch. The sun was now out and the truck was stifling for the first mile or so.

I went to the Newburgh grill and had a cup of beef vegetable soup and the mini Greek sandwich. Then I went to Meijer's in Westland and picked up a few things I needed for the house.

I walked inside in the afternoon.

When I got home after work, I pulled the truck in. Gone were my plans for finishing the drywall - I'd give myself heat stroke!

I warmed up the other two burgers and ate them with a warmed up ear of sweet corn for dinner.

I ran the dishwasher and then watched American Ninja Warrior until it ended. Then I went to bed.

Monday, July 25, 2016

True Story...

Rainy Days and Sundays...

When I woke up late on Sunday it was raining! I'm not complaining, because we really need the rain. But, I planned on riding the Big Thumper this morning. :(

So, I putzed around, thinking it would stop (it usually does these days). But, I finally gave up and went to do my grocery shopping.

First stop was Westborn, supposedly for some sweetcorn. I was wearing one of my Puerto Rican polo shirts and the rain had picked up. I parked in one of the handicapped spots, but by the time I walked in, I looked like a contestant in a wet t-shirt contest!

I left with the sweetcorn, a cantaloupe, a wedge of watermelon and a chunk of Pinconning cheese. I was glad to get out of there as I swear all the women were staring at my nipples!

Back in the truck, I reviewed my Kroger list and decided I didn't "really" need any of the stuff today. So, I went home.

I left the truck outside, both to unload it and work on the wall, later.

I changed out of my wet clothes and then took a nap.

When I woke up, it had stopped raining, but was now hot and steamy. I went out to the garage and got to work. First I started the bike up and let it run for a while, just to keep everything oiled and moving. Then I got half of the drywall up before the heat forced my back into the A/C.

I trimmed the sweetcorn and put it in the stock pot. I thought it was weird that the sweet corn turned the water yellow.

I read for a while to cool off and then went out back.

Sidebar: Somebody on Facebook had said you could replant the root ends of green onions (that you normally discard) and they would grow. So, I planted some I saved in water from a salad last week.

Hey, if its on the Internet, it has to be true, right?

My neighbor came over to the fence and asked me what color my water was. Huh? He said his was yellow, now it's brown. His wife was going to make a pasta salad and he told her to forget it and not use the water. He said there was no official announcement, but friends of his in the area had been texting they thought it was a broken water main.

So, that explains my yellow water in the sweet corn. But, I figured I was grilling it over hot coals so any gunk that may be in it would be burned off.

So, I fired up the charcoal chimney. I went inside and made another pound of ground chuck into four patties.

Back outside, I cleaned the grill grate and then roasted the sweet corn. When it was done, I put them on a half sheet pan and stuck then into the oven on low. I went back outside and grilled the burgers.

Back inside, I put mayo on the bottom bun, added lettuce, tomato and a slice of onion, topped that with the burger and yellow mustard and the top bun. Excellent!

I ate two of the ears of sweet corn as well. This time it was Michigan grown and I swear you could taste the difference.

I cleaned up most of the mess and then went back into the living room to read. I didn't feel like watching TV, so I read until bed time.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Saturday Party Story...

I woke up early on Saturday (3:30 a.m.). Apparently that's now when my body thinks I should get up.

Sidebar: It sucks...

I know better than to try and fall asleep, so I grabbed a book and started to read. Eventually, it was 6:00 a.m. so I turned on the news.

When the news turned to Saturday morning cartoons, I turned the TV off.

Sidebar: I got nothing against cartoons. When I was a wee lad, I loved Bugs Bunny (before he was censored for violence) and/or the Road Runner and Wiley Coyote. Yeah, sure they were violent, but they were funny. These new cartoons are LAME.

So, I started the weekend wash. I made myself a fried egg sandwich for breakfast: Two fried eggs, topped with American cheese on Brownberry 12 Grain bread with mayo.

Sidebar: No, I'm not turning into a health food nut, but I like the texture of those half turkey on whole grain bread sandwiches at Big Boy's.  So, I bought me some...

I put the first laundry load in the dryer and stripped the bed. The sheets and pillow cases went into the washer.

I laid on the naked bed, watching old DIY shows (that sounds a lot more erotic than it actually was).

It was hot again, but not as humid. But, the Heat Advisory was still in effect.

I finally shaved, showered and got dressed in my lightweight Puerto Rico clothes. I left the house at 1:30 p.m. on a mission-critical errand. I had to pick up the fried chicken for Yanessa's birthday party.

So, I headed over to Plymouth and Lee's Chicken on Ann Arbor Trail. It's hands down the best take-out chicken I ever tasted.

Sidebar: I think Carla's Mom wins at the best homemade fried chicken (sorry, Mom). But, I digress...

The chicken wasn't ready, so I waited a bit, but then stuck a huge box in the truck and headed back to the D.

I was afraid there would be no parking left at the house, but there was an open spot right in front! So, I hauled the chicken in and then got my empty cooler out (Vicky had asked me to bring it).

It was still before the 3:00 p.m. official start of the party, so there was just immediate family in the house. The heat was killer inside (Evy was making rice with pigeon peas) so I grabbed a bottle of water and went outside.

As usual, Victoria went all out.

Sidebar: This seems to be a Latino concept. Now, granted, my birthday was on Christmas Eve in the dead of winter, but there was only my family who still lived at home. No party, just whatever I wanted for dinner, a present and a cake my Mother made with candles to blow out. But these people seem to go big!

This year, the bounce house was now a water bouncer (made sense with the heat).


They put a smaller "kiddie pool"next to it for the littler kids.

 She had a tent put up for much-needed shade as well as their permanent cabana.

Josh, from work, his wife Megan and their oldest daughter Charlotte arrived. Together we made up the entire white population, but we made do... We represented!!! I spent some time explaining to Megan who was who (but I still get confused now and then).

Everybody (except Vicky) something to eat. I got the rice (my favorite) and some chicken and that seemed enough, but she walked by with a tub of potato salad and plopped a spoonful on my plate. Everything was delicious.

She also had a silly blow up selfie frame with stick emojies. Since she misplaced her own phone, Vicky asked me to be her photographer. So, I and her cousin Karlita, went and annoyed people, making them let me take their picture.

Finally, one of the young ladies on Yanessa's daddy's side challenged me to get my selfie taken. What could I say? So, I did.

Finally, it was the pinata event. The kids managed to break it, but not bust it.

Then it was time to blow out candles and cut the cake.

They served the cake with ambrosia salad, which was nice. It cut the richness of the chocolate cake and frosting.

Finally, Yanessa opened presents. I gave her the two books my boys liked best when growing up. She's probably too young to "get" Paddle-To-The-Sea, but I know she'll like This Farm Is A Mess!

By then it was 7:30 p.m. and I was tired. So, after shaking a lot of hands and getting a lot of hugs, I headed home. Nice party!!!

I was beat, (a lot of standing) so, I just undressed and went to bed a little after 8:00 p.m.

I realized, just before I fell asleep, I left my cooler at their house...

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Finally Friday

It was already hot and steamy Friday morning. We are under a Heat Advisory today with a "feels like" high temp of 105 degrees. But, when I watched the weather this morning, it looks like Minneapolis, Minnesota will be worse!!! Poor Amy and her Carls...

Sidebar: They have a pool, so I'm thinking they will be okay.

I walked inside the shop today both times.

I went to Time Out for lunch. I ordered the mushroom and Swiss burger with fries. Nancy, my waitress, said, "What, no fish and chips?" Dan, the owner, wasn't there, so I told her to tell him his new fish monger sucks.

I forgot how damn big a half-pound burger can be, so, I left most of the fries on my plate.

I chatted a bit with the other waitress, Amanda. She said the night before was good for her with tips, so she could afford the tickets for the concert she wanted to go to. I asked where her son would be staying and she said at her parents house.

Courtney and I met our new Purchasing agent, Michael (we blow through them about every three months). Gone are the days when Judi Trygier had our backs...

He wanted to set up a meeting to discuss a blanket P.O. for stock items (good idea) and Courtney said, "Well, don't invite John. He doesn't like meetings."

Sidebar: That's true, but why say that? This is the second time in two days she dissed me. On Thursday, there was a guy in to pick up a phone (Fred is working two days a week in our building in Auburn Hills, due to the I-275 construction). I knew I knew him, but couldn't recall his name.

Sidebar: That happens a lot, as I get older.

So, I didn't say anything. Upon reflection, I should have shook his hand and admitted I forgot his name. His name was Scott, BTW.

Instead, I went in back to check on some monitors.

While I was gone, Scott said, "I guess John forgot I worked with him up in Building 32." Courtney said, "No, he probably recognized you, but he's just not very sociable."


The A/C at work gave up and the temps just kept climbing. So, I figured I was fncked at home.

Sidebar: I signed up for that "cut off your electricity when demand is high" when I moved in (to save money).

But, when I got home, the AC was on and it was a delicious 74 degrees inside. So, I stayed inside!

I didn't feel like leftover brats and tots for dinner, so I made the other small pizza, after adding banana pepper rings, black olives and more mozzarella.

I watched TV until 10:00 p.m. and then went to bed.